[ Vietnam ]

Skimmer - Boston Whaler


Skimmers (and Boston Whalers)

Displacement: approx. 1500 lbs Skimmer [2100 lbs Boston Whaler] loaded 
Length: 13.3 feet [17 feet] 
Beam: 5.5 feet [6.1 feet] 
Draft: 6 inches [9 inches] Propulsion: 1 35 hp outboard [Two 45 hp outboards]; gasoline 
Speed: 28+ kts 
Crew: 2-6 [3-7] 
Weapons: Personal small arms (Skimmer); M-60 GPMG + personal small arms (Boston Whaler) 

Photos: Vietnamese Navy

NOTES: Both craft are of commercial design and built by the Boston Whaler company. These boats were turned over to the Vietnamese as part of the Accelerated Turn Over to Vietnam (ACTOV) program; 33 Skimmers and 32 Boston Whalers.