Ordnance Notes -- by Bob Stoner GMCM (SW) Ret.

Walther MPL/MPK 9mm Submachine Guns

MPL right side, stock folded. (Photo Karl Walther GmBH)

Beginning in 1963 through 1985, the German firm of Karl Walther marketed two very well-made 9mm submachine guns for military and police users. These were the maschinen pistole lang (machine pistol - long) or MPL and the maschinen pistole kurz (machine pistol - short) or MPK.

MPL left side, stock folded. (Photo Karl Walther GmBH)


MPK with stock removed. (Photo: Karl Walther GmBH)


The guns were select fire, had folding stocks, and composed mainly of stampings, with an L-shaped bolt and under slung barrel. The MPL and MPK were identical in construction except for the length of the barrel. The folding butt stock was a metal tube and a stamped metal ventilated shroud surrounded the barrel. A prominent cocking handle was located on the left front of the receiver. Magazine capacity was 32 rounds. The SEALs used both versions of this gun on a limited basis in Viet Nam.

Walther MPL and MPK Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm NATO (9x19mm)
MPL Length (stock extended) -- 29.4 inches, (stock folded) -- 18.2 inches
MPK Length (stock extended) -- 25.4 inches, (stock folded) -- 15.0 inches.
MPL Barrel -- 10.2 inches
MPK Barrel -- 6.8 inches
MPL Weight (empty) -- 6.6 lbs.
MPK Weight (empty) -- 6.1 lbs.
Max. Effective Range (MPL) -- 220 yards; (MPK) -- 110 yards

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