The History of the boats after the Vietnam war


"Conflicts other than War"

This section covers those nasty little un-declared events that the US participated in that were not full blown wars. Often an ARG was the first on the scene.

An ARG was and still is to present, an Amphibious Readiness Group. This is a group of Amphibious Ships with Marines on board doing a six month deployment. For Naval Special Warfare an ARG deployment consists of a UDT/SEAL Platoon and CRD/Special Boat Detachment with its boats (still called a ARG DET.) will load up on the Ship and sail with them and provide SpecWar support to the Amphibious Commander should he need to conduct Operations.

You will find ARG operation off the coast of a hot spot in the world, ready to conduct operations when the "orders come in". The SBD ARG det. were active in support of a SEAL platoon in Somalia when we first got involved there.
You will find ARG dets working in Korea Thailand all over the world.

 Operation Urgent Fury
Grenada 1983

Grenada, one of the smallest independent nations in the Western Hemisphere and one of the southernmost Caribbean islands in the Windward chain, has an area of only 133 square miles. The population is 110,000. But size is not necessarily the determining factor when governments consider strategic military locations. The Cuban government knew the value of . . . . . . .


 Lebanon 1983-4
Lebannon 1983
On orders from President Reagan the US military committed troops ashore in Lebanon to support the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in Beirut. Its mission to was to be a buffer  between rival armed factions in and around Beirut.


 Operation Earnest Will
Persian Gulf 1987-1989

Iraq attacked Iran in September 1980, launching a war that would last eight years. By 1982, more than 100,000 people had died. The war was costing each side $1 billion a month and devastated both countries. . . . . . . .


 Operation Just Cause
Panama 1989-1990

Upon Orders from the President George H. Bush, the Removal of Manuel Noriega and his Regime was authorized. Panama had been a long time Base for U.S. forces and HQ for U.S. SOUTHERN COMMAND with many units stationed in Panama. The Scope of the Panama Invasion is to large so. . . .


 Operation Classic Resolve
Philippines 1989 In February 1989 an almost bloodless revolution brought Corazon Aquino into office as the seventh president of the Republic of the Philippines. Aquino had been swept into office on a wave of high expectations that she would be able to right all of the wrongs done to the Philippines under Marcos.




  Amphibious Readiness Group a fleet deployment of amphibian ships with Seal platoons and Spec Boat on Board. See above.


  Mobile Training Teams, where boat guys and Seals have deployed to Foreign Nations all over the world, to train the host nation on Boat and NSW Operations from Korea in the 1950s to up to the Present.


Warboats from this Era

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