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Ed Mann Story
Special Boat Unit 24 is located at Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia. It is similar to Special Boat Unit 22, it is also a Naval Reserve Unit with a small cadre of active duty personnel. Special Boat mission is the support of special warfare forces as well as patrol boat tactics. Special Boat Unit 24's craft include two MKIll's and ten SWCL's (SEAFOX).

Provided by Frank Cumberland, written by the first CO - SBU 24 was established as a Naval Reserve Force special warfare boat unit composed of reserve and active duty personnel at Little Creek, VA in late October 1978 from the riverine and some of the coastal assets of Coastal River Squadron TWO at that location. SBU 24's collocated sister unit, SBU 20 was formed from the remainder of the active duty coastal and SEAL support assets of the squadron. The reserve/active duty Coastal Squadron TWO riverine unit based at New Orleans, LA was redesignated as SBU 22 under the command of CDR John Foster. Naval Reserve CDR Wayne Cowie Clarke, a non-active duty drilling reserve officer, was designated as the first commanding officer of SBU 24 in October 1978. CDR Clarke, a veteran of command as Commander River Division 511 and OIC Duffle Bag Unit, Ba Xoai in South Vietnam spent the next four months along with the sailors and officers of the newly named SBU 24 developing the organizational structure and table of organization that would lead to SBU 24's commissioning. In March 1979, SBU 24 was commissioned as a naval special boat unit with CDR Clarke as its first commanding officer, LT Michael Gorman (an active duty officer) was the unit's Officer-in-Charge in the absence of CDR Clarke. Naval Reserve LCDR Carrol N. Harris was the second senior officer in the unit's chain of command and Naval Reserve LCDR Richard Fraser Moran was the senior SEAL officer of the unit. [more follows later]

Capt. Peter Wikul, SEAL is a NSW legend starting as a Enlisted and retiring as a Full Captain. He started out in the UDTs and Seal Teams and served also in Special Boat Units 12 and 20 and commanding SDV Team 2. He held the Rare Title of "Bull Frog" The longest serving SEAL in the Teams at the Time of retirement of 39 years service.

The following is his point paper he wrote based on his experience on the Barge Hercules 1987. Read Here

(04-06-2011) Pete said: Jim, Great to see you're still going strong, I have been busy with a number of projects. You can use anything I have written. If I get more time I will send more stuff on the Barges and Boats.

I want to say CMDR Paul Evancoe was the first C.O. of barge Hercules 1987.

My Best  Pete.. Bullfrog 13

(06-11-15) Ed Mann Chief Engineer EN2, Asst. Boat Captain PB-758. The Detachment that did two Conflicts in one Deployment. Welcome to SBU-24, are you READY??? My attitude was "Leave your Rate at the Gate." All that meant was that you have a skill to bring to the table. Here you are a Combatant Craft Crewman.  I worked with and trained others to become crewmen and eventually Boat Captains on 65' MKIII Patrol Boats. Their success or failure was based on paying attention to what I was going show them. Most got it and some didn't.     Read More Here.

Magazine article from Full Mission Profile - Fall 1993 - Last Call for PB MKIII by Lt Cmdr Jeffrey P. Stratton, USN, CO, SBU-24. Unlike the west coast Special Boat Units, SBU-20 and SBU-24 were realigned in 1991 to be craft specific. . . Read More Here. (Require Adobe Acrobat)

(12-08-07) Paul Holloway, Norfolk, Va.  When I got to SBU24 they had two PB MK1, two PB MKIII, a LCM-8, six MATC, and two LCPL.. About four months later we turned the MKIIIs over to SBU-20. The MK1 was ok but not a MKIII if you get my drift.       Read More Here.

(05-05-07)  Ted Walthers   I enlisted in the Naval Reserve on 3 September 1984, for the specific purpose of being in the reserve and still going to college. Upon graduation from boot camp (Co 313, 1984 Great Lakes), I decided to return to my college, Wesley College in Dover, Del. to pursue my Business Administration degree.    Read More Here.

03-06-07 ETC (CC) Bill Adkins, USNR-Ret    I was stationed at Special Boat Unit (SBU) 24 at NAB Little Creek from 1983 till 1985.  Our command was a Naval Reserve Facility (NRF).  We had about 60 active duty personnel but we swelled to about 240 one weekend a month with Reservists.  I was there as an active duty sailor.  My first CO was LCDR (SEAL) Tom Truxell.  I was trained as a 9533 NEC Electronics Technician on both Seafox . . .   Read More Here

01/08/07 Michael Farnham     On the whole [SBU-] 24 at the time was setup to be more coastal, shallow water than riverine. I say that but know going into the early to mid 80's they may have well made some shifts back to riverine, due to our working in Central America, which was in direct support of SEAL efforts.  read more here

Frank Cumberland - Do you have any idea where all these boats can be found today? I served at COSRIVRON2 and then at SBU 24 from 78-81 as a GMG. My first assignment at the COS was aboard PTF-23 which was an Osprey class. After about 3 months of work on the gun mounts and getting all the deck stuff in order (and shooting) the decision came down to get rid of the boat. I was then put on PBRs and such as well as Mark 1 PBs and Mark IIIs  Read More Here.

SBD-24 Det Alpha Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico 1980"

Frank Cumberland - Flew-em down in a C5 Galaxy. That was in 1980 as part of Det Alpha of SBU 24. I ended up staying down there for over a year. They sent us down to provide waterborne security for Rosey after the PR terrorists went a little nuts and gun downed a bus load of sailors. About halfwaythrough my year down there, SBU 20 came down with a couple of Mark III's.
ENC Richard "the wiz" Marshall, EM2 JJ Johnson, BMSN Ron Hampe      

FC waterskiing.       Rare MKIIIPB with twin 50cal mount on Pilot House - SBU-24

SBU-24 MiniATC inserts SEALs. SEAFox casting seals SBU-24 PBMKIII   a PBMKIII of SBU-24

03-06-07 ETC(CC) Bill Adkins, USNR-Ret    I was stationed at Special Boat Unit (SBU) 24 at NAB Little Creek from 1983 till 1985.  Our command was a Naval Reserve Facility (NRF).  We had about 60 active duty personnel but we swelled to about 240 one weekend a month with Reservists.  I was there as an active duty sailor.  My first CO was LCDR (SEAL) Tom Truxell.  I was trained as a 9533 NEC Electronics Technician on both Seafox . . .   Read More Here

09-20-07 These images are of a rare PB MKI built by Seaward Seacraft operated by SBU-24 in the Late 70s and Early 80s.

02-23-2010 Brenan Mitchel HM - SBU-24. I arrived at SBU-24 in 1992 and stayed until the decommissioning in 1993. I was TAD from BMU-2 Stinger Det. We had several members from the stinger det. assigned to SBU-24. I also spent a lot of time with the corpsman. FN Mulhall (also from the stinger det.) was assigned to the boat unit at the same time as me. We have many fond memories of this time.   Read More Here  many photos

(Added 01-24-2011)  James W. Parish -  Could you Please add me to the Alumni Roster.  I served in SBU 24 in 1987  to 1989 I was on the First deployment for the Earnest Will missions riding with the PB on the USS Raleigh from Norfolk to Bahrain and lived aboard the Hercules.  jparish@flypgd.com

(Added 04-21-2011)
  Beautiful shot of a SBU-24 PB MKIII in the Caribbean on EX Ocean Venture 93 SBU-24 PB MKIII GM2 Jones and 20mm 1993

SBU-24 boatguy mounting M-60E3 1993

(04-21-2011) Lonie Roskelly  EM3 - Are you aware that three women served at SBU-24? One as an Electrician 3rd class, another in admin and another in supply. We did a great job and yet there is no mention of us. Petty Officer Em3 Lonie Burrous Roskelly, Ym3rd class Odie Plemeons and SK3 Rhonda , whose last name I have forgotten. We did a fantastic job at SBU 24 but it seems we are forgotten. Why not check out the contribution we made to the boat unit before it is lost. We were good.     Lonie

(Added 05-30-2012)
Jim Vann photos
  SBU-24 living the Good life. SBU-24 PBMKIIIs underway.

PBMKIIIs and a Pirate ship.

A little choppy.

 (Added 06-25-2012)
Ted Walther Photos
  SBU-24's halter HSB in Boat bay 1993

Ted Walther stands beside H-17 Halter HSB

SBU-24's Halter HSB 1993 Stern view  of the Halter HSB

(added 10-29-2012) Johnny Talton,  ET2, May 1991 to 1993 at SBU-24 and Oct 1993 to 1995 at SBU-20

SBU-24MKIII underway Zodiac on bow of MKIII PB 20mm firing on underway gunshoot 50 cal shoot The GUYZ - Mac, Me Rhett in Antigua
Rhett DeMille on 731 boat

Gunshoot with M-60-E3

LCDR A. B, Farmer our C.O. riding along. Note 60mm mortar

Boatguys hanging out at Land Rail PT Crooked Is,

Fred Stublette BBQin'
Doc Etheridge Engineman god Michael Cassion and Rick Taylor under chute Canopy for shade on Boat Forgot name and trailing PB "Pappa" Chuck Steffy going to war "Suzy Homemakers" cooking on PB for Papas boyz
Nobody forgets the the cramped forward birthing on PBs Paul Hutson

Kindrick McFadden doing laundry in Trinidad

M-16...Can we shoot now???

Standing watch on the Boat

Engine room patch off. Bolder and Jones working on engine.

Johnny Talton PB 731 crew At NSWU-4 Puerto Rico with Cecil Lee, Brian Forey, Jeff Stratton

Clowning around in PB after OP with Coast Guard.

Note the SBU-24 T-shirt.

Derrick Wooden and Robert Kelly Post Op

Underway shoot note the HKG3 Fred Sublette shooting M-60E3 Feeding and shooting M-60E
Fred Sublette  in Locks of Panama Canal

The 24 BOYZ at SBU-26 after the Infamous "Sinking"

Underway again with Jim Vann, Kurt Potter, Robert Kelly, Brian Flory, Rhette DeMillie

Dave Eldridge Guns, Guns, Guns.. Good as it gets!

"Pappa Chuck" shows his appriciation for the Suzy Homemakers
Pistols shot as well underway Calvin Campbell and Cris Tunner Land Gunshoot at range at Fort Pickett Adam Hunt note 60mortar in Background SBU-24 PBMKIII underway After SBU24 was Disestablished in 1993 I rode 30' I Ribs at SBU-20

(added 04-22-2013) Photos from Allen Smith

A new found friend.

SBU-24 50cal gunshoot at Fort A P Hill  Va.

Shotgun fam fire. Crew birthing on PBMKIII SBU-24  Safety Brief Fort  A P Hill.
Seafox getting underway. Underway on PBMKIII. GMG Buddy Hollisen shooting 50cal. Pilot house PB MKIII. Venting.
Its HOT in here. SBU-24 PB Boatcrew. PB pulling into Fl. Good photo of PB Gun loadout. SBU-24 PBMKIII in Panama Locks.
Underway lookout. PB 758 at Panama. Panama Cruisin'. Cake and crew. With SBU-26 Panama Rodman NAVSTA.
Sad to give the PBs to SBU-26 .        




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