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LCM-6 "Mike Boat"


LCM-6 "Mike Boat"

Engines: 2 Detroit Diesel 6-71, twin shafts, 348 hp or 2 Detroit Diesel 8-71 of 460 hp.
Dimensions: 56'(long) x 14'(beam)
Draft: 3.5'
Weight: 64 tons
Crew: 5
Cargo: 34 tons or 80 troops
Speed: 9 knots
Range: 130 miles @ 9 knots  


In the world of LCMs the major players are the LCM-3, LCM-6, and LCM-8. The LCM-3 and LCM-6 are similar except the -3 is 50 feet long and the -6 is 56 feet long. The LCM-8 is a beast: 4 engines on two shafts, 78 feet long, and 75 tons. The LCM-8 was relatively rare on the rivers. The only users of the -8 that I saw in RVN belonged to the Army Transportation Corps. These boats had a improvised bunk house built on the back end of the boat around the conning station. They carried a couple of .50 BMGs but had no armor. The main use for the -8 boat was hauling all sorts of cargo. The next step up would be either and LCU or LSU (Landing Craft Utility/Landing Ship Utility). 

By the time that the VN War cranked up, the LCM-3s were pretty worn out and were the basis of pusher boats around harbors. The LCM-6 was the main workhorse. - Bob Stoner

Cnv00029.jpg (54093 bytes) Cnv00031.jpg (80505 bytes) Cnv00035.jpg (75430 bytes)
Front 3/4 portside view Well deck (aft looking forward). Conning station and typical armament layout for landings. 
I could not get a good clear photo, but I found a great model that really shows off the LCM-6 detail. The model depicts a WW2 -6 boat, but there hasn't been much change in 40 years of production. (All photos are by the modeler, Andy Wright)

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