Bob Kennedy, EM2 - CRD-12 History


(02-03-08) Bob Kennedy, EM2   We had gone goat hunting on San Clemente Island after removing all the commercial fishing boats from around the island. It was a beautiful day and the destroyers were using the other side of the island for target practice and every once in a while they would miss the island and shoot over to where we were anchored.




After skinning a goat and stretching out the hide to be tanned (in the photo) we cut up the goat and had goat steaks in the galley for everyone to eat. Someone on board was a good cook and could make anything taste good so we had a feast of fish and goat. Anyone serving on a PT Boat knew they had to bring their own food and cook it too. So the goat was a treat.

EM2 Bob Kennedy and Dwight Kuhn EN2. 

We would usually catch enough fish to fill up our little freezer with filets of white bass or cod or sheeps head. And the best part was when Lt. Snyder came on board we would, under darkness of the mid watch before going out to sea, sneak on board a ˝  keg of beer and put it in the bilge to keep it cool until we got to the island. Of course we couldn’t drink the water in the holding tanks because it was always rancid and left a bad taste in your mouth.