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USCG Liberty Boat at Greenwich Marina in Southern N.J


Hi Dan,

The history of this boat that I know is when I was a teen we used to go to Wildwood every year at a dock called Capt. Simms dock. He had this boat done up as PT 109. The main deck was covered with benches for sightseers . He sold the boat to someone in Fla. then about 10 or 12 years ago the boat ended up at Greenwich Marina. I myself rode on the boat many times . 

This is one of the last ones built . It's in Tuckahoe N.J. The owner fiber-glassed the hull. He also reduced the power plant to two 6v71 Detroits.

Two years ago they wanted $ 3,500 but it could probably be bought for less now . Some of the wood planks need replacing. The transom has worm hole damage I'am told . This vessel in general looks like it could be made seaworthy. Any other info or pictures I will keep you up dated

Thanks - Dennis Strasser   email: 


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98ft Loa liberty boat gauge cluster for Detroit Diesel engines bench and lower cabin area looking aft port side past hatch goes into galley hatch going into starboard area on last picture
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starboard engine also believed to run 6v71 port Detroit engine appears to be a 6v71 still believed to run port side 50 cal. ring tub sinks and storage under sinks port side
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inside of front original cabin (notice glass removed and holes covered with wood ladder way towards under bow center engine blower is missing and transmission also no prop on center shaft unknown water valves under lower deck flooring picture taken from forward bow towards aft starboard bunk on left head behind brown door
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hatch into galley (notice condition ZEBRA tag on hatch)   battery box starboard side
ek_34.jpg (14065 bytes) ek_35.jpg (28436 bytes) ek_36.jpg (23257 bytes) ek_37.jpg (22594 bytes) ek_41.jpg (29890 bytes)
freezer port side of galley    forward engine room hatch   rear of added on rear cabin looking forward towards bow