Hartman, Bill BMC

(12-06-02)  Hi my name is Jim Hartman, I've been sitting here showing your videos to my 2 boys. I was explaining to them that their Grandpa used to skipper pt boats in Nam judging from the info in your videos he was probably in the same outfit as you, which I believe was Mobile Support Unit. His name is Bill Hartman, Chief BM. They used to call him the Grey Fox. He did tours in Nam in 63 and 65 -66 retired in 66. Anyway I guess I'm just curious if you knew of him. I read your name and it kind of rings a bell, but Iwas pretty young then. I did time in Nam in 71-72. Anyway could you get back to me on this? It would be greatly appreciated. My dad died 5 yrs ago from a long battle with cancer and just to know that there's webs out here like yours, I think he would be happy to know.
Anyway, sorry to ramble. Take care...Merry Christmas....Thanks, Jim

(12-06-02) Did I know BMC Hartman, Hell Yes, a Fine Man and a Hella of a BMC. He had made BMC at the age of 21 as he had three ships sunk from under him during WW2. One night down at Spanish Beach ,I watched as MR1 McDaniels told the Chief that he was going to whip the Chief's old ass and he had the first three punches, then the Chief told Mac to quit drinking and see him in the morning, Well Mac wouldn't back off and told the Chief the same thing again. So the the Chief took one punch and the next morning Mac told the Chief to keep the other two punches. So I think that I knew the man .  - James Thomas

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