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Light SEAL Support Craft - LSSC

Light SEAL Support Craft (LSSC) 

Displacement: 5 tons
Length: 24 feet
Beam: 9.5 feet
Draft: 1.5 feet 
Propulsion: 2 Ford 427 gasoline engines, 350 hp, 2 Jacuzzi water pumps
Crew: 3 + 6 SEALs Weapons: 2 single 7.62mm mg and 1 .50 BMG. 

Note: 16 built by Grafton Boatworks. In service 1968.

Photo: US Navy

HISTORY:  Stories from the guys that drove them are at: 


Read Bill Moreo's personal history with the development of the LSSC here. The LSSC line drawing provided by Jim Gray.
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I have been interested in Vietnam Navy SEAL's for over 12 years. I am in the process of acquiring a Light Seal Support Craft. This boat I feel should be included in your organization because of the role it played with the SEAL teams in Vietnam. I am going to restore this boat to as orginal condition as my funding will permit me to. I would like to be part of your organization but, I live in Illinois and I don't have much time that I am able to take off from my job. I would be more than willing to bring my boat to BSU and SEAL reunions along with any other riverine reunions that I could make it to. Also anyone with any info and or photo's of the light would be a lot of help as this project is going to be a very big project and I welcome any help I can get. Let me know what you think of my restoration project.
Sincerely  Matt Campbell,