MST-2/SEALs Rosters, etc

(Another work in progress: If you know anything that can help fill in the blanks below or expand the list both as to people and as to time, including in particular the name of the enlisted members, or if have corrections as to what’s here,



Norvell G. Ward, Rear Admiral (1 Apr 66-27 Apr 67)
Kenneth L. Veth, Rear Admiral (27 Apr 67-30 Sep 68)

CTF 116 “Game Warden"

SEAL Team Det Golf

LCDR Jim Barnes was the first honcho of SEAL Team Det Golf (he was the CO of SEAL TEAM ONE and took the first group over for this assignment). I (LT Maynard Weyers) followed him and then I was relieved by Jim McGee.

LT Jim McGee
LT William Salisbury (June 1967- Dec 1967)
LT Cathal L. (“Irish”) Flynn (Dec 1967 - Jan 1968)

MST Detachments and SEAL Platoons -- (by location)

  • Can Tho / My Tho:
    • MST-Two Det Alpha -- LT. Sam W. Braly (March 1967-August 1967)
                  BM1 John H. Harrison
                  EN2 Richard L. Settle
                  GMG2 Wallace E. Knuteson
                  EN3 John W. Warden
                  BM3 James T. Born
                  EMFN Joseph W. Raffell
                  SN George C. Bosserdet
  • Can Tho:
    • MST-Two Det Bravo -- LT Stephen W. Baumgart (March 1967-August 1967)
                  ENC James W. Rose
                  BM2 James R. Owen
                  EN2 William E. Mount
                  EN2 "K" "T" Raines
                  ETN3 Therle W. Lawrence
                  BM3 David F. Goff
                  SA Dennis W. Thompson
  • Nha Be
    • Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team One (Aug 1967- Feb 1968) -- LT. Joe DeFloria; LTJG Tommy Nelson
                 MM1 Phillip "moki" Martin
                 AK2 Ron "Ozzie" Ostrander
                 SK2 Walter "Apo" Gouveia
                 PO3 Richard "Indian Willie" Williams
                 PHC James "Mike" Cignarella
                 PI1 "Ace" Bowen
                 QM2 Talmadge "Bo" Bohannon
                 IC3 Emile "Frenchy" Guidry
                 RM3 Ronald "Sparks" Byrum
                 HM1 Lin "Doc" Mahner (KIA 25 May 1969)
    • Foxtrot Platoon, SEAL Team One (Aug 1967 - Feb 1968) -- LT Stan Meston; LTJG Francis Schraeder
                 PO1 Richard Pearson
                 RM2 Gary Smith
                 MM2 Harlin Funkhouser
                 BT2 Mike McCollum
                 BT2 Ivan Moses
                 HM2 Bill Brown
                 AMH2 Ray Markel
                 EM2 John Flynn
                 EN3 Mitch Bucklew
                 SM3 Les Funk (KIA 6 Oct 1967)
                 SN Vern Dicey   
    • Kilo Platoon, SEAL Team One -- LT Ed Gill; LT Daniel Mann (KIA- 7 April 67)
                 CPO Herb Ruth
                 CE3 Donald Boston (KIA- 7 April 67)
                 R3 Robert Neal
      (KIA- 7 April 67)
    • MST-Three Det ? -- Also See 
      (Added 12-20-05)

      • MST-3 NHA-BE 16 OCT 1967-68 -
        GMG-1 MANNING


        ET-3 SMITH
        EN-3 LARRY. DAVIS
        BM-3 EDWARD E. WELCH

        SN LYNCH
        SN HURLY
        FN SIGNOR
        SN ROY A. ROSS

Elmo Zumwalt Jr, Vice Admiral (30 Sep 68-14 May 70)

CTF 116 “Game Warden” --

SEAL Team Det Golf
LT Jack Schropp (Jan 1968 - July 1968 )

MST Detachments and SEAL Platoons -- (by location)

  • Nha Be
    • MST-2 Det Delta -- LT James (Jay) Prout
      • EN1 Jim McInerny
      • Bob Scheppmann (detachment number confirmed in email from Bob)

      MST2 DET Delta   Nha Be   April  68 (added 02-05-2012) 
      Connell,  Anderson  R    EN2 
      Hayes,  Floyd  A            QM1 
      Keeler,  Russell  P         EN3 
      Raffell,  Joseph  W        EN3
      Shorts,  Douglas  L        SN
      Williams,  Bob  S           GMG2


    • 3rd Platoon, SEAL Team Two -- LT Rick Woolard; LTJG John (Bubba) Brewton, Lt. Williamson (June 1968 - Dec 68)
      • LTjg Richard T.P. Woolard
        Ltjg John Brewton
        ENC(later WO1) Solomon Atkinson
        BM1 William Garnett
        Lowell Burwell 
         (This list provided by Lowell in an email)
        BM1 Jerry L. Todd
        GMG1 Ronald Fox
        BM1 Carl Isham
        BM1 Chuck Detmer
        MM2 LeRoy Delaney
        ADJ2 Gerald McClure
        SM2 Julius Ramos
        BM2 Jerry Waters
  • Nam Can (Sea Float)
    • MST-Two Det Echo -- LTJG(?) John Engstrom (December 1968 - June 1969)
  • Vinh Long
    • MST-Two Det ? -- (February 1968 - September 1968)
                 SFM2 Frank Wojciechowski


Elmo Zumwalt Jr, Vice Admiral (30 Sep 68-14 May 70)

CTF 116 “Game Warden” --

SEAL Team Det Golf --

MST OIC-- LT Tom Mason

MST Detachments and SEAL Platoons -- (by location)

?/Long Phu:

  • Charlie Platoon, SEAL Team One -- LT Boyhan (27 Dec 1969 - 20 June 1970 )

Ben Luc

  • MST-Two Det Bravo -- LTJG Bob Koehler (May 1969 - Nov 1969)
    Brown, Dennis L    ETN 2
    Decker, Theodore  A   QM 2
    Hootnick, James        EN 3
    Jeffer, William H       GMG 3
    Morris, Phillip           EN 2
    Wilson, Cecil L         EN 1
  • MST-Two Det Bravo -- LTJG Chuck Bortell  (Oct 1969 - April 1970), John W. Schropp (April 1970-Nov 1970)
  • Bravo Platoon, SEAL Team One - John W. Schropp (April 1970-Nov 1970)
    • Ben Luc/ Go Da Ha Nov. 1969 - May 1970

      Lt. Stew Baumgartner
      Ltjg. Dale Bosley
      Bud Gardner
      Don Crawford
      Larry Hubbard
      Pete McDonald
      Tim O'Farrell
      Mike Anderson
      Terrel Lindsey
      Mike Macready  (This list provided by Mike in an email)
      Pat Hunter
      Maury Adams
      Fred Lang
      (while one squad was working in Go Da Ha one of our MST men was killed in action, I can't remember his name)
    • Per email from John W. Schropp, also there was:
      • LTjg Tony Freedley
        LTjg Manny Issacs
        CPO Clarence Betz.

Roc Soi (added 11-12-2011)

  • MST-Two Det Echo - Trowbridge,  Daniel  R   ENS    BSU 1/ MST 2     DET Echo    12-08-69-08-29-70

Alvanna , Bellarmine  R   FN,  BSU 1 /MST 2
Helton,  Roy (Ron)            EN2
Howe,  James H                 IC2
Jenson,  John  P                QM1
Oakley,  Kurtis  M            ETR3
Polloni,  Mark  C               GMG2

Nam Can (Sea Float)

  • MST-Three Det Echo -- LT Bruce Roberts (June 1969 - December 1969)
               GMGC Bill Lott
               RM2 Wayne Baum
               EN2 Michael Shumaker
               GMG3 Doug Shorts
               EN3 Vic Schatz
               SN Roger Fredsall
               SN (or FN) Dave Dyer          
  • MST-Two Det Golf -- Ens. Platt (Oct/Nov 1969 - March/April 1970)
               Robert Eddleman
               Frank Hess
               Dallas Preston
               Walter Villa
               Richard Barta
               Richard Barcus
  • Kilo Platoon, SEAL Team One -- LT Skip Crane; LTJG David Nicholas (KIA -10/17/69) (June 1969 - Dec 1969)
               Chief Diecks
    Moses Marquez
               Lenny Horst
  • Mike Platoon, SEAL Team One (20 Aug 69 - Feb 1970)
               HM1 Richard Wolfe (KIA- 30 November 69)

Per email from John W. Schropp, also there was:
LTjg Ben Beall/LTjg Jamie Briarton
PO1 James Wardrobe
PO Walter Pope - KIA
PO1 Donny Patrick - KIA
PO2 "Skinner" Devine - KIA

Nam Can (SeaFloat)/ Long Phu

  • MST-Two Det Golf -- LTJG Hendrickson
               Dave Dyer

Ben Thuy

  • MST-Two Det Alpha -- LTJG Dave Dunnewold (Jan 1969 - May 69)
               EN2 Carl Chitwood

Ben Thuy/ Nha Be

  • MST-Two Det ?-- LT Kenny King (Detachment photos by Terry Knott)
               C Johnson
               ETR2 Terry Knott
               Jeff Reed
               Jim "Spider" Bunting (sp?)
               Dale Signore (sp?)
               Moheca (sp?)

Song Ong Doc / Sea Float

  • MST-TWO Det Charlie -- ENS Willis L. Holt (15 Dec 1969 - June 1970) (Detachment photos by Carl Chitwood)
    • QM1 Thomas Moffatt
      GMG1 Charles Lynch
      EN2 Carl T Chitwood
      EM2 Lorenzo Fiorillo
      EN2 Michael Shumaker
      EM3 Dale C Johnson
      GMG3 Robert E Nowlin
      James Neuses
      SN Ronald C Rox
      SA Donald D Reiser
      ETRSA Bruce A Hawthorne


  • Song Ong Doc
    • 3rd Platoon, SEAL Team Two -- LT Rick Woolard; LTJG Tony Mihalic
      • BMC William Garnett
        Lowell Burwell 
         (This list provided by Lowell in an email)
        BM1 Jerry L. Todd
        SM1 Mike Kelly
        SFP1 Frederick Keener
        BM1 William McCarthy
        GMG2 Denny Johnson
        *** Larry Rich
        YN2 Gary Wilson
        *** Mark Baum
        *** William Bebee
        QM3 ***
        BMI Jim Finley (replacement)
  • Nha Bhe Oct '69 - Jan '70
    • UDT-12 Det ...?  Ops in Rung Sat Special, Phu Choung, Ben Thuy and others, then on to Kin Gay 'Deep Channel'.
      Lt. Walt Harvey
      Chief George "Chicken" McNair
      Michael Radice
      Walt Weed
      Michael Baumgart (this list provided by Mikes email)

Elmo Zumwalt Jr, Vice Admiral (30 Sep 68-14 May 70)
Jerome H. King Jr, Vice Admiral (14 May 70-5 Apr 71 )

CTF 116 “Game Warden
Capt. R.E. Spruit  (1970-71)

SEAL Team Det Golf
LCDR Joe DeFloria (OIC SEAL Team Det Golf (CTE 116.0.1),
reported to CTF-116 for special-warfare operations from September 1970 to March 1971.
[See Pages from LDCR DeFloria's wheel book])
LT Dick Brereton (March 1971- )

LT. Brian Selzer (CTE

Chaplain -- Rev. Edward J. McMahon

MST Detachments and SEAL Platoons -- (by location)

  • Long Phu:
    • MST-Two Det Golf -- LTJG William Bremer (Sept 1970 - Mar 1971) (CTE116.0.1.7) (Photos and more)
                  EN1 Manuel Del Corral
                  ETN2 James C. Phoebus           

                  GMG3 Tom Collinson
                  EM3 James W. Barnes
                  BM3 Daniel G. Savage
                  EM3 Robert G. Buckman
                  SN Donald E. Roswurm
    • Juliet Platoon, SEAL Team One (Sept-Dec 1970)-- LT Joe Quincannon, LTJG Nick Walsh (CTE116.0.1.6) 
                  Barry Strausbaugh
                  Doc Shrier
      Darryl Young
    • Victor Platoon, SEAL Team One (Dec 1970-Mar 1971) -- LT Roger Clapp, LTJG Jim Young 
                 BMC Bruce Russell
                 EN1 William Doyle
                 HM1 Terry L. Bryant
      Michael J. Walsh
                 EM2 Frank Richard
                 RM2 Tipton Ammen
                 EN3 Donald Barnes
                 GMG3 Schreckengost
                 RM3 Marshall Dougherty
                 GMG3 Michael Wood
                 ATN3 Elwood (Woody) Shoemaker
    • LDNN advisors
                Lenny Horst
                Jim Berta
      (Nov 1970-Apr 1971)
                Ray Hollenbeck


  • Ben Luc / Nam Can (SeaFloat)
    • MST2 DET Bravo   10-69 to 4-70 (added 02-05-2012)
      Brown, Jonthan  R  EN3
      Blandio, Howard  ETR2
      Hernanadez, Frank  J EN2
      Mendel, John  G GMG3 
      Raffell, Joseph  W  EM2 
      Sollars, Chester S   BM3


    • MST-Two Det Bravo -- LTJG Steven G. Smith  (April 1970 - October 1970)
                BM1 Whittington
                GMG2 McCleary
                EN2 Thompson
                EN3 Dave Dyer
                RD3 Wilkinson
                IC3 Hynes
                BM3 Gomes


  • Nam Can (Sea Float/Solid Anchor)
    • MST-Two Det Bravo -- LTJG R.J. Finnerty (  (October 1970-April 1971)


    • MST-Two Det Charlie -- LTJG Glenn M. (Mick) Fulkerson  (CTE (May 1970-Nov 1970)
                BM1 Quincey E. Butler
                GMG2 Robert Stoner
                GMG3 Dick Kusch
                EN2 Don King
                EN3 D.J. Desjardins
                EN3 Mike Meils
                ETN2 Bill Reeves
                RM2 Jimmy Wells
                RD2 "Wally" Wallace
                BM2 Austin Moore

by GMCM (SW) Robert H. Stoner (Ret.)]

  • MST-Two Det Charlie -- LT. Robert Natter ; LTJG Steven G. Smith (CTE (Nov 1970-May 1971)
              BMC James F. Comer
              GMG1 William B. Grundy
              RM3 Louis E. Engelke
              ETR3 Michael G. Autrey
              EN2 Randall L. Whitehorn
              EN3 Johnnie H. Williams
              EMFN Douglas J. Bednar
              GMGSA Bruce A. Boehme
              ENFA Danny R. Barker
              GMGSN Asa E. Teeter
              FN Henry C. Cunningham
  • Echo Platoon, SEAL Team One (28 Feb 1970 - 28 Aug 1970) -- LTJG Chistopher Ward; LTJG William M.Tomlin
               EN1 David M. Bodkin
               AE2 Harry K. Kaneakua Jr.
               HM3 Max P. Green
               EN3 Kirk D. Scarboro
               AMS3 Charles N. Chaldekas
               SM3 John S. Durlin
               RM3 Robert J. Wogsland
               SA John S. Baker II
               FN Robert L. Bunke
    SA John J. Donnelly III
               SN Toby A. Thomas
               SN Robert Conklin Jr.
  • Foxtrot Platoon, SEAL Team One (28 Mar 1970 - 28 Sept 1970) -- LT Frank G. Winant; LTJG John L. Hollow
               HMC Wayne G. Jones
               TM3 Alan A. Yutz
               QM3 Thomas M. Haselton
               EN3 Kirby D. Horrell
               SN Paul L. Pittman
               SM2 Peter W. VanFlagg
               HM2 Jim Gillis
               PR3 Julius J. Stocinis Jr.
               SN Michael Martin
               SN Roland Gerson
               SN Gene Wentz
  • Golf Platoon, SEAL Team One (May 1970 - Sept 1970) -- LT Richard Dill; LTJG John R. Huggins
               SMC Tommie L. Hatchett
               TM2 Lester J. Moe
               EN3 Ray C. Smith
               GMG3 Frank Sparks
               HM3 Chester R. Craig Jr.
               EM3 James R. Gore
               RM3 Robert E.C. Sparks
               GMG3 William S. Armstrong
               SM3 Hulit R. Weatherford
               FN Thomas J. Gade
               SA Matthew A Ferrizz
               SN David A. Brinkley
               YN3 John Passyka (replaced Huggins)
  • Zulu Platoon, SEAL Team One (28 Aug 1970 - 18 Feb 1971) -- LT Grant Telfer; Ens. Tom Richards (CTE
              PR1 Jack Shultz
              PT1 Randy Sheridan
              HM2 Charles Harris
              RM2 Wendell O. Hedge
              EN3 Donald K. Futrell
              AE3 Moses Marquez
              SFMFN Daniel M. Cerigioni
              DCFN Marcus V. Arroyo
              RMSN Charles T. Miller
              CECN Gary Lawrence
              FN Daniel A. Peterson
              SN James M. Rowland
  • Whiskey Platoon, SEAL Team One (10 Nov 1970 - 10 May 71) -- LT Richard Couch; LT John F. Sandoz
              ATC Patrick J. McKnight
              AE1 Walter J. Gustavel Jr.
              HM1 George Thomas
              GMG3 George T. O'Farrell
              GMG3 Ricky D. Walker
              VT3 Andrew J. Foley
              ADJ3 James B. Beach
              YN3 Eric Alf Knudson
              GMG3 David Romananski
              EN3 Russell C. Lucas
              RMSN James W. Mantalas
              RMSN John Deacon
  • LDNN advisor --  LT. Jim Thames (KIA -1/29/71)
  • UDT 13 Det Golf (23 Aug 1970 -- 28 Nov 70)
              CWO-2 Red Fisher
              GMG2 Randy Piper
              RD3 Walter "Mole" Roberts
              SN Dan Blocker
              SKSN Dwight Fisher

  • UDT 13 Det Golf (28 Nov 1970 -- 21 Feb 71)
              LTJG Tom Moser
              DC1 Charles Mack
              RM2 Larry Lyons
              RM3 George Dodd
              SN David French

  • UDT 12 Det Golf (21 Feb 1971 -- 30 April 71)
              LTJG F.M. Cadden
              ABH1 L.E. Molina
              MM2 R.A. Willingham
              RM3 W.L. McGrain
              EM3 R.J. Dyer
              RMSN D.K. Erskine

  • UDT 12 Det Golf ( 30 April 71-- 29 May 71)
              LTJG E. Kunio Kishida
              ENC Gary Phelps
              SF3 Rich McGill
              CS3 Garry Bonelli
              GMG3 Joe Hurt
              ETR2 Jack Frost
              AN Jerry Hay
  • UDT 12 Det Golf (29 May 1971 -- )
              ENS Larry Metzler
              SF1 Al Fletcher
              RM2 Charles McGee
              BM3 William Rosencrans
              RMSN David Vaughn
              PNSN William Ranger

  • Dam Doi
    • Zulu Platoon, 2nd Squad, SEAL Team One -- Ens. Tom Richards
                PT1 Randy Sheridan
                HM2 Charles Harris
                EN3 Donald K. Futrell
                AE3 Moses Marquez
                DCFN Marcus V. Arroyo

                SN James M. Rowland
  • Rach Soi
    • MST-Two Det Echo -- LTjg Randall Scott (LTjg Freeman) (CTE Echo operated with SEAL team ONE, Det. Romeo
      • GMG3 Steve Adams
        ETR3 Kurt Oakley
        GMGSN Jef "Zephyr Eagle" Hall
        EN2 Mike Matthews
        ENFN Jesse D. Crabtree
        BM1 J. E. Jackson
        Charles H. Karayan

        A second list from the same period.

        LTJG Alvin L. Freeman, USNR
        Sammy T. Boren, USN  (This list provided by Sam in an email)
        GNG2 Joseph G. Konkoly, USN
        EN2 Michael W. Botts, USN
        EM3 John F. Farrell, USN
        ETR3 Jonathan P. Marden, USN
        ENFN Clarence N. Hart, USN
        FN3 Billy E. McCracken, USN
        ETRSN Thomas E. Cunningham, USN


    • Kilo Platoon, SEAL Team One (13 Jul 1970- 9 Jan 1971) -- LT John Marsh; LTJG Garry Stubblefield
                 EN1 Charles W. Puckett
                 MM2 John Lynch
                 ETR2 William H. Cheatham
                 RM2 Harold L. Baker
                 FTGSA Timothy J. Staudenmaier
                 ADJAN Tommy Dickson
                 TMSN Ronald Q. Vear
                 SFMFA Chuck P. Holler
                 RMSN Robert Smith
                 SA David L. Perry
                 SN Renaldo E. Garces
                 SN Paul K. Barnes (replacement for Baker)
    • Romeo Platoon, SEAL Team One (Jan 1971 - ___) -- LT Tom Boyhan and LTJG Stephan Dundas
                 Chief Dever Cunningham
                 TM1 Lester Moe (KIA- 29 March 71)
      • ETN2 William Woodruff
        ETN2 John Brooks
        ETN2 Bill Ferrand
        Kenny Meyer
        HM1 Bob Sell
        TM1 Lester Moe (Killed 1971 at Rach Soi per Steve Nash below)
        Joe Murray
        Jim Werder
        Clay Sherman
    • LDNN Advisor - A. L. "Steve" Nash (this list from the email from Steve)
  • Ca Mau
    • MST-Two Det Foxtrot -- LTJG Roger A. Berg (CTE
    • 9th Platoon, SEAL Team Two -- LT Richard F. Moran (CTE 116.2.3)
                EMCM Robert T. Gallagher
                EMC Frank Moncrief
                MM1 Bobby J. Osborne
                EM1 John S. Fallon
                MR1 Ronnie E. Rogers
                SM1 Rober A. Neidrauer
                AO2 Thomas H. Keith
                QM2 Timothy A. Baron
                EM2 Walther H. Constance
                BM2 Richard E. Cyrus
                EM2 Jack J. Squires
                HM3 John K. Myers
  • Bac Lieu
    • Yankee Platoon, SEAL Team One (28 September 1970- March 1971)  -- LTJG Mike Horst; LTJG Malcom Campbell
                 PO George Hudak 
                 SN Carl Heinz 
  • Nha Be
    • MST-Two Det Delta -- Steve Hazard, replaced by Jim Marsh, Jan 70- Jul 71, replaced by LTJG J.B. Barnes (CTE
      • (This list from Jim Marshs email)
        BMC Ready
        GM Harry Reich
        Chuck Bauer
        ET Richard Fowler
        BM2 Calvin Gish KIA Jul 69
        EN Victor Schatz Killed is an auto accident returning from leave Aug 69
      • (This list from Terry Fletchers email) November 1969 - May 1970
         Ens Randall Scott
         BM1 Flowers
         GM2 Mojica
         EM3 Terry Fletcher
         ET3 Dickey
         ET3 McGregor (transfered early and replaced by Dickey
        June 1970 - December 1970
         Nha Be then moved to Dong Tam
         Ltjg Barnes
         BM1 James (Buck)(or Fuck Buck) Owen
         GM3 Chuck (Clutch) Smales
         EM3 Terry Fletcher
         I can't remember the other names

      May- Dec 70 - Our OIC was Ltjg Cary Washburn
      POICwas BM-1 James R. Owen ( Buck)
      EN-2 Doug Devoss
      RM-2 Edward J. Kenny
      GMG-2 Billie D. Stewart
      QM-3 Charles W. Smales
      EN-2 Sherman R. Olsen
      SN Rick D. Lloyd
      Thomas A. Powell. (this list from the email from Tom)


    • Another version of the list received 05-05-09
      Baker, LTjg
      Allen, Ron
      Devoss, Douglas   I   EN 2
      Oakman, Lester
      Owens, James R       BM 1

      7th Platoon, SEAL Team Two (June 1970 - Dec 1970) -- LT Thomas. L. Hawkins; LTJG Robert M. Reive (CTE
      GMGC Mike Spencer
                HM1 Charles P. O'Bryan
                IC1 Edward J. McQueen
                BM1 William A. McCarthy
                BM1 James F. Finley
                ETN2 Carl T. Zellers
                SFP2 Joseph M. Silva
                BM2 Michael L. Naus
                SFP2 Frederick J. Keener
                GMG2 Dennis H. Johnson
                QM3 William K. Day
                EM2 Guntis J. Jaunzems
  • Ben Tre
    • MST-Two Det Alpha --  April to October of 1970 - LTJG Fred T. Stinson - OIC .
      • QM1 Robert L. Easley
        BM2 Dallas R. Clark (Bosco)
        EN2 Glenn R. Loutsenhizer
        EN2 Antonio A. Del Rosario (Del)
        ETR3 Robert L. Custer
        EN3 Michael L Matthews
        GMG3 Howard F. Rupp
        ENFN Jessie D. Crabtree
    •  -- CWO N. Sheppard (CTE116.0.1.9) (Oct 1970 - March 1971)
                QM 1 Jim Cronk
                EN2 Johnny McClaren
                BM2 Gerry Hunt
                EM2 (Smoky) Donavon
                BM3 Gene (Buda) Hicks
                FN Apple
                SN Erickson
    • Hotel Platoon, SEAL Team One (12 April 1970 - 12 Oct 1970)  -- LT Alan M. Todd; LTJG Jon P. Rowe (Also at Sa Dec/My Tho)
                 BMC Ted A. Kassa
                 BM3 Antonio R. Angioi
                 RD2 Gene E. Peterson
                 GMG2 George R. Davis Jr.
                 HM2 Joe E. Jennings
                 AN Paul H. Geiss
                 SN Peter J. Berton
                 SN Charles K. Jones
                 SA Dodd T. Coutts
                 SA Ronald L. Cellilo
                 SN James A. Day
                 Anthony Makul (replaced Cellilo)
      • X-Ray Platoon, SEAL Team One (Oct 1970 - Mar 1971) -- LT Michael Collins (KIA- 4 March 71); MC Frank Bomar (KIA- 20 Dec 1970) (CTE

      • Chief Betz
        CWO Ed Jones
        PO1 Lou Dicroce
        RN2 Harold L. “Happy” Baker
        EM3 James L. Riter (KIA- 20 Dec 1970)
        Doc Caplenor
        Gordon Clisham
        FN Harold E. Birky (KIA- 30 Jan 71)
        Clint Majors  (list additions provided in email)
        Paul K. Barnes
        Allen Vader (list additions provided in email)

        David Shadnaw
        Rick Hetzel
        Mike Trigg (aka: Trigger)
        James MacCarthy
        Don Barnes
        Sam Brown

Jerome H. King Jr, Vice Admiral (14 May 70-5 Apr 71 )

CTF 116 “Game Warden
Capt. R.E. Spruit  (1970-71)

SEAL Team Det Golf

MST Detachments and SEAL Platoons -- (by location)

  • Ben Luc
    • MST-Two Det Alpha -- LTJG Steve Bailey (1971)
      EN1 James S. Thomas
                 ETR2 J.H. Van Scoter
                 GMG2 D.P. Odom
                 EN3 Henry Clay Cummingham
                 EN3 Dave Dyer (RED)
                 EM3 T.C. Olsen
                 GMG3 M. Stelzrde
                 SN G.R. Feeback
                 SN J.R. Joseph
                 ENFN J.B. Ashby
                 GMGSN R.E. Snow
                 SN J. J. Rooney
                 ETRSN R.M. Lachaelle


    • Mike Platoon, SEAL Team One (7 Sept 1971 - 7 Dec 1971) -- LT Michael S. McCrary; LTJG Walter F. Merrick
                QMC Thomas A. Norton
                HMC Charles R. Hill
                BT1 Leonard J. Van Orden
                SFP2 Paul C. Borne
                BM2 Frank J. Czajkowski
                SF3 Randy R. Kaiser
                RM3 Thomas J. Christofer
                YN3 John W. Chalus
                RMSN Steven R. Jones
                RMSA David R. Hoover
                ETNSN David W. Johnson


  • Nam Can (Solid Anchor):
    • MST2 Det Charlie - April 1971 - October 1971 (I have all the names here because I have a plaque with the names on it - Terry Fletcher)
      Ltjg James Frost
       GMG1 Edwards
       EN2 Broun
       RM2 Herrin
       QM2 Luster
       ETR2 Mercer
       EN3 Jim Burke
       EM3 Terry Fletcher
       EN3 Patton
       ENFN Bennett
       SN Diegmiller
  • Long Phu:
    • MST-Two Det Golf -- LT Joe Patterson (Mar 1971 - Sep 1971) (CTE116.0.1.7)
                BM1 Amos H. Higginbotham
                ETR2 Michael D. Myers
                EN2 David G. York
                EN3 William W. Herne
                GMG3 Ronald E. Cleveland
                GMGSN Eric D. Wolfe
                EMFN Duane L. Ellingson
                SN William R. Tobin

(Thanks to the people who have provided the information for inclusion on this page, and in particular, Joe DeFloria, Dennis Cummings of Real War Stories, and Mike Rush for their considerable help.)



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