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Monitor (MON)


Beam: 17.5 feet 
Draft: 3.5 feet 
Propulsion: 2 Gray Marine 64HN9 225 hp, 2 shafts 
Speed: 8 kts Range: Crew: 11
Weapons: Mk I Mod 0 MON: 1 40mm L/60 Bofors, 1 .50 AN/M-2HB mg (co-axial), 3 20mm Mk 16 or 2 20mm Mk 16 and 1 40mm Mk 19 grenade launcher, 2 Mk 21 7.62mm mg, 1 81mm Mk 2 Mod 0 mortar.

Photo: Ron McAbee

HISTORY: Link to:  for a complete description of this craft.
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DRAWINGS:  The full size versions of these scanned drawings were received with this letter:

Dan, Enclosed are the drawings that I did in the 60's for FMC (Food Machinery Corp, San Jose, CA). We were a team of about 30 Engineers, Designers and Drafters that were given 120 days to turn two LCM hulls into combat ships. Working more than sixty hours a week, we had them in the Bay in 90 days. This in spite of the fact that younger guys were being drafted (for Vietnam) at the rate of 3 or 4 a week and replacements were hard to come by. By necessity, I became a Designer (I came in as a Detail Drafter) and along with another Drafter-turned-Designer, lofted the bow for the Monitor. I went on to design the winch stand and do the below-deck structuring for the 20-mm mounts. It was a fun job and a real experience for a kid just off active duty in the Navy. My final job was to do the General Arrangement Drawings in the package. They've been lying in a drawer for the last thirty-five years and you probably can use them more than I can. BUSHIPS cleared my taking them, so they are legal. Good luck on CCOA and I'll keep an eye on your web site.

Steve Charles
Camano Island, WA

fmc8.jpg (38858 bytes) fmc7a.jpg (27199 bytes)   fmc9.jpg (49514 bytes) fmc6a.jpg (24838 bytes) fmc5a.jpg (30739 bytes)
LCM-6 Mod 1 Monitor General Arrangement  Inboard Profile   LCM-6 Mod 1 Monitor General Arrangement  Outboard Profile Plan View