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It is NEVER my intention to make money from this website. This sites is built as my love for the history of the boats and the men that rode them so we can pass along this history.

The site does cost a bit of money to maintain as far as server hosting goes. I'm willing to contribute my time to the maintenance of the site as many of you contribute materials  to make it great.

By contributing to this site you will do the following:
  • Help cover the server costs associated with keeping this site up
  • Help me to add new "features" to this site that cost money to obtain
  • Ensure that this site remains live and available to everyone FOR FREE
  • Ensure this site remains AD FREE
  • Donations can be made by mail to:

    Combatant Craft of America
    1400 E. Ludlow Ridge Road
    Port Ludlow, WA 98365

    Donations can be made through PayPal by clicking on the button below:

    Thanks for continuing to make this website great! If you do not want to donate money, but feel you can contribute in another way, send me an e-mail.