Weeks, Russ

(10-09-02)    Dan,
Was with RivDiv 554 in Rach Soi and Song On Doc in 1970. 
Went to Cos Riv Ron in 72. Went to Morgan City LA an brought the Mk II's back and put the operational and technical evaluation on them. Got the first MkIII when it came from Peterson Builders and put the op/tech eval on it. That was exciting to say the least. Got to have a lot of input on the follow on boats. Mike Prather (my ET on PB 1,2, &3) can verify that we worked our hineys off but had a ball doing it. Mike submitted a picture of us mooning the photographer when he was getting the official photos of the boat at the end of the test. It is on the web at the rundog webpage.
(link now dead)

Got a lot of good stories of those days. Most normal civilians wouldn't believe 99% of them but you probably know where I am coming from on them.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Russ Weeks USN RET

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