SBU-13 2007 Reunion


SBU-13 Short Fuse Reunion

December 1, 2007



SPECIAL BOAT UNIT-13 Short Fuse Reunion remarks:

Oh Aye, it was a short fuse, but the call went out, and they still came. One from Alaska, two from Colorado, and one from Texas. When you look upon them, you see some of the Old Men, with grey hair, or no hair, Over weight. and they earned it! Paid for the right in service of their country. You see them with eyes that do not know. I see them and amongst the 32 men I see everyone of them a qualified Combatant Craft crewman. You'll find eleven Boat Captains, six Officers two were Full Bird Captains, twelve CPOs amongst them two MCPOs. Four Plankowers of SBU-13. Eight Combat Veterans, three with Purple Hearts and numerous overseas campaigns and awards for Valor and Meritorious service.

Some of the SBU-13 still wear the uniform and serve as a SBCPO SWCC and SWCC CWO in the Reserves. One of our own is deployed in a Hot area. Our one still Active duty that is the first Commissioned SWCC CWO in the Navy. Not impressed watching them eat at McPees Restaurant in Coronado? Ye didn't hear the swashbuckling sea stories, and the firefights of combat, dark shadows off hostile shores and muddy rivers. The Seals they supported were never let down. Oh aye, and the humor of comrades in harshest of conditions. They have aged but not the gleam in their eye and the salt in their veins.

The SBU-13 reunion on December 1, 2007 took place at SBT-12 where they took a tour of the compound, but due to security restrictions no photos were allowed, But they had a grand time looting the ships store! Then to Chism Field for a group photo at the Vietnam Boats Memorial. A collection was taken, and a Care Christmas Package will be sent to Jimmy Arevelo and his detachment in harm's way. Finally, Lunch at McPees Irish (SEAL) Bar and Restaurant in Coronado.

The final word was put out We will have another Reunion in the future. Watch for the Announcement.

In this years attendance: Dail Kyle, Gary Hunt, Robin McKinney, Wayne Cook, Jesse Hobbs, Steve Smith, Jim Greenough, Larry Mays, Roger Owen, Bill Gray, Ron Cantwell, Bob Doyle, Dirk Scofield, Tom Beck, Robert Ward, Phil Hotaling, Bob Koerber, Geoff Radant, William LaBare, Frank Lipovsik, Paul Schmidt, Dan West, Tom Folkesson, Brian Eschbaugh, Arron Brennan, Phil Garn, Leroy
Grzeczkowski, Jay O'Keefe, Ray Evanouski, Jim Gray, Dave Wylie, Brian Herring.

Other guests Ed Burt, Chuck Clement and the Reserves from SBT-12.

Look Now ye scruff and young studs of SWCC, make your history and if ye are lucky enough, I promise you will be Old before you know it.

I'll get ye all on my sailing list soon or later, Davy Jones