Scott Sawyer

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Hello, I have some history that shouldn't be lost.

I served at SBU-20 from OCTOBER 1987 till MARCH 2002, qualified PB, Sea fox and all others that followed.

Scott Sawyer
Special Boat Unit TWENTY

Hello Dan,
Just some quick back ground, I served aboard MKIII PB'S in the Persian gulf aboard a mobile barge for operation ERNIST WILL which was the re-flagging of 11 Kuwait tankers for protection during the Iran/Iraq conflict. I also served aboard PB 759/778 during operation just cause in Panama. this was the last time that MKIII patrol boats were used in combat. I have photos transiting the canal, but many are personal. I would have to search my data base for suitable pics for you. I do have a few.

I have many photos of the MKV Special Operations Craft in such places as the Adriatic during the Kosovo war. and all RIB boats assigned to SBU since 1992. I do have some photos of an air deployable RIB. but not sure if you can post. SHORT MPG'S too. its great that this site exists.

There is a person that is working on an association for SBU's the question is whether top go as far back as the first boat op the crossing of the Delaware river with GW. I am sure he can use any help your association can give. I will send him a link to the CCOA page. hopefully he wont duplicate any efforts. As far as other history goes you ask and ill answer any question for the period, I was fortunate to participate in many operations since 1987, maybe my bio would help you.


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