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PHM - Pegasus Class

Length Overall - 147' foils retracted, 131.5' foils extended
Max Beam
Full Load Displacement -
Light Load Displacement -
198 tons
Draft -
6' foils retracted, 23' foils extended
Speed -
12kts hullborn,40kts foilborn
Main Engines - t
wo Mercedes-Benz; 1636 bhp: 2 waterjets hullborne, 1 gas turbine (GE); 16767 shp: 1 waterjet foilborn
Crew -
23 (4 officers+ 19 enlisted)
Missiles- 8 Harpoon SSM (2 quad cannisters Mk141)
Guns - 1 76-mm 62cal AA Mk75
Fire Control - 1 Mk 92 weapon FCS except Mk94 in PHM1

Patrol Combat Missile Hydrofoil

Design: The PHM design provides for fully submerged canard foils, with approximately 32 percent of the dynamic lift provided by the single bow foil and 68 percent by the double-strut after foil. The foils retract forward (into a bow recess) and rearward, respectively. Steep flaps are fitted to the trailing edges of the bow and after foils to provide control and lift augmentation. The superstructure is all aluminum.

Engineering: Foilborne propulsion consists of a single waterjet driven through reductions gears from an LM2500 turbine engines. The foilmounted propulsor is capable of pumping 141,000 gallons per minute. Foilborne speeds exceeding 40 knots are possible in 8 - 13 foot seas. When hullborne the PHM is propelled by twin waterjets powered by two MTU V-8 diesel engines. Each of the waterjets can pump 30,000 gallons per minute. A through-bow thruster is provided for low-speed maneuvering. 

04/23/04 - Here are some photos that I took in the mid 90's at Key West. The two shots in the distance were taken from a glass bottom boat tour out at a reef. It must have been time to relieve the watch as several boats exchanged positions. The boats at the base were taken from the hotel window. - Dan Withers


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Here are some fantastic sites about the restoration of the USS Aries PHM-5  by a veterans group.

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