Combatant Craft of the Soviet Union

Soviet Union Combatant Craft

From before WWII the Soviet Union had many unique combatant craft. Some of these were provided by the US on the Lend Lease program. During the Vietnam era we went up against a Chinese variant of a Russian boat. Maybe we can develop a good listing of these boats and expand our understanding about the boats of the Soviet Union.


Torpedo - shoot!
History of the small torpedo boats
Library of the Military history (this library established in 1998)
Editor A.E. Taras
Minsk Harvest, 1999


Fig. 188. Torpedo Boat TD-200 bis, 1947-51 years. (163 boats built)
Displacement 48,5 (56,6) tons, dimensions 23.7 x 4.7 x 2.5 meters; 2 diesel engines 1200 HP each, 1 diesel engine economy movement, speed 38 knots, trip length 600 miles on 25 knots (1000 miles on 8 knots), 2 TA (I think it is canon) 533 mm, 6 machine guns 12,7 mm in pair device,  RLS (radio location system) discovery "ZARNICA" and identification "FAKEL-M", fog producing system DA-7. Crew 11 people


Fig 221. Boat on under water wings type "Muravei" (Ant) (project 133), 1983-89 years. Displacement 180 (full 230) tons, dimensions 40.3 x 8 (with wings 9) x 1.9 (with wings 4.7) meters, 2 propane turbo engines each 11300 HP, speed full movement 40 knots, trip length 410 miles. Ammunition: 2 TA 406-mm, 1 canon 76 mm( AK-176), 1 machine gun 30-mm, 1 PZRK  (anti rocket system)"IGLA" (needle). Crew 40 people.

Fig 190. Wooden torpedo boat "Bolshevik" (project 183 and 183T), 1952 - 60 years (560 boats built) . Displacement 61,5 (66,5) tons, dimensions 25.4 x 6.24 x 1.24 meters, 4 diesel engines each 1200 HP (4 propellers), speed 43-44 knots, fuel tank 7.2 tons, trip length 1000 miles on 14 knots and 600 miles on 33 knots, 2 533-mm TA, 4 machine guns 25-mm in pair devices (1000 bullets for each), 8 deep water bombs BB-1. RLS (radio location system)  identification "FAKEL". RLS discovery "ZARNICA". Crew 20 people

Fig. 218. Boat type "Svetlyak" ("lighting bug") (project 10410). Displacement 355 (full 395) tons, dimensions 49.5 x 9.2 x 2.6 meters, 3 diesel engines M-504 each 5000 HP, full speed 32 knots, trip length 1500 miles on 13 knots (2200 miles with fuel in overload). Crew 31 people

Fig. 194. Rocket (missile) Boat type "Osa" ("Wasp") (project 205).  Speed 42 knots (with engines 5000 HP 47 knots), 4 PU rockets(missiles) P-15 "Termit"

Fig 195. Big torpedo boat on water wings type "Storm" (project 206-M; built 1972-1976 years, 48 boats, 29 for Soviet Navy and 19 for export). Displacement  190 (260) tons. Dimensions 38.6 x 7.6(with wings 9.6) x 1.8 (with wings 3.3) meters, 3 diesel engines 4000 HP each or 5000 HP each, speed on the wings up to 48 knots, trip length 1450 miles on 14 knots (no wings) or 600 miles on 37 knots (with wings). Ammunition: 4 533mm TA, 2 canons 57mm in tower system and 2 machine guns 25mm in pair device. Crew 21 people.

Fig 189. Torpedo boat "Komsomolets" with radio location system (project 123 K), 155 boats built



Fig 196. Insides of torpedo boat type 206-M:
1 - 57 mm cannon Ak-725;
2 - shooting RLS :Vimpel"
3 - tower with antennas
4 - Steering room
5 - nose under water wing (in lowered state)
6 - filters of rough cleaning of air receiving chambers
7 - Main diesel engines
8 - Control engines
9 - trances plate (I have no idea what it is)


Fig 192. Duraleviiy (type of metal) torpedo boat "Project 184" (2 boats built), factory "More" (Sea) in Feodosia (city on the Black Sea). Main architect V.M Burlakov. Displacement  31.5 (34) tons. Dimensions 21.6 x 5 x 2.1 meters, 3 diesel engines 1200 HP each, speed 46 knots, trip length 500 miles on 33 knots(300 miles on 45 knots). Ammunition: 2 TA 533mm, 4 machine guns KPV 14.5 mm in two pair devices. Crew 10 people
1 - machine guns
2 - torpedo system
3 - antennas RLS (radio location system)
4 - Control room
5 - wind reflector
6 - rope"begunok"
7 - chambers RTS and officers rooms
8 - noise reducer for the diesel exhaust system
9 - diesel engines
10 - room for crew



I found a page with a lot of links to Russian navy sites Unfortunately they all are in Russian. I'll try to identify which ones are good. Sam --

Dan: You might also want to check out the Russian naval magazine "Typhoon." All sorts of VERY interesting articles (at least the pictures are anyway). My interest in Russian naval subjects is related to PT boats. That would include:

1) US Built lend lease boats used by the Russians in World War Two. Some were returned and used for "other" missions. I have about thirty photos from the Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg showing mostly Higgins and Vosper design boats in the Soviet Navy. I am interested in getting some clear shots of Elco boats in the Soviet Navy also. I acquired a Russian language book that describes all the lend lease vessels in the Soviet Navy during the war and what happened to them afterwards. VERY interested in pictures of the boats taken after the war in storage, being destroyed or being returned to US Navy control (see attachment).

2) Soviet design P4 (Design 123 used in Gulf of Tonkin by NVN), P6 (I believe this is Soviet design class 183), P8 and P10. I could use some good clear color pictures of the P4 and P6 boats in the Soviet Navy. Also, any information on the M50 diesel including diagrams and cutaways. I have a pretty good set of books with drawings showing the 12.7mm, 25mm and 37mm naval weapon installations on various type of Soviet vessels (God bless eBay!). Everything I have read indicates the Swatow was a Chinese designed vessel with Russian built weapons and electronics. Some publications peg their top speed at 45 knots. My conclusion is they could not do any better than 25 knots, probably less. I remember reading the North Vietnamese used them as control vessels for their MTB flotillas.

3) I have some pretty good information on the Tupelov G-5 motor torpedo boat (a book and a number of clear photos from the Central Naval Museum). Always looking for more. Johnny (I forget his last name) from Norway might be able to help with the translation. Sure as hell Babel Fish doesn't do it! The picture of the German Nasty (Typ 152....the word TYP is NOT misspelled) is something I picked up off a German website. I think it is a home built model at 1:40 scale (about 1/4" to the foot or 20 inches long).