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** Inshore Boat Unit 17 Returns Home After A Six Month Deployment To Kuwait

Recent news on IBU-17 viewed here: http://www.news.navy.mil/search/display.asp?story_id=8263

Here is an old news .pdf file of some of IBU-17s activities the last few years. http://www.spawar.navy.mil/fleet/miuw-help/newsletter_December2000.pdf

Dan, My name is Cary Coleman. I am a Chief (select) with Inshore Boat Unit Seventeen which is part of Naval Coastal Warfare. I have been attached to this unit for about 4 years during which I have qualified as a boat skipper and a Patrol Leader. Currently I am serving as the unit’s Operations Officer. We have been mobilized and deployed twice since 9/11 to provide Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Operations during Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

 When the SBU’s went pretty much closed loop for Seal Delivery, the IBU’s were commissioned to fill the gap that the SBU’s were leaving. A total reserve commissioned unit that provides Anti-terrorism and Force Protection Operations in the following mission areas, Anti-surface Warfare, Amphibious Support, Mine Warfare, Anti-Swimmer Warfare, Non-combatant Operations, Reconnaissance, Intel Collection as well as support for law enforcement and other operations as deemed necessary.

The design of the boats is intended to combine both a “Brown water” ability and a limited “Blue water ability.

We currently have three generations of IBU craft.

  • 1st Generation is a 27” foot aluminum patrol boat. With a Crew of 4. 2 gun emplacements and a top speed of 40 kts with twin Volvo Martine 250 Hp diesels and dual counter rotating propeller out drives.

  • 2nd Generation is a 32’ aluminum RHIB with a crew of 4 and 3 gun emplacements and a fully enclosed wheel house. Top speed is 40 kts on twin Cummins 265 HP diesels and Hamilton Jet Drives.

  • 3rd Generation is much like the 32’ but has an additional mount for 4 gun emplacements, and additional crew position and a wider beam. Top Speed is estimated at 40 kts on twin Diesels and out drives.

All generations have secure comms, radar and other electronics.

Over the past four years, I have grown quite attached to Patrol Boats and while we are not the 80’ Elcos or Mk V’s my troops are still grungy go out and get the job done sailors who have served both in the South Pacific last year and in the Persian Gulf this year protecting and escorting some 300 ships alone during Iraqi Freedom while they transported and offloaded the combat equipment needed to carry out the mission.

Attached is several photos of our first run boats. If you would like to talk more about our unit and craft please let me know, I would be happy to do so.

V/R Cary J Coleman,

MAC (Select) Operations Officer IBU-17


Here's some better pictures from when we were deployed to Guam last year.

The environment was a little more conducive to photography.

I am getting some of the manufacturer's drawings together.

Bob, when I First got involved with Coastal Warfare, it was called Inshore Undersea Warfare Group One and that was back in 92, when I was assigned to Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 106. I went to the Boat in 1999 when they de-commissioned IBU 23 in New Jersey and re-commissioned them as IBU-17 in San Diego. All group one units begin with "1" All NCWG-2 units begin with "2"

I have a couple of other pictures that I need to download from when we were doing Anti-Swimmer Concussion Grenade Drops in Kuwait at the harbor. They look kind-a cool. A lot of them go to the Riverine display at NAB Coronado and get up close and personal with some of the boat that they have on display there. If you guys would ever like to come down, let me know.

I have also been playing with the idea of a restoration project if I can find the right boat, I heard of three sitting in the skids in the weed on the Elizabeth River somewhere in Portsmouth, but haven't been back in the states long enough to follow up yet. If you happen to see something somewhere, let me know. Small Boats are making a big comeback in the navy theses days since the COLE incident. They finally realized that a total "Blue Water" Navy just doesn't quite cut it anymore, not that the bigwigs like it too much, we're still kinda the red headed step children.

Anyway, Take care guys and talk to you later. Cary

Photos from IBU-14 in Kuwait

Here are some MK V's in Kuwait

Here's an 11 meter NSW RHIB.  SWCC crewmen faces blurred out intentionally

Here's a US Coast Guard 25' Port Security Unit Boat in Iraq.

Here's a picture of an Inshore Boat Unit 14 Willard Marine 32' jet drive boat on the Khwar Abd Allah River towing a derelict Iraqi Patrol Boat for your collection.

More of the derelict boat.

Here's another 32' Willard Marine Inshore Boat Unit patrol boat on the river in Iraq during a sandstorm.