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Hi Jim  Here are some of the pics I have from 1983, I don't remember what month. There are a few taken on the way up to Washington State. We took 2 Seafoxes from SBU-13 and Pbrs from SBU-11. We took the Seafoxes from the ocean to Seattle through the Straits of Juan de Fuca. It was a very pretty trip. I have more pics, some were from onboard the USS Dubuque, LPD 8.

I got to SBU-13 in the fall of 1982 and left in July of 1986. When we went to the P.I. there was guys from SBU-13 and SBU-11 and SBU-12. The OIC was LT Rooker, he was from SBU-11 and under him was LT Koven who was from SBU-12. When I was in PI we took 2 PBS on a trip to Malaysia. We only made it to Pawalan the most southern island in PI. We hit a tree out in the ocean and never made it to Malaysia. We had to take the screws off and fix them. The PI seals blew them off. That is were Warrant Officer Jessie came from. He fixed them. There is a long story that goes along with that.

They flew us to Korea with a Seafox and put us on a WW-2 class LST. The Seafox just fit in the well deck. The two ROK SEALs were on the ship with us. I will be sending you more pics about this.

The part that I miss the most about the Navy is firing the weapons. I am very active in the NRA. We have a big banquet here in Green Bay every year. I am getting into shooting the NRA bulleye shoots now.

Any questions on the pics please e-mail me. I will be e-mailing more pic's. I have some of the engine room of the 736.


Picture of det Subic 1984 Pbrs on way to Washington state On the way to Washington state Seafox on board USS Dubuque Senior Chief Chapman, Subic Bay
Palwan, southern PI Mark 19 Mk-19 grenade launcher PB Palwan Southern PI Warrant Jessie at Palwan PB Palwan Southern PI
PB Palwan Southern PI Off the coast of Korea, small base Off the coast of Korea, small base Off the coast of Korea, small base Off the coast of Korea small base WWII LST
ROK SEALs off the coast of Korea, small base        



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