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Pat Shima  SBU-12.


Pre-deployment work up on PBMKIII.

Underway on PB Calif Coast.

SEAFOX SWCL 1988. SWCL Det by Coronado bridge. Welcome to the Persian Gulf and WBrown VII 1988. Yes its HOT.
The Cammo Net kept the boat cooler as well as the men. Note Bat insignia

Underway. UDT shorts and T-shirts and sneakers were the standard uniform in the Gulf because of the Summer heat.

Barge Hercules the East Coast NSW Task Unit Base.

One of the Herc's hats.


A Wimbrown VII variation hat.
The highest perch on Wimbrown 7. The watch always kept the cooler full of ice water/ temps could reach 110 in summer Hydrate! PB775 the Bat Boat at full speed and at GQ on Day Patrol.

CPO Perez and Jacking 7 crew. If the Barge guys liked you they could make you a brass cannon out of stock, teach you to dry fish, play Russian poker, and  drink their whiskey.

775 crewman Mike "Red" McCubbins with his 50cal.


Engineer in PBMKIII engine room. The engineers were worth their weight in gold.

In the heat of the Gulf  water balloon fights were common.

1988 PB775, named the Bat Boat.

Chief Perez portrait.

Pat Shima "a John Wayne" Portrait. You wouldn't dare shoot it this way though.

PB753 comes out of water by WBVII crane.

PB753 in it cradle, starts its maintenance day. PB775 coming alongside.

Me putting ammo back in ready service box.


2 PBMKIIIs alongside Wimbrown VII. Mote the Radar reflector anchored out. They were to  deflect incoming missiles.

SBU-12 Crewman on port 50cal.

After swim call catching some rays.

Pat and Shark. I fished almost every chance I got. Here I am with a Gar. Someone was always on the boat on watch. Me I fished allot.

Linked 40mm grenades of the MK-19.  This photo taken during Operation Earnst Will escort duty. FFG and Tankers in Background. PBs always Flanked the convoy.

"If they get past all the Guns on This boat...I still got my 45".


Leaving the Barge. The new oncoming Boat Det. gets pelted with water balloons and old sneakers from departing Det.


After 4 months on the Barge, we got a few hours of liberty in Bahrain.


The Old ET shop. Rodnet you can...but we aren't!

ET shop with Goosens, Short Round and Boatguy in Middle I can't remember his name.

1990 PB755  NAB Coronado.

Seafoxes and Iran Gunboat, one of our trophy boats from Earnest Will Ops in Persian Gulf.

Shima and crewman loading out a Setton HSB. The Iran Gunboat is outboard. We were getting ready to play.

Dave Wylie and crewmen prep the Iranian Gunboat (the flying Bathtub) for an Op.

New to SBU-12 1990 a Setton HSB at pier. Cal Hastings Prepping his Setton.

Gunboat leaves pier for Ops.

The Setton HSB Underway in 1990. This was a changing point in SBU history. SBR-1 Commodore Jon Wright was  innovative and wanted a rapid deployment flyaway Dets, so he sent the Setton HSBs to Jordan on exercise.

Beavcer, Lazo and Poled riding the Setton HSB.  

 A Setton HSB.  Commodore Wright got them from DEVGRU along with Iran Gunboats 1 and 2 and 24' Willard RIBs. Special Boat Unit was evolving more closer to the Modern SWCC.

SBU-12 sign at the old compound 1990-1991. SBU-12 HSB Det prior to deployment to Desert Shield, Aug 1991. SBU-12 HSB Det would be forward deployed finally settling at Ras al Mishab Saudi Arabia. Thanks Google.

The TOWER at Ras Al Mishab.


From the tower looking down at the NSWTU.

Close up of the Boys from the Tower. Familar sight of Desert Storm, an RAF Tornado I believe. Boredom breeds decoration.  I had to personalize our Duce and a Half.

HSB engines and Engine shop.


One of the MCT guys and sandbags Ras al Mishab pier and the distinct bow of a 33' Fountain HSB Saudi sunrise. Good morning and now to the Mess hall and heat up some Canned Raviolli!!!!! CPO Vogel on 33' Fountain. Ras al Gar NSWTG.
The Det HSBs  the Scorpian, 33' Fountain and 2 Settons. The overcast is from smoke from the Oil fields burning in Kuwait.

VETS Shima and Wylie. Their second war in Gulf both served in OP Earnest Will 1988 and Now Desert Storm. The other boatguy is Lalo.

A 33' Fountain on a Trailer. One of our Saudi drivers. All I can say is when a Scud attack or and 500lber was exploding in distance. they took off fast.

Boatguys, Dave Wylie, Lalo and ? and their luxurious living conditions of Ras al Mishab.


Tony Smith doing the "Camel Toe Dance"  next to Mark Wegal. Cleaning weapons. The Latest and greatist DEVGRU showed up for the Last Ops of Desert Storm with their Top of the Line Halter HSB 1991.

Another view of the well armed Halter HSB. Note the MK-19 and Minigun.

Halter HSB in the water They had all the latest  high speed stuff and gear.

After the Cease Fire the ARG ships came into Ras al Mishab and 12's Arg Det Seafoxes were off loaded. ARG Seafoxes from Tower. The Tower view of ARG ships forward Seafoxes Bottom Right.

Mark Brown and a ARG-12 boatguy.


A Crashed Helo. I never found out what happened.


We thought we had it bad till we saw how the Marines lived. Nice hotel service.

F-15 Eagle normal for Desert Storm HSB Det getting ready to go home.

All Thoughts of HOME now

SBU-12 HSB det Going Home. Battleshell, Poleda, CWO Rogers, Lazo, Smith, Davilla, Clement, Wegal, Brown, Adams, Trgan, Wilbert, Linden, Vogel, Puffay and McConnie.

33' Fountain in Victory Parade at Coronado Calif after coming Home.

Homecoming BBQ.


Singing at the SBU-12 Christmas Party.  1992, SBU-12 received New Halter HSBs. Halter HSB, Shima waving.

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  MSC Fleet Tug Calwaba loads HSB Loading a Halter HSB in Gulf 1996