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The following list of books was submitted by Mike Yared

Bryant, Jimmy R. Man of the river: memoir of a brown water sailor in Vietnam, 1968-1969. Sergeant Kirkland's, 1998.

Croizat, Victor J. The brown water navy: the river and coastal war in Indo-China and Vietnam, 1948-1972. Sterling Pub. Co., 1984. 

Croizat, Victor J. The brown water navy Vietnam river warfare 1945-1975. Blandford, 1986. 

Cullen, Leslie Julian. Brown water admiral: Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr. and United States Naval Forces, Vietnam, 1968-1970. 

Cutler, Thomas J. Brown water, black berets: coastal and riverine warfare in Vietnam. Naval Institute Press, 1988. 

Dunnavent, R. Blake. Sealords: the riverine interdiction campaign in Vietnam. 1992. 

Forbes, John. Riverine force. Bantam Books, 1987. 

Freitas, Mark. Stygian myth: U.S. riverine operations against the guerrilla. Monterey, CA: Naval Postgraduate School, 1994. (AD-A295 477) 

Fulton, William B. Riverine operations, 1966-1969. Dept. of the Army, GPO, 1973. 

Gregory, Barry. Vietnam coastal and riverine forces handbook. Sterling Pub. Co., 1988. 

Huchthausen, Peter A. Echoes of the Mekong. Nautical & Aviation Pub. Co. of America, 1996. 

Mesko, Jim. Riverine: a pictorial history of the Brown Water War in Vietnam. Squadron/Signal Publications, 1985. 

McQuilkin, William C. Operation Sealords: a front in a frontless war, an analysis of the brown-water navy in Vietnam. Thesis (M.A.)--U. S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1997. 

Rottman, Gordon L. The Vietnam brown water navy: riverine and coastal warfare, 1965-69. Hong Kong: Concord, 1997. 

Sheppard, Don. Riverine: a brown-water sailor in the Delta, 1967. Presidio, 1992. 

Spangler, David J. What lessons can be drawn from U.S. Riverine operations during the Vietnam War as the U.S. Navy moves into the twenty-first century?    Thesis (M.M.A.S.)--U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1995. 

Wages, Clarence J. Riverine warfare: the need for a brown water navy. Thesis (M.A.)--Naval War College, 1967. 

Wiarda, Jonathan Siqueira. Coastal patrol in Vietnam: the U.S. Navy at its best. Naval Historical Center, Contemporary History Branch, 1994. 

US Coast Guard History

"Coast Guard Action in Viet Nam", by Paul Scotti

"The Coast Guard at War" by Alex Laraelere.

The Best Book

The official title is U.S. Small Combatants, Including Pt-Boats, Subchasers, and the Brown-Water Navy: An Illustrated Design History. It was written by Norman Friedman and is available all over the place for around $50, more or less. GOOD BOOK! A little incomplete in places because more information has come available. But a GOOD BOOK (did I say it was a GOOD BOOK?). Chip Marshall

Vietnam - SEALS

  • RealWar Stories, "the world's military e-book market place" (also offering autographed books in print)
  • Dobermanbite, Bo (T.L.) Bosiljevac's site where you can order his SEALs: UDT/SEAL Operations In Vietnam
  • A bibliography of books on US Navy SEALs has been compiled at this site.
  • A number of books on SEAL operations including The Men Behind the Trident: SEAL Team One in Vietnam, by Dennis Cummings, and The Element of Surprise: Navy SEALs in Vietnam, by Darryl Young are available on an number of sites including