Lester Durst

By all means post my note if you think its worth while. I told my wife what I had "discovered" on the 'net. We were Jr HS sweethearts although we went are separate ways after HS. She's heard my Navy stories and thought it was neat that their are others that have a soft spot for what they served on......but she still rolled her eyes. I guess its a had to be there kind of thing. I stay in touch with fellows I served with at CosRivRon 2. One guy a real good friend of mine Mark Monk was a snipe on the PBs and was Chief Engineman on the Mk......the one with the superstructure offset to the side.....when they first came to CRR2 in 74 (?). I think he served with Mike Prather.

Do you ever come across fellows who had served at CosRivRon 2 as I know the Unit also had riverine boats and supported the UDTs & SEAL teams. Monk stay in the Navy until he retired after near 30 years. Its odd because he was transferred out of CRR in '75 and came back in the early 90s I think its called Boat Support Unit 2 with a "new" type of Patrol Boat called PCs (?).......but their not wood :)

I have some pictures of the boats that I'll dig up and would be more than happy to send you copies if you would like.

Lester Durst (EN3 Honorably Discharged)

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