Tim Sanchez SBU-12 1988



Tim Sanchez of the NIGHTMARE 775
 1988 Operation Earnst Will


(06-05-2010) Chief Gray, Don’t know if you remember me or not (probably not, LOL) but I was deployed with you in the PG in 1988.  I was with SBU 12 on the 775 with Matt Knight.  In fact, I’m the guy standing with Matt in this photo: http://www.warboats.org/images/jpg/GraySBU12/0006a1.jpg 

I am also the guy who painted the spider on Goose’s forty mount, and the bullet-hole-smiley-face on my own fifty mount – both visible in this photo: http://www.warboats.org/images/jpg/GraySBU12/0002a1.jpg 

Anyway, I have some photos from that deployment if you all would like to have them for your site.  Some are good, some not so much – The one of Smitty’s moon on the deck of the barge falls into the latter category, LOL.  However – It is one do I have that managed to survive the twenty-some-odd-years since we were there. 

I also have other SBU 12 and 13 photos and slides (not PG, but day-to-day and training shots) that I can scan and send over if you’re interested. 

Let me know and thanks for putting up that site – It was cool to read about and see photos of all the stuff we did back then.

Regards,  Tim Sanchez (QMSN/SBU-12)

Group photo of the PB 775 Nightmare crew of Det Alpha - From left to right, back row to front: Tim Sanchez, Matt Knight, Donald Goossens, ??? (Can't remember this guy at all), Smith (Smitty - Can't remember his first name), Chief Seeney, Chris (Ker) Plunk, Kirby (Can't remember his first name), Foxworthy (Can't remember his first name), Greg Gallant, Harry Crosland.

Aft 20 MM Cannon - Foxworthy's battle station 40 MM Cannon - Goose's battle station Front view of the starboard fore .50 mount - My battle station - painted by me.

Shooter's view of the starboard fore .50 mount - Note the steel pot/liner and Viet Nam era flak jacket.  The bag attached to the base contained a MK-17 gas mask.

Close-up of the painting on the inside of the starboard fore .50 - It's my rendering of a photo of Madonna circa 1988.

PB775 flags - Note the Jolly Roger.  Our SBU-13 sister boat the "Myassis Dragon" also flew a Roger when underway.

Goose, Crosland, Kerplunk, Gallant, Kirby, and someone I don't recognize from the back.


Kirby, Fox, Gallant, The El-Tee, the Chief, and some members of SBU-13 Myassis Dragon whose names I don't remember.  This was our final night on Wimbrown and as you can see, they threw us a little party to commemorate.  There was lots of San-Magoo, some cigars, and even some bottles of contraband champagne and scotch that were mailed in.

Shot of a tanker on an Earnest Will mission - Note the USMC Cobra over the bow

Goose treating a coral cut on Cris Best a crew member of the SBU-13 Myassis Dragon following a day patrol swim call at some island.

Goose and Kerplunk clowning around.

From left to right, back to front - Harry Crosland, Matt Knight, Goose, Smitty, Fox, Kerplunk, and the El-Tee, Lt Reddick.

Matt Knight and Goose Matt Knight (at the helm), Kerplunk, Fox, and Gallant - Note the shotgun in the rear of the coxswain's flat.
Arab fishing dhow loaded with fish traps. Arab fishing dhow placing fish traps. Shot of the SBU-13 PB "Myassis Dragon" underway Shot of the "name" painting on the SBU-13 PB Another shot of a different tanker on an Earnest will mission

USS Copeland on Earnest Will - Note the USMC Cobra.!

 USS Nicholas on Earnest Will.

Foxworthy - Wish I could remember his first name.  I swear I think it was Jeff, but that would be too strange, LOL  He was a fellow Quartermaster and a good guy to work with and learn from.  Weird taste in bathing suits though - LOL.

Greg Gallant - Coronado native and pretty cool guy.  He didn't talk much, but he did his job - quietly and efficiently.  Heck of a shipmate.

My favorite photo of my good friend and mentor, Donald J. "Goose" Goossens.  I can't tell you how invaluable his expertise in Navy/SBU politics, weapons and engineering systems, and cribbage were to me.  The cribbage was especially useful seeing as how he and I played well over a thousand games in the months we spent at sea.  He iwas also directly responsible for the self-contained, 500-round, belt-fed backpack M-60 system we designed for use on the PB.  I didn't get any photos, but it worked pretty well except for the barrel overheating...LOL

My favorite shot of Harry Crosland who looked like neither a "Harry" nor a "Crosland" - but he was a fine crewmember and shipmate – Knowledgeable, always smiling, and always willing to help when anyone needed it.


Our sister barge "Hercules" - And she lived up to her name...Freaking huge!


Chris "Ker" Plunk, an honorary boat crew member.  This guy was a signalman (IIRC) assigned to the barge as part of a Naval comm group.  However, we adopted him almost from the day he arrived and he went on every patrol we had that didn't interfere with his assigned duties.

Kuwaiti patrol boat in Kuwait harbor. These craft patrolled the anchorages when we dropped off tankers that we escorted to Kuwait.

I traded hats with one of the crewmembers of this very boat.  Of course, I lost it in the intervening years...

The El-Tee.  Lt Reddick out Det OIC. I remember that he was an Academy grad – Super smart and willing to let his NCO’s do the heavy lifting.

A couple shots of Matthew Knight.  I can't say enough about this guy.  When the rest of SBU-12 had written me off as a complete lost cause, along came Matt.  He picked me up, pulled me off the ASDV (where I had been assigned for three years), and told me he believed in me and wanted me to deploy with his crew.  Six months later, I was with him in the PG and on my way to having all my quals complete for my badge.

Two shots of the third mine destruction credited to the PB775.  This particular event occurred in August of 1988 and if I'm not mistaken, we "stole" this one from our sister boat the "Myassis Dragon" ... Sorry about that... :)  Note the EOD guys swimming around the thing hand-wrapping it with det cord.  What a job!

Small painting over the entrance to the coxswain's flat on the PB 775 celebrating the aforementioned mine destructions attributed to the patrol boat and crew.

The moon setting on a .50 cal mount after a long night patrol

The name placard I painted for our boat - PB 775, the "Nightmare"

Shot of the tiny US Army attack helos (I think they were OH-58's) on the deck of our sister barge, Hercules.  They were super-quiet, heavily armed, and designed to fly at night and about twenty feet off the surface of the water.  And at the time, I'm fairly certain that these were pretty highly classified.

Shot of a PB (hull number unknown) with a Frigate in the background.  I can't tell which FFG, but I'd guess Copeland or Nicholas.

An SH-60 Seahawk (IIRC) practicing approaches for delivering SEAL team members to an Iranian drilling platform.

One of the twenty or so shots of the sunrise I took while over there.  I loved seeing the rising sun after a night patrol. Group dive off the barge during one of the many swim calls

Mr. Thomas D'Souza (I hope I spelled his last name correctly).  He was the foreman of the foreign workers assigned to the barge by its American owners Brown and Root.  He is wearing the sunglasses I used the entire time I was deployed - I gave them to him as a gift on our last day aboard Wimbrown.

Madonna and I - she loved me, LOL
Posing with my sixty

Another pose with my sixty


Thomas and I on my last day on the barge - Note the "Hot Tuna" t-shirt.

Me with my fifty mount.  

Shot of Barge Wimbrown April to August 1988. It was a Panamanian flagged jacking



barge owned by the US company Brown and Root and leased by the US Navy for small-boat and SEAL team operations in the Persian Gulf.  Our entire deployment (April to October of 1988) was spent on board this tiny barge.