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PT- 305

PT-305 arrived in Kemah at 16:00 Hrs on July 10th, 2002 escorted by several 6th Calvary and DOANM members, most of who were taking pictures on the way. I hope to publish a few of them on the web site within the coming week to give people who were unable to accompany the boat a chance to share in the ride. Once at Kemah a small crowd gathered including a very relieved and happy looking Bill King (Mayor). While we waited a few more people showed up, unfortunately the media did not show up until every one had gone to eat. Before every one left for the evening we posed for a photo with the Mayor, and Kemah Council members and 305 crew members.

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06/28  Dan, Believe it or not the 305 is underway. Not by sea but by land on the back of a huge trailer. The entire rig from bumper to bumper is approx.(if I remember nearly correctly) 138ft long or more. They have to be ready to cross W. Virginia on Sunday because that's the only time they can cross. She should be here by the Fourth of July, the 5th at the latest. The Mayor of Kemah is going to let her stay over the weekend at the Kemah Boardwalk with a small celebration and something like the Official kick off of her restoration. Just thought I'd pass it along, she will be traveling across Delaware the loop around Baltimore then to W. Virginia through Kentucky then to Arkansas down to Texarkana through Cleveland TX then Dayton TX, through my town (Baytown) to Kemah. What a ride.


4-10-02  Morning Dan,        Just thought I'd touch base and let you know what's happened lately.  We had one of the grants we filed for come in.  So now we are going to be able to get the 305 transported by truck down here.  She will be leaving MD around the week of the 22nd or so and will take about two weeks to get here.  Jim Melanson is going up there this weekend to start putting things away and the like for the stripping of the deck and such.  I asked him to pick up your radar and take it home with him so we can ship it back to you.  We need the address you would like it shipped to or you can E-mail Jim yourself and let him know.  I really do appreciate you loaning it to us for the trip and to all you contacted and was going to be able to help out on the voyage home.  You can tell them all Thanks for there willingness to help out.  There are times I wish she could have sailed down here, what an adventure that would have been but having her delivered this way is probably the safest way for all concerned.

This request went out when the boat was going to navigate around the ICW to Texas.

Attention on Deck!   Enlist Here for this once in a lifetime adventure. A Higgins PT boat cruise of volunteers from MD to TX.
My friends at the Defenders of America Museum are getting the Higgins, PT-305 underway from the Long Cove Marina, Rock Hall, MD to Texas, in late November. The overhauled engines and transmissions are now installed and the final preparation is getting completed. 

"Thanks" from the world over, go to the Crow brothers, who have kept her alive all of these years as an oyster boat in Chesapeake Bay, MD, and who have now generously donated her. The 305 served in the Med and was in Squadron (Ron) 22 the same as PT-309 and they went on patrols together as well. She had a couple of kills on her chart house and was named the USS Sudden Jerk. There are some pictures on the 309 web site, especially the one where she hit a mine and blew about half of her stern off and still made it in for repairs. 

Once she arrives in Houston, they will remove the added wheel house, and begin the process of replacing the 15 feet of her stern that was removed back in the 40's to reduce her length to fall within the small boat rules of less than 65'. Once they have a complete 78' hull, they will be recreating her deck fixtures such as the chart house, gun tubs, radar tower, etc. Is this possible? Just look at the pictures of the finished PT309 and keep in mind that this is same set of volunteers that started that project with nothing more than a hull also. She will be restored to her original configuration and will be in the water and operational for public viewing and tours. She will also be taking voyages around the U.S. during special events as well as educational trips for, "show and tell" about how they were constructed, what it was like to live on board and what role they served in the Navy. This is their way of saying, "THANK YOU" to all of the WW-II Veterans who served on those great Wooden Warriors.

The Defenders of America web site can be viewed at:  and the PT-309 Museum website can be viewed at: .

This group is desperately looking for a fuel sponsor. The fuel bill for this trip will approach $10,000. If you know of anyone who might be might be able to assist with this expense let them know.

If you have the means and time to ride one or all of the legs of this journey from Maryland, down the Eastern seaboard, across the Florida Okeechobee Canal, then West to Houston, contact:

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