Huston, Tom

[ If you met "Mickey Mouth" let Tom know ]  

Dan,  My name is Tom Huston and I was an EM2 with BSU1 and MST DaNang. I served three tours in DaNang with the Nastys... October of 65 for the first, last tour ended in June of '68. I Currently live in Tracy, CA.

I have lots of pictures (slides mostly) and will try to have them translated into .jpg format and send em on...

Now, does anyone remember Jake the monkey, Hochie the dog or Irving the snake?  
Those three were quite a pair..

I also didn't see any mention of our "training beach", especially Mickey Mouth.... 
Trying to forget are we,,,,,,,


P.S.  "Spanish Beach" was a USNAD/MST private "training area", located about 1km from the Upper Base, i.e. not too far from the deep water piers at the end of the Ten Sha Peninsula It consisted of a bar, beach, women for rent etc. We spent Sunday afternoon's there, BBQ, drinking, swimming, diving, ski boat, and renting some of those women. Mickey Mouth (and all that that implied) chewed Bethel nut so her teeth were black and the gums and lips bright red!.. YUK, No one ever admitted to "renting" Mickey, but........

(01-21-03)  Here is part of the HUGE collection of photos from Tom taken around DaNang and San Diego.

Scenes from Around Camp Fay

beer.jpg (37325 bytes) between quarters.jpg (55360 bytes) blood trench.jpg (32726 bytes) Boat drivers.jpg (32932 bytes) Bunker 3.jpg (60688 bytes)
Beer Between Quarters Blood Trench Boat Drivers Bunker
bunker1.jpg (33508 bytes) china beach.jpg (46907 bytes) Enlisted quarter2.jpg (38288 bytes) Enlisted quarters.jpg (43579 bytes) ferry landing.jpg (56550 bytes)
More Bunkers China Beach Enlisted Quarters Enlisted Quarters Ferry Landing
locker collage.jpg (29785 bytes) Maid.jpg (21752 bytes) Marble mountain.jpg (59036 bytes) movie theatre.jpg (42772 bytes) mud.jpg (46111 bytes)
Locker Collage Maid Marble Mountain Movie Theater Mud
my bunk with PTF light.jpg (27294 bytes) My maid.jpg (25974 bytes) on the road.jpg (72675 bytes) Original entrance.jpg (57526 bytes) Pacifist.jpg (69350 bytes)
My Bunk with PTF light My maid On the road Original Entrance Pacifist
playboy.jpg (36238 bytes) Ten shaw.jpg (51571 bytes) the club.jpg (62089 bytes) USO show.jpg (16667 bytes) uso1.jpg (25372 bytes)
Playboy Collection Ten Shaw The Club USO Show USO Show
USO4.jpg (21957 bytes) USW3.jpg (21149 bytes) volley ball.jpg (41394 bytes) wall art.jpg (23873 bytes)
USO Show More show Volleyball Game Wall Art

People - send us the unknown names

82420019.JPG (27306 bytes) 82420030.JPG (27598 bytes) 82420046.JPG (57604 bytes) 82420049.JPG (34438 bytes) 82420082.JPG (57057 bytes)
82420083.JPG (31919 bytes) Craps.jpg (26501 bytes) Huston on left UKN on right.jpg (21174 bytes) Lee Minh.jpg (29982 bytes) R Tolliver.jpg (49954 bytes)
Crap Game Huston on Left Lee Minh R Tolliver
Rust.jpg (54821 bytes) T Huston.jpg (47868 bytes) TL Huston.jpg (50720 bytes) Tolliver.jpg (23844 bytes) Tom Huston.jpg (39096 bytes)
Rust Tom Huston More Huston Tolliver Tom Huston
Ukn Huson Hawkings.jpg (25008 bytes)
Unk, Huston,Hawkins

The Boats around DaNang and San Diego.

Control panel PTF 3.jpg (63636 bytes) Crews quarters.jpg (38931 bytes) Danang harbor.jpg (39768 bytes) DaNang harbor1.jpg (53315 bytes) Mike boat.jpg (41453 bytes)
Control Panel PTF-3 Crew Quarters DaNang Harbor DaNang Harbor Mike Boat
Piers with fuel ship.jpg (45924 bytes) PTF 13 in San Diego.jpg (54146 bytes) PTF13.jpg (51967 bytes) Starboad.jpg (46922 bytes) The coast.jpg (49687 bytes)
Piers with fuel ship PTF-13 San Diego PTF-13 Starboard view The coast
The enemy coast.JPG (41659 bytes) The island with Mike boat.jpg (59981 bytes) The piers.jpg (53595 bytes) two man subs.jpg (21455 bytes) Underway starboard.jpg (47115 bytes)
The enemy coast The island with Mike boat The piers Two man subs Underway Starboard
Underway stearn.jpg (49023 bytes)
Underway Stern

Spanish Beach Memories

82420001.JPG (37881 bytes) 82420002.JPG (49629 bytes) 82420011.JPG (53745 bytes) 82420013.JPG (50365 bytes) 82420014.JPG (23019 bytes)
82420037.JPG (51949 bytes) 82420061.JPG (43588 bytes) 82420081.JPG (66557 bytes)

Upper Base scenes.

82420047.JPG (25825 bytes) 82420066.JPG (19456 bytes) Bai civilian worker.jpg (25278 bytes) barracks ship.jpg (36959 bytes) Bob Hope show.jpg (48439 bytes)
Bai civilian worker Barracks Ship Bob Hope Show
Dodge.jpg (28652 bytes) fuel farm.jpg (42723 bytes) fuel ship.jpg (40564 bytes) Irving.jpg (44269 bytes) Junk.jpg (45832 bytes)
Dodge Fuel Farm Fuel ship Irving the snake Junk
Me and the snake.jpg (45735 bytes) new electric shop.jpg (34079 bytes) Nung guards.jpg (48223 bytes) old electric shop.jpg (30843 bytes) Original elect shop.jpg (31309 bytes)
Me and the snake New Electric Shop Nung Guards Old Electric Shop Original Electric Shop
Piers.jpg (39572 bytes) Road between Fay and upper base.jpg (47317 bytes) Snake's owner Pop.JPG (21713 bytes)
Piers Road between Camp Fay and Upper Base Snakes owner, Pops

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