PT 761



PT-761 an ELCO 103 Class MTB
for the
 Defenders of America Naval Museum

Northeast Branch, Inc.
P.O. Box 8604
Salem, MA. 01971

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Jim Melanson   Project PT-761

04-25-03  The final destination for PT-761 is North of Boston, MA. I feel the Northshore Community, especially the Salem/Gloucester Area of Massachusetts, needs an exciting event such as this. Take a look at this link from Jacksonville Beach as well as this scanned copy of the article done in the city that I live in, Haverhill, MA. I am waiting for an article to come out in Soundings Magazine. 

Star Intermodal Transportation, Inc. ( ) moved the boat from the beach location to Jax Beaches Self Storage ( ) on Shetter Avenue in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. There we took ownership of it. They are offering temporary storage for the boat until we raise the money to bring her North or start restoring her there. Star Intermodal is an exceptional company. The support they gave us is priceless. Thanks to businesses like Star Intermodal and Jax Beaches Self Storage, we will be able to restore and preserve one of the last 103 Class Elco PT Boats left. 

PT-761 was sold off when the war was cancelled. She was then turned into Taurus-V a luxury cruise boat out of Miami, Florida. The charter company was  Richard Bertram Companies and they were in charge of her service. 

Jim Melanson

03-29-03  Page number 436 and 437 describe the boat in Norman Friedman's book US Small Combatants. Page 436 has the photo of the boat running. Actually they were ordered in 1951 and delivered in 1953 transferred to the Navy in 1956 under an agreement. They had no great impact on the fast patrol boat work. She is one big God Dang boat no doubt! The boat in Tuckahoe is PT-615. Was in the same squadron as the Elco in Fall River, MA owned by PT Boats, Inc PT-617 Dragon Lady. Ron-42 and never saw action. Also to note 613 through 624 did not use v-drives. I guess she was under long term lease one time with Clark Gable. He owned a series of boats names Tar Baby. If you do a search on him this boat is never mentioned. The one that is was a sailboat. 

Jim Melanson

03-26-03  We just took ownership of the boat. She is one of the last three Elco 103 class Motor Torpedo Boats. Originally built for lend lease to Russia we will bring her back to a late model American Elco. 

We are looking for sponsors, donations and members $25 for individuals yearly, $35 for families yearly and Restoration Plank Owners for $100 yearly. All tax deductible of course. Recently we have just built a cradle under 761 to support her. PT-761 is going to be moved a half mile down the road the first weekend of April from where she is at the moment to Jax Beaches Self Storage where Art Kershman (owner of Jax Beaches) is going to provide a place to restore her or at least allow us to raise the money to bring her north on a barge or truck. 

We thank him for his help in preserving one of thee last Elco PT-Boats. It is people like this that contribute to preserving American History. Her are a couple photos that show her back in 1945 as well as how she sits today. 

Thanks, Jim Melanson

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Lend lease days Under cover Torpedoes away Zoom in version
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As Taurus V Chuck Stevens volunteer Bow on cradle Cradle inspection
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Roger and Jim Roger and Al Headed off for a new life