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Brenan Mitchel HM


02-23-2010 Brenan Mitchel HM - SBU-24. I arrived at SBU-24 in 1992 and stayed until the decommissioning in 1993. I was TAD from BMU-2 Stinger Det. We had several members from the stinger det. assigned to SBU-24. I also spent a lot of time with the corpsman. FN Mulhall (also from the stinger det.) was assigned to the boat unit at the same time as me. We have many fond memories of this time.

We worked hard to earn our 9533 SWCC before the decommissioning. We volunteered to go out on the boat every time it left the dock. The live fire exercises were a blast. Just remember to wear your hearing protection, I learned that the hard way! I remember the 20mm AA gun jamming and everyone but the GMG huddling at the back of the boat while he used a big screwdriver to pry out the round! My favorite was thumper the MK19.

I wonder if anyone else remembers the cruise ship straying into our live fire range? We had hurricane Emily in 1993 and had to move the MKIII through the Chesapeake Bay and up river for protection. The swells in the Bay were the largest I had seen, all you could see was water one second and sky the next. It was an exciting ride. Our XO (who's name I can't remember) scared the crap out of us. He loved to kick the shit out of stuff in the gym. We earned the nickname "Steffy's rangers" because the Master Chief took us under his wing. We did several special details for him and he taught us rappelling and squad tactics among other things.

Bill Prior from SBU-20 is a friend of mine. He also helped me to earn my SWCC pin. Some of you may also remember the pinning ceremony when the CO and XO jumped in the Bay in their dress whites. Fun times.

Opening Ammo cans on gunshoot Job satisfaction Brenan Waiting to go Hot SBU-24 Gunshoot 50cal shootoff PBMKIII
M-60E-3 shoot off PBMKIII Brenan waiting to go hot SEAL SDV swimmers and prepping SDV sled Boatguys underway SDV sled
Towing a MK8 SDV on its sled from a PBMKIII PB astearn Brenan on M-60E-3 Brenan on M-60E-3 SDV-2 swimmers in water
SDV SEAL preps for the water SEAL from SDV-2 get ready for Ops Ammo for typical Gunshoot Boatguys from SBU-24 Driving the PBMKIII
Safety boats follow the SDV and sled Safety boats follow the SDV and sled Boatguy Brief SBU-24 PBMKIII Boatguys
Driving a PBMKIII SBU-24 door art HM Brenan Mitchell SBU-24 and SDV-2 on Ops SDV tow and Saftey Boats
QM3 SEAL shooting 50 cal Me and the XO Gunnersmate working on MK16 on underway gunshoot SBU-24 PBMKIII tows a MK8 SDV on its sled PBMKIIIs from SBU-24



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