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Jim King  SBU-12


(10-22-2010) Jim King GM1(SW/SWCC)    Jim, I was at SBU-12 From 94-99.  GMM1(SW) when I got there GM1 (SW/SWCC) when I left.

I was training on the 30' I-rhib when the 10M P-rhib had come to SBU12.  Once I got use to the notion of the wind and water in my face and I kind of started to like the rhibs.  (I just moved from the PB's) Anyway I liked the maneuverability of the I-rhib,

but you had to be careful of the buckets. The P-rhib on the other hand still had the hydraulic assist on the stronger buckets of the Kamewa jets. I really liked that.  The fact you could use the buckets to maneuver and stop. 

I guess one of the most impressive things about the 10M (to me anyway) was the ability to do a crashback.  If it was done right you would shower anyone near you.  The tour boats loved this in the harbor when we would be coming back in to the unit, the tour boats could easily coax me into doing a impromptu dog and pony show for the tourist of San Diego.  (Only got my butt chewed once or twice for this,  but called it training anyway).
So, one day the det goes out for a photo op and training of some new guys to the 10M boats, past 1 S.D.. On the way back in, the water was smooth,  hardly a ripple and not so many seagulls either.  Beautiful day for a boat ride.

Now, as we are returning to the unit we decided to show the new guys how to maneuver using the buckets.  And, of course how to do a crashback.  Now when you do a crashback you want to make sure everyone is holding on. So, after I showed the new guy how to do a crashback  he said he got it. Ok ! The first attempt at the crashback was not successful, he throttled down first, we slowly came to a gentle stop. Ok let's try this again, a couple more show hows and verbal explanations later we were ready to have another try at it.  Second time,  no joy, but a nice gentle stop.  So, I told him to get up to step.  Once on step I hollered "DO IT!" Bam, He pulled those buckets down just as we came off a small wake. Excellent crash back... except the engineer wasn't ready.  He flew over the console, onto the engine compartment, over to the sponson and into the water. I had the driver turn the wheel slightly to the left (buckets still down) to keep the jets away from the man in the water.  The man in the water came up patted his head so, we know he was ok.  I started laughing my ass off, until I realized he had my miniature voice recorder and the duty pack of cigarettes.  Then the other boat radioed to ask what happened.  Yeah when we got back, I got another butt chewing.  But, I still think it was kind of funny.  I think O'Brian laughed about it too,  when he dried off... 
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'm currently living in Independence, Missouri, and work at the local bullet factory as a gunsmith.  Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

Jim King - My contact info is RHIBDRVR@HOTMAIL.COM