Boat Support Unit Two History


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Boat Support Unit - Two History

BSU-2  was initially formed to run and maintain high speed boats for the UDT and Seal teams at Little Creek, VA.

Glen Bertholf  BSU2 1965-1968 - ETR2 - I have some memorabilia from my three-year tour at Boat Support Unit Two of the US Navy that I would like to contribute to some organization that would be able to display it in a suitable setting. Before I just send it off somewhere only to have it wind up in some closet, I thought that I would post pictures of that memorabilia here along with a description of my three years in BSU2 in Little Creek so interested parties might preview it to determine whether it really is something that they would properly display.  READ MORE HERE

BSU-2 Experimental Boats

Two experimental ASPB were delivered to BSU-2 in 1969. BSU-2 also experimented with a new generation ATC and CCB. what do you remember about these boats?


Richard Foulkes  ETR-2     Hey ! I just found your site!  Wow ! I've been searching for the last eight years for something on the Boat Support Units and the write up from Glen Bertholf was great ! I served with Glen  and BSU 2 from March '66 till I was released from active duty in June '68. READ MORE HERE

These BSU-2 names are extracted from the missing list. Do you know where they are?
Atkins CPO
Barnes, Dusty
Edmondson  ET
Flecher    BM 
Hill, Will    SN 
Hubel, Ken EM
Johnson, David ET
Leffert, Charles EM
Pollard, Bob
Preston EM
Savage  CPO
Williams   BM
Woody    GMG



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