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Photos from EN3 Ray Golden MST-2 Det Delta
EN1 William S. Redmond - History and photos.
Special Announcement from James Born.
On Dec 8 2012  the long discussed Combatant Craft Crewman Association was formed
SUDDEN IMPACT INJURIES - documents on the effects of impact injuries from High Speed Boats.
● Added Elcie Luckett - 1970 STAB photos
● Added Mac Barrow - Early Junk Patrols
● Added Facebook link
Tim Sammons CRD-21/PTF-17 link added HERE
 Added the Mal Fisk copper coated SEAFOX story.
● HUGE SBU-26/HPU photo collection from Ray Ashcraf
● Capt. Pete Wikul SEAL Ret. speaks out about 1987 operations during Operation Ernest Will and the attack on the Barge Hercules by Iran.
Video clips of PTF-24 in San Diego.
Declassified history of the PTF in Vietnam added to MST-1.
Added new SBU-12 story from Steve Chance.
Added new photos of PTF-22 on the rocks
● Added
50 new SBU-12 photo from Tim Sanchez.
SBU-XI Reunion info added HERE
Added a huge list of VA related contact and website information.
Added new Vietnam Page and 4 new Stoner Brown Water Navy articles
Added "The Best Kept Secret" by Tom Stanley, GMG-2, SBU-20
Added photos and notes from Rodger Berley EN1 and Jack Birge from BSU-1
Many new photos added see UPDATES
SBT-22 story in Popular Mechanics, Smoke on the Water
SBU-11 legend "Doc" O'Boyle on Last Patrol
● SBU-12 photos Tim Curry, GMC, SWCC.
CRD-13 photo from Big SKI. 
Naval Special Warfare Operational Support Group redesignated.
BSU-1 Weapons Test, David Goff, BSU-1
The Beginning, Life in the Locks, Why SBU-26 was the Best  Howie Nash, SBU-26
Bill Sherrill CDR USN, Retired - article on SBU-12 Maintenance and Handling
The Maritime Executive - Patrol Boats: Plugging the Smallest Holes in Port Security

John Staehle, MST-2 Letter
PTF-13 Weapons Test update - BSU-1
Craig Chapman SBU-12  and SBUDET1 photos from around the world.
Bob Lindahn  story of MST-1 photos of Typhoon Ester and the PTF Damage.
John Rapp MST-2 Photos Added
Original SWCC Instructors identified" See it here
● "You have to go out, but you don't have to come back" See it here
Lee Wahler's New Vessels button
The Early Torpedo Boats

Born on the Bayou - SBU-22
SBT-12 Conducts MEATS
Strawbridge MST-2 Vinh Long
Pete Frede
with SBU-13 photo history section.
SBU-13 Short Fuze Reunion Dec 1, 2007 at NAB Coronado a Success.

SBT-12 Pulls Together to Help Evacuees of San Diego Fires
Added the SOC-R boat.
Can you add some history?
MST-2 on MST-2 Helo Lifting in 1966
SBU-13 History
- Operation Northern Hawk and Ground Swell
Zippo and Douche boat History added.
New history from Bill Burr photos to WWII Crashboats.
CRD-11/SBU-11 Reunion, Sept - 29, 2007 Announced
Orders to Vietnam from Witmeyer
Video of the PTF Base at DaNang
New Section on NSWG-4 added.
Video clip of the PT-658
underway in the Willamette River, Portland, OR July - 2006
ex PTF rider returns from Vietnam with 2005 Photos of the PTF Base at DaNang. Photos of Soviet OSSA II Guided Missile Boats.
Life with the Yabutas, by Tim Johnson

Visit a link to a journalists 1966 photo album from Vietnam
Loaded  the NavShips Boats and Small Craft technical manual.
Added more photos of WPB and PHM
Bill Hellman discusses the SEAFOX
Bill Moreo shares his LSSC history.

Added Stories and Specs on the 85' Crashboat
Old All Hands Magazine - issues on line for viewing
Great new photos of boats in Iraq

07-20-11   Added the Ray Ashcraft photo collecton.
04-10-11   Added the Pete Wikul "report" link to SBS-1, SBU12, 13, 20 and 24.
03-15-11   Added many individual photos from Jim Gray.
09-03-10   Added the comprehensive history of the PTF to MST-1
11-30-09   Added the warboats.org forum system.
10-20-09   Added pictures from the SBU-XI 2009 Reunion
09-22-09   Posted details about SBT Detachment PI and the Ferry sinking.
08-23-09   Posted details and reservation for the SBU-XI Reunion
07-27-09   Added a huge list of VA related contact info and websites.
07-27-09   Added photos and story from David McLean about BSU-1
07-27-09   Added an interesting End of Tour report from 1970 to MST-2
07-27-09   Added new Stoner "Brown Water Navy in Vietnam" Series to the Vietnam page.
07-27-09   Changed the Vietnam page to be more descriptive and link to the boats page.
06-10-09   Added The Best Kept Secret by GMG-2 Tom Stanley from SBU-20
06-10-09   Added photos and note from Rodger Berley EN1 from BSU-1
06-10-09   Added photos and biography from Jack Birge , BSU1/MST-1
05-28-09   Added photo from Sonny Pruitt EN2 from CRS2.
05-27-09   Added photos from Thomas Michael, BM1 on SBU-13
05-24-09   Updated Vietnam Ordnance notes
04-20-09   Photos for SBU-22
04-20-09   Photos for SBU-20
04-20-09   Photos from ET2 Stephen Pryor  SBU-12 1986-1989
04-05-09   Added a new story at SBU-12, The Great Baby Powder Capper 1995
03-20-09   Added photos and new story at NAVSCITTS
03-20-09   Added insignia and photo from NSWU-3 Bahrain
03-20-09   Added beautiful photos from SBT-12
03-20-09   Added two boat photos to SBUXI.
03-20-09   Added SPECIAL WARFARE BOAT OPERATOR SB Rating- SWCC Description and SWCC photos HERE
03-20-09   Added two SBT-20 News articles HERE.
03-20-09   Added the SBT-22 story in Popular Mechanics, Smoke on the Water and more SBT-22 pictures HERE.
02-19-09   Added CRD12 and CRS1 recollections from Sheldon Campbell, EM1(11/70-2/81)
02-16-09   Three SBT-22 News Releases added HERE.
02-16-09   SBU-11 legend HMCM "Doc" Michael O'Boyle on his Last Patrol
02-15-09   Added NAVSCIATTS Section to NSWG-4
02-07-09   Added SBU-20 notes from  Jeff "Wags" Waguespack
01-24-09   Added SBU-12 photos from Tim Curry, GMC, SWCC. 
01-24-09   Added CRD-13 photo from Big SKI. 
01-20-09   Naval Special Warfare Reserve Command Renamed
01-18-09   SWCC Crewmen Assn - Survey form became active. Emails to Jim Thomas.
01-18-09   Added - More SWAB, Seablazer, Red Eye - David Goff, BSU-1. More MST-1 HERE
01-18-09   Added - HPU - The Beginning, Life in the Locks , Why SBU-26 was the Best  - Howie Nash, QM-1, SBU-26
01-05-09   Added Bill Sherrill CDR USN, Retired - article on SBU-12 Maintenance and Handling
12-10-08   Added Googlemap interface for Danang Harbor .
12-09-08   The Maritime Executive - Patrol Boats: Plugging the Smallest Holes in Port Security
12-09-08   Added new Future boats
12-05-08   Added new SBU-13 photos
12-05-08   Added SWCC PHOTO ESSAY #2
12-05-08   Added John Staehle letter to MST2/ Reply from Robert Stoner.
11-01-08   Added Craig Chapman SBU-12  and SBUDET1 photos from around the world.
11-01-08   Added PTF-13 Weapons Test update - BSU-1
10-29-08   Added Bob Lindahn  story of MST-1 photos of Typhoon Ester and the PTF Damage.
08-18-08   Added new story to NSWG-4 on Change of Command.
08-18-08   Added new story to SBT-20 about MEATS.
08-18-08   Added new photos to SBT-22.
08-18-08   Added new photos to SBT-20.
08-18-08   Added new photos to SBT-12
07-23-08   Installed new Stoner Ordnance Notes from Homepage.
07-23-08   Updated roster of Shipmates.
07-23-08   Added new photos to CRD-22, SBU-12 and SBU-26.
07-23-08   Added note from John Thompson, SBU-26
05-22-08   Added to Clark Gertner SBU-11 History here.
05-18-08   Added photos and story to CRD-22, TOM WILLIAMS CWO4 ret
05-18-08   Added KBAR news report from SWCC.
05-18-08   Added photos to SBU-13 BM2 Perry Marler
04-27-08   Added Robert G Buckman and the story of Typhoon Hester at DaNang.
04-27-08   Added John Rapp Photo collection from MST-2
03-15-08   Added news that the SWCC Community Looks to the Future
03-10-08   Added James Rad Nelson - SBS-2    Navy Cross Citation from Vietnam
03-10-08   Added Vince Muscarello, CDR (Ret).  SBU-22 comments.
03-10-08   Added updates to Alumni and Missing Shipmates lists.

Added The Tactical Operations Crew (TOC) at SBU-13 1990 by Phil G. Garn

03-10-08   Added SBU Det-1 photos from Subic Bay
03-10-08   Today's Modern SWCC and SBT-12 photos added
03-10-08   Added new SBS-2 logo and postcard
03-10-08   Added more SBU-13 photos
03-10-08   SBT-22 SWCCs Conduct IAD Exercise
03-10-08    LCDR Jack Spratt's remarks to Combatant Craft Crewman Class 26
03-10-08   added PTF photos underway in DaNang from Stephen Thomas MST-1
02-28-08   Original SWCC Instructor added to SWCC from Lee Estes
02-03-08   SEABLAZER Brochure added to BSU-1 from Tom Beck, CRS-1.
02-03-08   CRD-13 photos added
02-03-08   CRS-1 photos added
02-03-08   Kennedy stories and Photos to CRD-12
02-03-08   Added Truehart stories to CRD-22 and SBU-22
01-28-08   Added Lee Wahlers New Vessels Page
01-26-08   Added Homepage video clip of They Were Expendable
01-15-08   Added YouTube Video of SWCC and SBT-22
01-15-08   Added Billy Hoffmann's SBU-13 History
01-15-08   Added the Scott Meaney to SBU-13 and Mike McWilliams to SBU-XI
01-08-08   Added the new section, The Early Torpedo Boats by Tom Apple
01-05-08   Added history from Don Gardner at SBU-13
01-05-08   Born on the Bayou - SBU-22 AllHands Magazine, March 2000 
01-05-08   Added history from Don Gardner at SBU-13
01-05-08   Added history from James Truehart, GMGC - SBU-22
01-05-08   Added photos to bottom of SBU-11, SBU-12 & SBU-13
01-05-08   (SBT) 12, stationed at Naval Base Coronado, Calif., conducted a Maritime External Air Transportation System (MEATS) training evolution,
12-15-07   Added history from Pete Frede at SBU-13
12-10-07   Added history from Paul Holloway at SBU-24
12-05-07   SBU-13 Short Fuze Reunion Dec 1, 2007 at NAB Coronado
11-11-07   Added new photos about Operation Cobra Gold, Thailand
11-11-07   Added THE "RAT PATROL" GUN TRUCK OF SBU-13
11-05-07   Added history from Larry "Bert" Albert at SBU-XI
10-26-07   Added SBT-12 news article - Naval Special Warfare Pulls Together to Help Evacuees of San Diego Fires
10-25-07   Added SOC-R page
09-27-07   Added logo to SBT-22
09-20-07   Added images of a rare PBMK1 from the late 70's.
09-18-07   Added a Navy Newsstand article - Naval Special Warefare Goes Hollywood.
09-15-07   Added some great photos to SBT-22.
09-14-07   Added an MST-2 page on MST-2 Helo Lifting in 1966
09-11-07   Added SBU-13 Ground Swell, a story from Phil Garn
09-11-07   Added SBU-13 Operation Northern Hawk, two stories from Bauer and Lipovsik.
09-10-07   Added Ray Longacres Irma La Douche Story and Photos to Douche Boat page
09-10-07   Added Ray Longacres ZIPPO4 Story and Photos to Zippo Boat page
08-30-07   Added Bill Burr photos to WWII Crashboats.
08-27-07   Added photos to SBTDetachment, NSWG-4 and SBT-20
08-19-07   Added Alumni updates through July 2007
08-19-07   Added photos to SBU-20,  Added photos to SBT-12
07-31-07   Added news articles to SBT Detachments.
07-20-07   Added comments from  CMDCM(SWCC/SW) Scott Harris Command Master Chief/NSWG-4
07-20-07   created NSWG-4 News page
07-07-07   Added James Turner history for CRD21
07-07-07   added more misc SBU-26 photos from Ted Walters
07-07-07   added more misc SBU-22 photos from Jim Gray
07-07-07   added more misc SBU-12 photos from Jim Gray
06-27-07   Added Adm Eric Olson [former SBS-2 Commodore] has been nominated to
06-24-07   Added Douglas Cates to CRD-11 and CRD-22
06-24-07   SBU-12 Added Mike Price comments.     More Price History
06-24-07   Announcements - Everett Mackie, CRD-11 and SBUXI died Nov 2006
06-24-07   The 2007 CRD 11 / SBU XI 2007 Reunion is set for  September 29, 2007. Reservation forms and complete details found HERE
06-23-07   06-23-07 Rory Towne  Here are some more SBU-13 pic's.
06-23-07   06-23-07 LCDR Jack Spratt - HSBs after running in an oil slick
06-20-07   06-20-07 Jim Ostrich, Operations Officer at SBU-13  -  A great collection of SBU-13 Stories.
06-19-07   Wave Rider: Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen Deliver the Fight to the Adversary. An interview with Captain Evin H. Thompson Commander Naval Special Warfare Group Four
04-09-07   Added HPU History to SBU-26.
03-30-07   Added copies of orders to Vietnam from Joe Witmeyer
03-30-07   Added more photos to SBU-26
03-17-07   Added Two 8mm movie clips of the PTF base at DaNang from Jack Jennings, taken in early 1966.
03-04-07   Added Rory Towne SBU Detachment Stories and Photos
03-02-07   Added Photo collection to bottom of SBS1
03-02-07   Added BSU-2 Experimental Boats
03-02-07   Added SBU-13 SPECIAL OPERATIONS CREW 1981-1984 a personal account from a SOC crewman
03-02-07   Added more pictures to CRD MST-3 page
03-02-07   Added Press Release - Naval Special Warfare Group - 4
03-02-07   Added Special Boat Team Warriors Return From Iraq
03-02-07   Added NSW Forces Receive Presidential Unit Citation
03-02-07   Added Special Boat Team Receives Commendation; SEAL Gets Bronze Star
02-05-07   Added New Photos to SBT-20
02-04-07   Added Bob Lee to CRD-21 History
02-04-07   Added Mal Flisk to SBU-12 page with photos.
02-03-07   Added the NSWG-4 History Page .
02-03-07   Added the SBT-22's History Page and the other SBT Pages.
02-02-07   Added a SBT section to the BSUmainpage.htm
02-02-07   Added page for Michael Vredenburg of SBU-22
02-02-07   Added page for Michael Farnham of SBU-24
02-02-07   Added page for Jerry Popovice of SBU-11
02-02-07   Added more patches to the collection from the Robert Dussault Collection.
01-17-07   Added updates to Alumni and Missing provided by James Thomas
12-29-06   Added SEAL mission brief to MST-2.
12-29-06   Added Seafox drawing and cartoon to SBU-13.
12-29-06   Added Procedure and Qualification Documents to CRS-1.
12-29-06   Added story from OS2 Ray "mad dog" Evanouski from PB757 at SBU-13
12-29-06   New layout for SWCC and added new articles
12-29-06   Added photo to SBU13 from ENC Harry F. Lowrey (SWCC) Ret    
12-12-06   Added updates to Alumni and Missing provided by James Thomas
12-11-06   Added Charles (Chuck) L. Thoin  BSU-1 history.
12-11-06   Added Gray SBU-20 Photos of PMKIIIs capturing crew of Iran Ajar Minlayer
12-11-06   Added SBU-11 T-Shirt offer under announcements. Linked SBU-11 to Announcements.
12-11-06   Added the Joe Witmeyer story at BSU-1
12-11-06   Added more Doughman photos to SBU13
12-11-06   Moved Stoner CRD-21 History link to CRD-21 page.
12-11-06   Added SWCC recruitment poster.
12-08-06   Added Robert Stoners briefing on the Shallow Water Attack Boat (SWAB)
12-08-06   Added photos from the SBU-11 CD provided. See page bottom
12-08-06   Added Phil Garn SBU-13 photo collection at bottom of page.
12-08-06   Added SBS-2 photos from Phil Garn at bottom of page.
12-06-06   Added Sparks in the Wilderness - Special Boat Units Between Vietnam and Desert Shield by Phil G. Garn
12-06-06   Added Tommy Walker comments for SBU-22
11-30-06   Combined www.mst2-vietnam.info with warboats.org. Now starts at MST-2
11-07-06   Added Doughman photos to SBU-12 & SBU13
11-07-06   Changed Foster story to reflect type of gun change.
11-07-06   Added Iran Ajr capture photo to SBU-20
11-07-06   Added SBU-11 History by GMCS Clark Gertner SWCC ret.
10-31-06   Added SWCC, boat guys of today by Jim Gray.
10-31-06   Added Joe Witmeyer photos and comments while at MST-1.
10-31-06   Completed the massive upgrade to the BSU History sections. Future installments will be listed here.

05/19/06   Updated all BSU Lists from Jim Thomas
04/20/06   Updated Missing BSU List from Jim Thomas
01/20/06   Updated BSU List from Jim Thomas
08/01/05   Updated BSU List from Jim Thomas
08/01/05   Added Memorial attendees and changed layout of page.
06/12/05   Added the Vietnam Unit Memorial newspaper article.
04/20/05   Added and changed all current Alumni information received from Jim Thomas.
01/14/05   Added and changed all current Alumni information received from Jim Thomas.
01/05/05   Split out the 83527 to the www.cg83527.org site of its own.
10/10/04   Updated BSU List from Jim Thomas
06/04/04   Added LCDR Leon Mansi to Alumni
06/01/04   Added new photos of PTF base at DaNang from Jack Jennings.
05/19/04   New photos of the Cutfinger Watercraft prototype
    New FACT boat photos added
    Life with the Yabutas, by Tim Johnson
04/23/04   Added Sean Tierney Group Travel Order, 7 June, 1965
    Updated BSU-1 Alumni  and Missing List
    CRD-21 Commissioning Program (recreated document) from Bob Stoner.
    Added comments from Uwe Padubrin.
    Visit a link to a journalists 1966 photo album from Vietnam
    added more info on the LCPL restoration
    Added three photos of PHMs taken by Dan Withers at Key West.
    Added two photos of USCG 82329 taken by Dan Withers
    Added the FACT Boat and modified the "Future" entry page
04/22/04   Loaded  the NavShips Boats and Small Craft technical manual. (.pdf)
04/16/04   Added Bill Hellmans experiences  with the SEAFOX.
04/16/04   Added Bill Moreo's comments on the LSSC.
03/10/04   Added new names to Alumni. Added more Missing
01/23/04   Added the Clark Greens package on the Design No. 379, Aircraft Rescue Boat.
01/18/04   Added the USCG WPB - "Point Class" Cutter
01/11/04   Modified Crashboat scans to better quality images.
01/04/04   Added photos and help request on LCPL page. German Patrol boat on Ebay.
11/24/03   Added Conflicts - Panama
11/11/03   Added Conflicts - Lebanon
11/10/03   Added Conflicts - Grenada
11/08/03   Added "Christmas in Iraq" letter.
11/06/03   Laid out the format for "Conflicts other than War". Added conflicts.
11/05/03   Changed titles on main menu.


  Added photos and page for PT-658 . Added to sitemap


  Added Don Slack photos of MKIII and Penguin Missiles.
10/27/03   Added Brackens photos and what is it Question?
10/26/03   Added Jim Grays commments on Operation Earnest Will in Kuwait
10/26/03   Added Privately owned MKIII boats


  Added Seafox Comments from Bill Hellman

Added notes from Bob Stoners collection about CRD-22


Future - Added Mike Lee's High Speed Watercraft Patent Info


Added Info to Korea


Added Info to Gulf War1


Added Bob Stoners latest CosRivDiv21 history

10/24/03   Added info on PBR addition at DOAM
10/24/03   Added Stoner corrections to LCSR



Added comments to Vietnam,  MKV Picket from Tom Young


Added email and photos for Gulf War II


Added the Soviet Union and Question and Answer pages.


Changed the site from combatantcraft.org to warboats.org. Performed massive surgery and changed everything around.

07/30/03 Alumni Added new names and updated as necessary

05/28/03 Alumni Added new names and updated as necessary

04-28-03 PSMHF Added a great magazine article on WWII Crash Rescue Boats.
PT-761 Added a new page for Defenders of America's PT-761 just acquired.

02-16-03 Missing Added several hundred new names and unidentified photos.

01-30-03 LCSR Added LCSR content
ColdWarCert Added info on getting a Cold War Certificate

01-23-03 Seafox Added stories from Gerving, Price and Havener
Mark-V Picket Added the Mark-V Picket boat in Vietnam Section
Huston Added a giant section of photos from Tom Huston

01-20-03 Alumni added more names
Missing added more names
Vietnam Boats Added lots of new photos and technical descriptions.
Post Vietnam Added new boats: PBMK1, CRRC
Platz Added a big selection of photos and documents.

12-16-02 Alumni added more names
Vietnam Boats Added lots of new photos and technical descriptions from Bob Stoner
Post Vietnam Added new boats: CPIC, PC, HSB, and RIB. Moved in Mini-ATC and Seafox
Home Cleaned up thumbnail photos, on the left side of page, of the boats

12-01-02 Alumni Added Bowers, Stewart, Cardozo, Schuler, Weeks to BSU alumni
Pre-Vietnam Added USCG Liberty Boat photos at Greenwich Marina in Southern N.J. 
DaNang Added a link to Jack Cokers -  U.S. Naval Support Activity - Da Nang Lighterage Division page
Bob Stoner Major update to Stoners - SEAL/MST OPERATIONS with lots of new photos
Bob Stoner Added Naval Special Warfare - Small Combatant Craft Development History
Bob Stoner Added Coastal River Division TWENTY ONE: History by Robert H. Stoner, GMCM(SW)(Ret.)
SteveThomas Added First-Generation SEAL Support Craft - Magazine reprint
Chitwood Added new photos of SEAL insertion and extraction.
PCF Added photos of SOG PCF and bogus converted houseboat
Memorial Added newspaper article about dedication of CCB-118. 
PT-305 Updated arrival information in Texas
PGH Added comments from Al Berg on the Plainview Hull
Seafox Added comments from Mike Price, on Seafox
PG Added link to Patrol Gunboat Association Web Site.
STAB Added comments and experience info from Dempsey Bumpass SWCS (Ret)
BSU Added Glen Bertholfs BSU-2 History page, Modified layout of page.

11-06-02 BSU Added more new names to Missing Shipmates, from Jim Thomas
Johnson Added Larry Johnson's BSU-1 stories.

08/27-02 BSU Added many new names to Missing Shipmates, from Jim Thomas.

07-05-02 BSU Added Platz, Tierny, Webb, Durst, Sawyer, Roberts, Knott, Dyer
PBR Gamewardens acquire PBR MK-1
PT-305 Added current info.
PDF Added Thomas story on barrels melting down.
DaNang Added Camp Fay layout updates, moved all items from ptfnasty
MKV Added MKV page and Classified Ad.

05-29-02 PCF Added a PCF Operations and Service Manual (.pdf)
BSU Added names provided by Jim Thomas to Missing Shipmates list

05-28-02 BSU Moved names from Missing to Alumni List.
Oregon Added photos of Sky Vigil, a converted Aviation Rescue boat
Links Added MST-1 and Gunboatriders to Links

04-21-02 BSU Added names provided by Jim Thomas to Missing Shipmates list.

04-07-02 The Boats Now divided into three sections: Pre-Vietnam, Vietnam, and Post Vietnam. Many new boat types added.
BSU Reorganized the alumni directory, adding comments from new readers and links to PTF Nasty pages. New pages: Patches, Vietnam Memorial, Missing Shipmates
Books A reader submitted a good list of Vietnam history books.

Webpage Re-organized to support BSU-1 as major section

05-01-01 Webpage Announcement: IRS 501C status received
Reorganization of all sections

12-22-00 Webpage www.combatantcraft.org first published