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Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft (CPIC)

Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft (CPIC)
Displacement: 79 tons
Length: 100 feet
Beam: 18 feet
Draft: 6 feet
Propulsion: 3 Avco-Lycoming TF25 gas turbines, 5400 hp, 3 shafts, 2 auxiliary diesels, 300 hp
Speed: 45 kts 
Crew: 1 officer + 5 enlisted
Weapons: 2 twin 30mm, 4 single 7.62mm mg or 2 twin 7.62mm mg.

Note: Prototype replacement for PTF. Not successful.

Photo: US Navy


HISTORY: The prototype CPIC was lent to the S. Korean Navy. They evaluated it and Tacoma Boat made 4 for them and 1 for Taiwan. The Koreans returned the CPIC to us in 1979. The prototype CPIC was armed with the Emerson Mk 74 Mod 0 twin 30mm gun mount; one forward and one amidships on the 01 level. There were 4 other weapons stations for .50s or Mk 19s.