Howard Lorton

Jim, Dan, Here is my bio. I am working on getting a complete set of my service records and then I'll be able to put exact dates on some events.

I joined the Navy in June of 1964 in Ohio. I went to bootcamp in San Diego. I was TDY to the U.S.S. Platte, AO-24 until my slot openned up in Electronics Technician 'A' school. I had 38 weeks of 'A' school, in San Francisco thru most of 1965. I was stationed at USNAS Los Alamitos until 1967. Los Alamitos was a Naval Air Station full of active reserves. I was one of 2 regular Navy there. While at Los Al, I went to AN/WRT-2 & WRR school in San Francisco in October of 1966. 

I had just come back from NBC warfare school in September 1967 and found that I was transfered to BSU-1 at the Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado effective the end of the month. I did SERE/SELF school in October and went to Da Nang in November 1967. I was with MST-1 for the next 6 months. During this tour, I re-enlisted for another 4 years in January 1968. The lower base still had the old wooden, floating piers for the boats. I don't remember the CO's name but the first time I saw him, he had just run his boat into the pier racing for the best parking place! I went to AN/URC-58 school in October of 1968 and returned to MST-1 Da Nang on 16 December 1968 until 14 June 1969. 

I returned to MST-1 Da Nang in the fall of 1969 and returned to the Amphib base in the spring of 1970. I went TAD to the U.S.S. Okinawa LHP-3 in late May 1971 because of the AN/WRT-2 school that I had in 1966. The Okinawa was the primary recovery ship for Apollo 15. We steamed to Pear Harbor in June and started pratice drills for lauch-abort recovery and then return recovery. We picked up Scott, Warden and Irwin August 7, 1971. We returned to San Diego the end of August. I was discharged from the Navy November 1, 1971.

I now live in La Habra, CA. I am divorced with a son, daughter and a grand-daughter.

GoingToTheBeach.jpg (87691 bytes) HeadingToDaNangBaseInBackground.jpg (53022 bytes) LookingNorthFromPTFBase.jpg (66539 bytes) Lower-Base.jpg (107393 bytes) LowerBase-02.jpg (33516 bytes)
GoingToThe Beach is from Feb 1968 HeadingTo DaNang is from Feb 1968 Looking North ,Feb 1968. This was the base just across the cove from the PTFs Lower base was done about Feb of 1968. Who is the guy in the picture LowerBase-02 Feb 1969. Notice the watch tower, floating dry-dock and PTFs
Rendezvous-Club.jpg (71018 bytes) ShowPeople.jpg (85528 bytes) Swift-DeepWaterPier.jpg (78768 bytes) Upper-Base.jpg (54177 bytes) PTF-at-speed.jpg (41384 bytes)
RENDEZVOUS CLUB was taken in Feb of 1968 Show People, Feb 1968. This was a group of performers that stayed with us for a few days Deep Water Piers was shot in Feb of 1968 Upper Base was done in April of 1968 PTFatspeed Feb of 1969
WhoAreWe-01.jpg (23779 bytes) WhoAreWe-02.jpg (60937 bytes) WhoAreWe-03.jpg (53711 bytes) WhoAreWe-04.jpg (61574 bytes) WhoAreWe-05.jpg (49693 bytes)
April 1968 April 1968 Feb 1968 Feb 1968 Feb 1970
WhoAreWe-06.jpg (85326 bytes) WhoAreWe-07.jpg (57373 bytes) WhoAreWe-08.jpg (27790 bytes) WhoAreWe-09.jpg (26939 bytes) WhoAreWe-10.jpg (63229 bytes)
April 1968 Feb 1970 Jan 1969 May 1968 Sept 1968
WhoAreWe-11.jpg (71798 bytes) WhoAreWe-12.jpg (47565 bytes) WhoAreWe-13.jpg (79699 bytes) WhoAreWe-14.jpg (16438 bytes) WhoAreWe-15.jpg (52762 bytes)
Sept, 68 April 68 I am the blonde guy talking to Suzie Feb 70 March 69 March 69
WhoAreWe-16.jpg (11053 bytes) AlanAyer.jpg (52769 bytes) TerryLewis.jpg (54572 bytes)    
Feb 68. Terry Lewis is the guy in greens and sunglasses Alan S. Ayer, 3rd class?, 1967-68 Terrance C. Lewis, ET3 Da Nang, 1967-68    






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