MK-V Special Operations

Mk V - Special Operations Craft

Displacement: 68 tons
Length: 83 feet
Beam: 17.5 feet
Draft: 5 feet
Propulsion: 2 MTU 12V396 diesel engines, 2,285 hp, water jet pumps.
Speed: 45 kts 
Range: 500 miles 
Crew: 1 + 5 + 16 SEALs + 2 24 RIB
Weapons: 5 weapon stations for 7.62mm mg, .50 BMG, Mk 19 40mm grenade launcher, GAU-17/A Mini-gun.

Photo: US Navy


NOTE: Boats can launch or recover off the tapered stern.


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To Charter, High-Performance Security Boat, Defend Waterborn Threat. MkV Special Operations Vessels. Built for Navy Seal operations. 84' long 18' beam, 5' draft. Top 50+kts. Cruise 40kts. Cockpit for up to 20+, aft deck 9000+ lbs payload. Carry/launch small craft/RIB, security/ deterrence/ intercept equipment. Ideal for waterborne security/patrol and protection. Operate 24/7, all weather, extreme conditions. Waterborne defense, port security, shoreline surveillance, emergency response: cover extensive waterfront quickly and effectively. High-pressure water cannon for deterrence/intercept use. Charter fully outfitted, manned with specialized security personnel. Also consider bareboat. Please contact Argent Marine Companies, 775-831-2400

Hi Dan  - Here is a Classified Ad from Work Boat Magazine, May - 2002. Actually Argent Marine is the paper name for the fellow who bought the MKV Prototype ("XFPB TEST") from Halter Marine. She's now documented for passenger-carrying under the name BARRACUDA. 

- George Schneider

MK-V SOC BORN - 1995 RETIRED - 2013

For the record book: ALL MK-V SOC are "officially" disposed of and have left our lots! The MK-V SOC era has officially ended.  

Attached document are the paper trail for 971 & 972.

"Well done!" to all for a cost effective and SAFE transfer of all craft!  The MK-V will continue service for many more years in different capacities, just no longer as a combatant craft with Naval Special Warfare.

The decision to divest of the MK-V SOC was difficult; but the decision gives USSOCOM and WARCOM the leverage and fiscal ability to move forward with our "NEXT GEN" of combatant craft, building on the lessons from the MK-V SOC and crews, as well as all the craft that came before her! And our new craft promise to be VERY capable! 

Due to good planning, some Herculean efforts, and a LOT of fortuitous luck, a beautiful example of the MK-V SOC will be available for posterity via the Navy History and Heritage Command at the UDT/SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida! SPECIAL thanks to all those who made it possible!!  MK-V SOC 963 was selected for "continued service" at the museum since it had the honor of being a major player during the Gulf War. Want to know more? Go see it at the museum! 

So remember the MK-V fondly, but look forward to our future.  

And always remember; it is our SEAL's and SWCC's that make the craft special, and NOT vice versa!

Humbly submitted,

Mark Brinkerhoff

Combatant Craft Manager