Bofor 40 MK3 Gun System

Bofors 40 MK3 Naval Gun System

Modern ships must be able to operate in different levels of conflict. This includes everything from peacekeeping operations, where the gun is used for firing warning shots, law –enforcement missions, against pirates and smugglers, and finally full war conditions, where the gun is a vital part of the ships’ self-defense against ships, attack aircraft and anti-ship missiles as well as for Naval Gun fire support.


In the littoral scenario the gun must have the capability of engaging threats that are impossible to engage with conventional gun systems. Survivability in such an environment requires a flexible weapon system. Bofors 40 Mk3 with its high rate of fire, immediate switch capability between optimized ammunition types (including the 40 mm 3P All-target programmable ammunition) provides high survivability and tactical freedom at all levels of conflict.

  • Multi-target capability

  • 6-mode programmable all-target ammunition

  • air burst capability for small boat defense

  • 330 rounds per minute rate of fire and super accuracy gives short firing sequences

  • 101 rounds ready to fire with immediate switch between two types of ammunition

  • remotely operated with gyro-stabilized local control back-up

  • on-mount muzzle velocity radar

  • computer controlled burst pattern