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On Sept 31 1978, Coastal River Squadron One dis-established, and on 1 Oct. 1978 Special Boat Squadron ONE was established spawning 3 Operational Units SBU-11, SBU-13 and SBU-12. At its establishment Special Boat Unit 12 was comprised of all active duty personnel and its assets were 2 PTFs ,5 MkIII PBs (two on det.) and numerous MK11 LCPLs. and the ASDV-1 which was a mothership to support Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) training. Its tasking was to support in CONUS, simulated ship attacks, and UDT/SEAL support and and evaluation of special boat projects.

It maintained a constant commitment to provide Special Boat Detachments (SBDs) to NSWU-1/MST-3 Subic Bay P.I. as well as ARGs supporting NSW operations deployed in the Western Pacific. In 1982 SBU-12 took delivery of its first SEAFOX (SWCL) to replace the aging LCPLs as the prime SEAL support craft on ARG deployments, and to MST-3. SBU-12 would deploy 2 MKIII PBs to support NSW ops.




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In 1987 SBU-12 from MST-3 would deploy to the Persian Gulf supporting Operation Earnst Will and would continue to operate in the Gulf to curtail Iranian maritime terrorism against oil tankers in the northern Persian Gulf until 1989. The 1990s were an evolutional period for type craft and in Desert Shield/DesertStorm1990/91 SBU-12 provided The HSB (High Speed Boats) for combat operations, SBU-12 would also support NSW Cold weather training with  24' RHIBS in Kodiak Alaska. During the 1990s the Rigid Inflatable Hull Boat (RHIB) would become the mainstay in overseas deployment with the 24' RHIB, 10 meter RHIB, and the 30' IRHIB.
SBU-12 would be involved in Somalia operations and other real world events during this period, It would continue to support the Western Pacific with ARGs even after NSWU-1 transferred from Subic bay to Guam. In 1994 SBU-12 would integrate the veteran disestablished SBU-13 Reservists into its organization and become NR SBU-12, and support the active duty on operations and backfill.

In the early 1990s the HSB and PBMKIII would be phased out for the MKV SOC and 11 meter SOCRHIB. SBU-12 would continue supporting NSWU-1 and also support the new NSWU-3 in Bahrain. SBDs from SBU-12 can be found serving on MTT Exercises all over the Far East, in Korea, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore, as well as Kuwait and

In OCT. 2, 2002 Special Boat Unit -12 became Special Boat Team TWELVE and has served with distinction in Iraqi Freedom and continues to serve in the Global War on Terror (GWOT) to bring the fight to our nations enemies.

"We are saddened  to announce the death of YNCS Mike" Marty" Martin of SBU-12 and SBU-13 following his valorous fight with cancer. Fair winds and following seas Marty."



Capt. Peter Wikul, SEAL is a NSW legend starting as a Enlisted and retiring as a Full Captain. He started out in the UDTs and Seal Teams and served also in Special Boat Units 12 and 20 and commanding SDV Team 2. He held the Rare Title of "Bull Frog" The longest serving SEAL in the Teams at the Time of retirement of 39 years service.

The following is his point paper he wrote based on his experience on the Barge Hercules 1987. Read Here

Iran Ajar tied up alongside Hercules 1987


(04-06-2011) Pete said: Jim, Great to see you're still going

 strong, I have been busy with a number of projects. You can use anything I have written. If I get more time I will send more stuff on the Barges and Boats.

I want to say CMDR Paul Evancoe was the first C.O. of barge Hercules 1987.

My Best  Pete.. Bullfrog 13


(02-23-2011) BMCS  Mike Wilkinson (ret) These are just a few of my photo's from some of the best times of my life. Detachment Charlie SBU-12, April 1987. The Persian excursion. First Det to the Gulf, First around the world det.  Thanks, Mike

(added 09-27-2013)

SBU-12 documents


01-16-07 Mal Flisk   Best tours I ever spent. '83-'89. Have some great pics of pier in Subic with Seafox, MkIII and LCPL tied up, etc. Let me know if you need 'em. Only served in SBU-12, trained with 13, and with 11 up in Vallejo. Served in the Gulf 2 times with SBU-12 (Wim Brown 7).   Read More Here

16 Mar 2007 - Jim, Thanks for passing this on to me. It's truly an excellent site.  It's
good to see you and others are keeping the history and culture of "the boats" alive. Keep me informed if you organize any SBU or CSBR reunions. Best regards,  Tom Campbell 
[C.O. SBU-12 and CO of SBR-1 - Jim]

Rick Doughman - I have a ton of Pictures from SBU13 I know you will recognize....I knew I remembered you...you and Jeff Maddox Pictures of just about the entire SBU 13 Admin Guys....I also have some great Pictures from being part of MST3 Det Juliette as a SOC (Special Operations Crew Member) and some ship attack shots of seal team doing their thing and we had a Photographers mate with us who was filming it. . . View Here

(Added 01-24-2011) More Doughman photos
Hardtop PBR  SBU-12 SOC riverine Traing at SBU-XI SBU-12 SOC driving PBR at SBU-XI note SEAL Instructor

Standing watch in the old watch down on piers. Many a night the telescope trained on the Coronado towers apartments.

Early SEAFOX (Note windows on canopy) underway with SEALs.


SBU-12 and SBU-13 Armory a NAB
(Added 10-12-2011) More Doughman photos
SEAFOXes in Subic.

The MST-3 Barge PLs Seafoxes and PB in Subic.


The "new" NSWU-1 Buildings and Piers In Subic

SBU-12 Boatsguys doing riverine training on PBRs at SBUXI Mare Is. Look at that rare hardtop PBR

SBU-12 Riverine Training at SBUXI


06-24-07 Mike Price RMC - I read your story. I remember RADM Richards quite well. I deployed to Korea for either Team Spirit or Foal Eagle (I went to all of them for 4 years) when I was CPOIC of NSWG-1 Mobile Comm Team and he was Team One's CO. I saw your pics & remember seeing you when you came in for drill weekends and I had SBR-1 OOD before I put on the "Hat". I was with Rorey Towne on his deployment and will forward the

PBMKIII with SEALs on board

"complete" Malaysia trip story soons as I have time to write it out along with a couple of SOC memories. I had some great times, met some great people and, I hope did some good work. I like to think that we had a big part in getting SWCC to where it is today and am quite proud to have been part of that lineage. I don't have many pictures of those days. Unfortunately I lost a bunch of that stuff during a PCS move so some of Rorey's and Mal Flisk's pictures are real memory joggers. If you want to know who yer talkin to go to Roreys SBD story and look at the picture of the Det on libs in Olongapo, I am front row, 3rd form the left (With goatee). (To the right of LT Colvin)

I'll be in touch, and great job with this site. Run, Shoot, Communicate - Mike Price

Read More Here

GMG1 Brian Eschbuagh,  OIC of a Fountain 33' HSB for SBU-12 in 1991. Tactics: Generally patrols are conducted with two boats running in a 7/1 formation, that is at 7 o'clock and one boat length away. Seal Support, Zodiac carried on Bow of HSB.  Read More Here

Brian Eschbaugh and Tony Smith

SBU-12 Plankowner Certificate
25mm Chain Gun on low profile stabilized mount on SBU-12 PB MKIII

From Jim Gray:

Aerial view Of WIMBROWN VII in Persian Gulf 1988 base of NSTWU Middle East Forces Pacfic. Note MKIII PBs Sand Storm in the Persian Gulf at sea 1988 SBU-12 24' RHIB conducting gunshoot San Clementi Is. 24'RHiBs underway  

SBU-12 Reserves on MKIII PB supporting Army 12th Special Forces
Group 1994
PB775 typical day  in Gulf 1988 Maintenance on SOCRHIB Maintenance while not glamorous plays a major roll in the SBU world PB776 The Bat Boat 1988 Op .Earnst Will. MKIII PBs tied to WB7 Persian Gulf 1988. Note Weapons positions on Barge.

SBU-12 SWCC (BoatGuys) train with hand guns at La Posta 1997 Practical jokes were common place amongst boatguys SBU-12 detachment Operation Earnst Will, Persian Gulf 1987
10 meter RHIBs prep for ops, background is Squadron One building and static display of 23mm guns taken off of an Iranian gunboat. Matt Knight In Persian Gulf 1988

SBU-12  new MKV SOC arrive 1996 NAB 10meter RHIBs with Coronado bridge in background Pat Shima photo of his 120lb Cobia in the Persian Gulf in 1988, caught on the 776 BAT boat. Beer Mess Directive Letter submitted by Pat Shima. SBU-12 MKIIIPB off San Clemente Is

SeaFox Recovering Combat Swimmers - SBU-12 SBU-12 with UDT-12 Aboard at San Clementi Is Barge Hercules Captured Iran Ajar alongside taken from SBU-12 PBMKIII SBU-12 Op Earnst Will, MKIIIPB at Harqus Island SBU-12 Op Earnst Will, 1987 note SWCLs & 57' MSB
A PBMKIII on step and weapons manned 1985        

More SBU-12 photos
SBU-12 SWCL of Southern Calif.Coast in 1987 SEAFOX idling, note its low-profile in water 1987 SEAFOX was a WET RIDE at speed and worse in heavy seas! a 30'RIB towing a Zodiac Refuels alongside a PC 1996 24' Rib with all the "gear" on Board where do we put the SEALs?? 1996

1996 SWCC crewman shoots a M-60 mg off 24'RIB at SCI 1996 30' RIB with Consol aft 10Meter RIB of Pt Loma The Brand New MKVs arrive 30' RIB with SEALs on Board

The 33' Fountain HSB (High Speed Boat.) They were the cutting edge for NSW boats in Desert Storm/Desert Shield in 1990-91.

06-23-07 LCDR Jack Spratt  (Biography Here)   Here is a couple of photos I scanned. Two are the effects of running the boats in the oil slick. There are two are pix of Thanksgiving barbecue on the pier at Ras Al Mishab. And last, I'm adding two pix of the swari (sp) patrol boat that was in Kuwait Harbor the day of the cease fire. I believe the gun on the front is a ZSU-24, like the one that SBU 12 had in their old compound.

Visit Jacks PCF-48 Website at https://jackrvn70.neocities.org/ 



The Case for High Speed Boats in Fleet Support Headed back to NAB Coronado    

  SBU-12 Scorpian HSB Desert Shield/Storm 1990 Scorpian and Setton HSBs transfer gear along side "Happy Duck" the mother ship and one of the survivors from the Kuwaiti Navy that escape Iraqi Invasion. The Setton and Scorpian would be the First Boats in the Gulf during Desert Shield. Later 33' Fountains and 24'RIBs would follow. Scorpian HSB would receive major hull damage trying to rescue a downed pilot in heavy seas during DESERT STORM

Added 01-05-08 ->
Desert Storm 33' Fountain HSB rehearsing SEAL Support Op. Note Zodiac on Bow. Towed 33' Fountain HSB in Post Desert Storm Victory Parade in Downtown Coronado Calif.   24' Hurricane RIB took 4 of these craft to support a Seal PLT. 30' RIB det. holding comm. checks at dusk. 90% of all SWCC ops are done at night.

30' RIB with SEALs onboard towing a Zodiac
SBU-12 Halter HSB Halter HSB showing console, gun and pax positions Some of SBU-12's HSB BOYZ SBU-12 first type HSB the Setton. This flying boat is driven by Jack Spratt.

Added 05-08-08  
  SBU-12 combatant craft formation circ 1998.IN SBU-12 inventory MKVSOC, 11meter RHIBs
10meter RHIBs, 30' IRHIB, and 24' Hurricane RHIB
The clean lines and cool cammo of a Halter HSB A SBU-12 armed Halter HSB and rigged for a fast tow.

Added 12-11-2010    
  HSB Scorpian during Desert Storm Scorpian tying up at a tiny base and Big Pier Saudi Arabia Desert Storm    

Added 07-23-08

A HSB Crew of a 40'Fountain making preps to get underway. The FIRST MKVSOC of SBU-12 1996 A SWCC in tactical flotation and gortex circ 1997 30'IRIB with SWCC and SEALs  50 Cal ammo ready to go
40' Fountain HSB 10 meter ribs and the eternal watchtower from BSU-1 days      

Added 11-29-2011  
  Halter HSB Halter HSB Two HSBs at Dawn  

Added 02-16-2014        

Hold for for Tony Smith paragraph  
  Tony Smith Boggies in the Sandbox 1991 SBU-12det in Sandbox 1991 The Oil Fires from Kuwait Desert Storm. HSBs -a Scorpion, a Fountain and 2 Settons  

10-20-08 Craig Chapman BMCS  I was Command Senior Chief off and on, for over four years from 1982 to 1986 at Special Boat Unit 12. During this time we were going through extraordinary growth, increasing from 100 to 250. and the introduction of many new craft and concepts like the Special Operations Crew (SOC) making us the largest command in SPECWAR on the strand. I made numerous deployments world wide and three deployments as Leading Chief of the Special Boat Detachment (SBD) WestPac in Subic Bay P.I. Some of the Best years of my life.

BMCS  Craig Chapman CSC SBU-12 SBU-12 UNIT Photo circ 1984-86 Zoom for faces SBU-12 Officers and Chiefs of SBU-12 Circ 1984-86 Zoom for faces

Special Boat Detachment Office Subic bay Officer in Charge PB 775 Two Budwisers and a Acorn...CMC Davis(SEAL) CSC Chapman, CMC Star (SEAL) SEAFOX in a C-141 Special Boat Detachment WESTPAC ...BMCS Chapman, Lt Sherrill, Lt Walden

Off Duty Bar Olongapo
Craft Master ASDV-3 kelp beds San Clementi Is.
Me outside CPO barracks NAB Coronado Me on PB751 tied up San Clementi Island. CraftMaster ASDV-3 SOCAL SCPO Craig Chapman.


More photos HERE of SBU Det1.

Alongside the Fuel Pier, Point Loma, Calif on ASDV-3   Predeployment Riverine Training with SBUXI 12 guy riding in a PBR
SBUXI trainers debriefs SBU-12

SBU-XI PBRMKII with SBU-12 crew and XI trainers        

(01-05-09) Bill Sherrill, CDR USN, Retired I served with SBU-12 from November 1983 to August 1985.  I served initially as the maintenance officer, before becoming OIC of DET Bravo.  The most significant maintenance issue I can remember had to do with the Detroit Diesel's turbo chargers.   Read More Here

(01-24-09) Tim Curry, GMC, SWCC.  1996 SWCC Class 20, 1996-2001 SBU-12, 2001-2005 SBT-12,  retired 2006.

SWCC Class 20 Graduation Day at NSWCenter Receiving my diploma from Cmdr Mike Howard. C.O. SBU-12 SWCC was a Tough School. SBU-12 Pier too high, boat too small, and sun too hot,....Saudi Arabia 30' IRHIB, Heck they will let anybody drive, should I say .... Damn broke down again But Sir ..its my sandwich.. Take the Gatoraid. The LT a great OIC
RIB det Delta, ARG Alpha, on USS Duleuth LPD-6 and ST-1 Hplt. GREAT DET. Me on a another fly away.
Korea and ROK SEALs Foal Eagle 99 LNO with ST-5 NSTWU MkV Fit Team Instructors On MkV Fit Team Training
MkVs and another beautiful sunset. Catching afew ZZZZs where ever you can.     MKV and 11 meter Ribs

(04-05-09) SBC Robin McKinney USNR Ret   - The Great Baby Powder Capper 1995   One summer some of us found ourselves down at SBU-26 “filling-in” while SBU-26 dets  were forward deployed down South. Mr. Kessel, our XO, and Mr. Maxim, our Ops Boss, made the trip with us. One morning while we were doing some work on one of 26’s PBL’s (a Boston Whaler),     Read More Here

(04-20-09)  Photos from ET2 Stephen Pryor  SBU-12 1986-1989

ARG at Range in PI
L to R ET Naranjo, BM2 Jones,
back L to R EN3 Castro, ETSN Pryor, EN3 Sheer, EN1 Perry
SEAFOX 8214 in PI ETSN Pryor firing 50cal MG on SWCL 8214 ET3 Jerry Naranjo working in Conex Box
Persian Excursion Patrol Boat MKIII
WIMBROWN VII On Patrol. Note 81 mortar round and crew is SBU-13 Pouncer duty on Barge WBVII Familiar sight the Arab DHOW The Ill Designed, and Ill Fated SEA VIking...SWCM of the Mid 80s. Here is the not finished Hulk

(added 10-20-09) 1984 Photos from John Lockhart -  For the ARG platoon Skip, Bob and I were assigned to SEAL Team One Hotel Platoon. To start the six-month tour we put the Sea Fox and two Zodiac's to the test. We started at SD1 off Point Loma and went 100 miles out to San Clemente Island in a sea state 5 then turned around without stopping and returned to base.  read more here

Jeff Maddox and John Lockhart PL on Ops in PI Watching Demo blow in PI from a PL Body surfing behind PL John Lockhart on PL in Subic Bay PI.
Launching SEAFOX on our ARG deployment Another view of Seafox SWCL Crew in Coastie  survival suits The ARG Mothership  

(01-20-10) Photos from B. Meland see also SBU12 and SBT-12

Promotion  and Pinning to Chief Petty Officer
(left) C.O. SBU-12 Capt Mike Howard (middle) CPO B. Meland (right)CMC Mike Thompson
MK-19 training at Camp Pendleon 1997 Combat Medic training 1997 RIB Det Golf underway training Kodiak Alaska Nov 1997 Off loading 24'Rib from C-130 Feb 1998
MP5 training at La Posta April 1997 24'Zodiac Hurricane RHIB Launching Ribs for the USS Fort McHenery some where in South China Sea. Rib Det GOLF underway near Guam Rib Det Golf in the port of Rota, Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Is. Sept 98. Rib Det Golf also went to Malaysia, and Brunei.

(Added 04-31-2010) BMC Thomas Schmidt, (ret) I was at SBU-12 from May 1987 - May 1991, during that time we were involved with operations  around the globe, working  independently, and hand in hand with the Navy SEALS.  It was by-far the most challenging, rewarding and memorable command  of my 20 year career.  Read his great history lesson HERE.

PB776 Crew Photo May 1988 Det LT Hildebrand in the middle.
Stormy day in skids WBVII, note MK-19 GL used as barge defense when in skids Heavy seas in the Persian Gulf during Earnst Will. We rode out 25 Ft seas and 70 knot wind for days,
finally they sent us to Kuwait.. 10 hours later they sent back out with 15-20 seas and 50 knot winds It was the 5 most miserable days of my life.
WB VII Lifting a PB out of water PG 1988. Lifting a PBMKIII out of water the hull shows hard duty in Gulf.
Preparing to Lift a Pb on to Barge.. Joaquin the rigger in blue coveralls, Lt Oberholtzer in foreground PB tied alongside Wimbrown VII.
Tom Schmidt   in water behind 776 holding on swimmers platform. The PB Dets of WIMBROWN VII Tom Schmidt   with M-60 the John Wayne photo.
Sunset in Gulf GMG1 Jose Garcia flashing the Peace Sign. Old encrusted Myan Mine came floating by the barge after storm, looked like a bag of trash we got a closer look it was a mine. EOD came out and Blew it up. The mine explodes in background. Schmidt   shooting M-16/203 during Det Training Camp Pendleton... "say hello to my leeetle friend". PBMKIII on step in Philippines. 
The 12 Boys in Korea on PB. Schmidt and his Boys. Earnst Will map. Sunset in Gulf, PB and Wimbrown in background.  

(04-27-12) Thomas Schmidt

Barge Commander Cmdr Gary Stubblefield SEAL (right bald) akso on far Left Lt Kilrain SEAL (aka KILL_RAY) others need ID "Best C.O. I served under" to Quote Jim Gray

Sunset in the  Northern Gulf  WBVII, Martha (tug) and PBMKIII Hilldebrand all dressed up and ready to go, bottom Right Lt Chuck Chaldeckus SEAL Det Charlie OIC Lt Hilldebrand on PBMKIII Preparing to Lift PBMKIII Barge Foreman Jaquein in charge
Heavy seas in Gulf is  good day to be in skids "Steel Liberty" alongside a FFG got haircuts and ships store Another Day In Gulf Chow Hall WBVII Chow hall  Good food from the "Spinnies"

Need ID


Det Workup Weapons training M-60-E3 Det Weapons Training 50 Cal Camp Pendleton Calif M-60s Familiarization


50. Cal Fam Fire DET Charlie 1988  WBVII Plaque.

(06-05-2010) Tim Sanchez (QMSN/SBU-12)    Chief Gray, I don’t know if you remember me or not (probably not, LOL) but I was deployed with you in the PG in 1988.  I was with SBU 12 on the 775 with Matt Knight.  Anyway, I have some photos from that deployment if you all would like to have them for your site.    View about 50 more photos HERE.

Roy Cantrelle photos  
  The HSB BOYZ from SBU-12. SBU-12 Halter HSB. SEALs and HSB doing VBSS  

(Added 06-01-2010)  Citation for meritorious achievement in response to the 14 April 1988 USS Samuel B. Roberts striking an Iranian mine in international waters of the Persian Gulf.


(Added 08-05-2010)  Steve Chance -  SBU-12 This story is about the Kuwaiti Navy and Coast Guard. Something that you have to know about the Kuwaiti Navy and CG is that there are only three things that they are afraid of. The Ocean. The Dark. And each other. When I was told that I was being sent out to act as a liaison officer for NSW assets in the Persian Gulf. Man, I thought I had hit the big time. Like my years of experience were not only being recognized but also rewarded. Little did I know. they just needed a form of maritime referee to keep our guys from getting shot up by friendlies. But what is it that they say about friendly fire? Basically the job was for . . .   read more here

(Added 10-26-2010) SEAN KIENTZ SBU-12 1994-2000 (more Sean ph0tos at SBT-22 and SWCC.)
After awards ceremony Me and the NEW MKVs PT swim weekly to Bay Bridge PT Bridge swim 24'Hurracane Ribs Korea 1996 Riding the Ribs Japan Island Hopping
SBU-12 Rib Det  1996 Sean Kientz  Night Ops on Rib Korea. Japan  Dive Ops 1996 Japan Jumper Recovery MKV of Det Charlie NAB Coronado
Loading MKV on C-5 for Tandem Thrust in Aussie Land! Sunset on MKV Firing the Twin 50s during Det workups The Original  MKV Det Charlie in Bahrain first deployment of the MKV in Gulf. Me and the Twins 1998

Naked Warrior on MIO Ops  VBSS Ops against IRAQ Smuggling. It was Real World our 40 days was very successful and we

"Ditch or Go Bag" by GQ station Det Charlie MKV Operating in the Persian Gulf. 1998

recovered over 600 metric tons of contraband not including ships and Crews we took over.

(added10-26-2010) Troy Schimdt - Here is some info about my time at SBU-12.

  • I reported to SBU-12 in April 1992 as a ENFA. I then attended Special Warfare Craft Crewmember School, Class #3  on Sept, 1992. Then my 1st  deployment was; ARG Alpha Det Bravo, USS Juneau LPD 10;  Oct 1992 - April 1993

  • I received a Letter of Commendation, Vice Admiral Katz, for missions in Mogadishu, Somalia 1992. Then provided Security for U.S. President George W. Bush;  Mogadishu, Somalia 1992 for that visit. Then received the Combat Action ribbon; Somalia 1992

  • Became a Trusty Shellback, USS Juneau LPD 10, March 1993

  • My 2nd deployment was ARG Alpha Det Bravo, USS Duluth LPD 6; Jan - July,1994

  • Then to Army Parachute Rigger School;  Aug,1994 and then Army Airborne jump school, Fort Benning ,Ga;  Nov, 1994. From that we attempted to set up SBU-12 Air Operations, 1994

  • Additional training included NSW Freefall training; Feb,1995 then became the Static Line Jump Master, Drop Zone Safety Officer; June, 1995

  • My 3rd deployment; ARG Bravo Det Golf, Okinawa, Japan “Southeast Asia”  Oct, 1995- April,1996.

  • The 4th deployment was in Kodiak, Alaska; July-Dec 1996.

  • My Quals were: POIC and Chief Engineer; 24ft RIB, 30ft RIB and 10m RIB.

  • I left SBU-12  March,1997 as a EN2.

(added 10-26-2010) 30' I-RIB Photos

(10-22-2010) Jim King GM1(SW/SWCC)    Jim, I was at SBU-12 From 94-99.  GMM1(SW) when I got there GM1 (SW/SWCC) when I left. I was training on the 30' I-rhib when the 10M P-rhib had come to SBU12.  Once I got use to the notion of the wind and water in my face and I kind of started to like the rhibs.  (I just moved from the PB's) Anyway I liked the maneuverability of the I-rhib,   (more here)

Jim King Photos:        
    Green water Crashback on 10meter Rib.
      SOCSOUTH Gen Brown  GM1 Jim King, Capt of SBU-12 Mike Howard, ENCS Perry Navarro
Boat guys can drive anything!!! That's me driving the M113 in Korea during Foal Eagle.  I forget what year.  The airman let us drive his "tank".  I asked if he would get in trouble... He said "what are they gonna do?  Send me to Korea..." This was at Kunsan Air base. (tent city) - Jim King

 (Added 01-24-2011)  Benny Juarez - While conducting our work up for deployment to Guam in 1993 93-3 PB Det. Our OIC decided we should lay a track to Dana Point for lunch, (Academy Boys) then we would head to Camp Pendleton for our work up. As I was standing forward as we passed the famous Oceanside landmark (the smoke stack) I looked in the water and saw what appeared to be a huge barnacle-lined whale surfacing directly under our Patrol Boat #755. Suddenly we rode the crest directly above her and boom we had just ran over a friggin whale. Panic ensured as our OIC yelled all engines stop, battle assessment. Whale dead two screws turned into pork rinds and lunch has resorted to canned food heated on the exhaust manifold. We had to wait for the divers and we limped home on one engine. That sucked. - Benny

(Added 01-24-2011)
  Old Pin New Pin MKV Foxtrot Last Detachment
Killer had these in '97 SBU-12 sticker 10meter Rib a MKV retrieving a Seadoo  

(04-21-2011) Wade Trip, QM3 - I'm glad that you can use the pic's Jim. My Highest rank was QM3. I was at SBU-12 from Nov 88 to July 92. I made 3 PI dets April to Oct 89, Jan to July 90 and Oct 90 to April 91. During the first Det I was a PB crewmember the other 2 I was an LCPL coxswain. Then in April 91 i spent 6 months in Kodiak, 3 training on the RHIBs and the next 3 helping train with PO1 Wilson. Then I did an ARG Det Jan to July 92. I will see if i can remember some more detail for some of the pic's. The first 3 pics were taken on Corregidor Island in Manila Bay the first is a Japanese gun the second is a sign for Battery Way and the third is Dan Rolfe. The fourth pic was taken in Kuwait we were firing AT4's at some bombed out trucks. The 2 RHIB pics were taken in Kodiak as we were taking them to Anchorage AK. The first LCPL pic has me on it in PI the 2nd one is in PI. The group pic is a party i threw for my son's christening in late 90 early 91 in PI. The PB pic is in PI, but not sure who is in the pic. There is another pic of the RHIB in Kodiak, then a pic of the 40MM canon that we had taken of the PB's. The last pic is on the USS Duluth with a Thai SpecWar that the SEAL's were working with. I still have the shirt in that pic, but it fits my son much better :)  The letter included was a letter of thanks for saving a Philippine national after a storm that had wrecked his boat in 89. I spent one week at Camp Monterey in Kuwait with the Seals guarding there stuff so they could go out and play it was just after the war was over in 92 . I was in Kodiak April to Oct of 91I hope this is enough info to get started with I will get you more pics when I find my other photo album.

  PBs in Manila Bay   Wade Tripp with 81mm Mortar in PB in Subic.
(Added 05-30-2012) ->  
  Wade Trip in Kuwait.   Firing a AT-4 in Kuwait, 1992. In Kuwait with Doug Dockstader  

Steven Mironchick SBU-12 - The Seafox was a great boat and platform for the operations it was designed to do. The problem came was when you start operating them in above Sea State 3 and 4. Then it could be "What's happening next??"" I had two occasions where I lost all communication suites. Lucky for me and everyone . . . Read this and more from Mal Flisk,  Bill Redman with a comment from Matt Knight. SBU-12

Mal Fisk adds: I am trying to remember the first name of the guy who died on a Seafox in the Philippines, performing a ship attack on a DD or DDG outside of Subic Bay.  His last name was Christman, and his deck hand was a former AF PJ.  They were passing aft of the ship and jumped the wake and the fox porpoised in and was fully submerged.  When it came back up, Christman was bleeding from his ears.  The canopy over the pilot flat had coolapsed.  The ex PJ tried to perform CPR, but he never came back.  There was a 2nd fox with them and they towed them back.

(added 06-24-2011)    SBU-12 HSB Det. conducting VBSS training Exercise.

On HSB SEALs prep the" painters pole and hook" Final instructions between Boatguys and SEALs. HSB Boatguyz HSBs making the run in on ship. The Halter HSB makes its stern approach.
The Hook and Ladder goes up Hooking on.. Note Caving ladder. Once hooked on ship the HSB must match an maintain same speed with ship underway.

The critical hook man with painter's pole. A view from boat.

Caving ladder secure the HSB coxsain is holding the same speed and alongside the ship.
With caving ladder secure  the SEAL get the "Good to Go"

A SEAL climbs caving ladder.

SEALs climb aboard and the ship is theirs.

SBU-12 Halter HSB refuels underway from a Fuel Bilvet.


(Added 10-12-2011) Phil Abriaira  photos


Long service in Persian Gulf she shows wear and tear.

SBU-12 PB crew Persian Gulf April to Nov 88 in photo.


(Added 11-29-2011)  

PB MKIIIs tied to Wimbrown VII Persian Gulf 1988

Wimbrown VII with her tug Martha Persian Gulf 1989 24'Hurricane RIB towing Zodiac  

From Henri Duncan (added 11-29-2011)

Henri Duncan and Chris Conlon when running SWCLs at NSWC

Seafoxes of Naval Special Warfare Center

Rib Det Juliet Okinawa  Henri Duncan Matt Hoag and Todd Bruce 

Henri Duncan on Range  Slow is smooth..Smooth is Fast Mad Skills Henri Duncan driving 30' IRIB
Henri Duncan driving 30' IRIB Henri Duncan and Harry Hill on HSB The HSB Boyz of SBU-12    

(Added 12-29-2011)  GMG2 Chris Cox SBU-12 ,1988-1996 

Wedge formation GMG2 Chris Cox on Setton HSB EN1 Cal Hastings on Fountain HSB 

Generation 1 HSB 27' SETTON, OIC GMG2 Cris Cox,         CHENG EN2, Elmer Williams Gunner and GMG3 Todd Stublik

Generation 2 HSB 33' Fountain, POIC Cal Hastings and NAV Dave Wiley 

Fountain 2 HSB with Setton HSB behind in spray 

 J.E.S.T. Jungle Enviornment Survival Training  P.I. Chris Cox  and  Gary Akers

PB DET NSWU-1 Cris Cox  and Kevin Dressner 

 PB DET NSWU-1   Bobby Carter and Chris Cox 

PB MKIII  NSWU-1 Subic Bay P.I.  MM2 Johnny McClelland  Pulling out Setton HSB at Coronado Boat Ramp Chris Cox Elmer Williams 
NSWU-1 Subic Bay P.I. award Ceremony  GMG2 Chris Cox  Breakfast on pier after all night Ship Attacks Cris Cox and Elmer Williams ( he had hair then)  HSB POIC Elmer Williams in My opinion I consider Elmer Williams one of the Best Drivers PERIOD!!!! Halter HSBs in Tight formation  Halter HSBs in Tight POIC EN2 Elmer Williams CHENG Gary Akers 
Halter HSBs heading Home note Coronado Bridge.  Halter HSB on My Tail  Halter HSB note Four Gun Stations... here mounting four 50cal HMGs  Halter HSB  with Engine Hatch open ...note engine exhausts  Halter Generation 3 HSB looking at Coxswain and Engineer and 50 Cal MG 
Halter HSB crew stations  Navigation, Coxswain, Engineer        

(Added 12-29-2011) MAL FLISK - In 1984 I received T.A.D. orders to take a SEAFOX to Pt Hueneme, CA. So those involved loaded the 814 SWCL on to its trailer and towed it up with a 5 ton truck and the crew in a weapons carrier. When we arrived we kept our SEAFOX in a NASA Fuel Tank Recovery Building.

Our Job was to provide a low-profile radar detection study of the Special Warfare Craft Light (SEAFOX). To do that we were ordered to Paint the Hull of the SEAFOX bright COPPER! This study was a Skunkworks Project led by Kelly Johnson. He was a nice guy and spent some time with us boat crew explaining what was up on this study.

Webmasters Artist Rendition of the Copper SEAFOX.

So for two weeks we did our underway ops at night from Midnight to 4am so the Local Boats were at the minimum and visibility was low. The runs we did were for the Radars to read our cross sections Bow on, Aft, Port and Starboard in calm and heavy sea.

They also removed the RAM on our mast to test the effectivness of the Radar Absorbent Materials.

During this period we lived the good life in a Hotel for about Two weeks, and it was good T.A.D. away from SBU-12.

But it was a Bitch to remove the Copper Paint off of the Hull. I understand a nice classified report was produced as a result.

(Added 01-27-2012  
  Capt Tom Campbell left and some of his Boatguys Armed Seafox on Step 30' IRib  

(Added 02-28-2012) My name is Rolly Pingol, ENC retired.  Thanks for the nice website, I enjoyed the pictures and stories as it brought back some awesome memories.  I'm very proud to have been a part of the US Navy's small boat community, Warboats, specially under NSWU-1. I served as EN1, ENC with SBU-12 in 1978- 1981 as engineer of ASDV-1 and two deployments, MST-3. I recognize some of the shipmates in the pictures and

attaching a few here.  I even saw my name in one of the documents posted. CO at the time, CDR Wellbourne and his XO, CDR Craine. I was initiated as CPO in Subic and the officer who represented me then was LT MacRaven.
Thank you again for creating and maintaining the beautiful website.  God Bless! 
Keep it going... Go Warboats!  Rolando Pingol  Jacksonville, FL

(Added 03-27-2012)Troy Heuer - Rosters as recalled during his tour at SBU-12

CMDR   P.T. Smith  SEAL
CMDR T.J. Campbell  SEAL 

Lt Cmdr Pete Wikeil
Lt Cmdr  Brinkman 

Lt Goshey
BMCS Gracio
PN1  Rice
NC1 Cimpliciano
P O  Cerrano
SN Murphy
GMG2 Rassmusen
PO Troy Schmidt
PO Beaumont
IC3 "Mouse"
PO Shuttleworth
PO Butler
PO2 Domke
PO Tiro
EN2 Luke
ENFN Sanders
EN3 Tinney
GMG2  Chambes
GMG2 Noffsinger
PO2 Penns
ETC Mitchell
ET2 Burdrakey
BM2 O'Brian
CWO2  Boswell
ETC Harris
EN1 Cogburn
ST1 Sobel
ET1 Campbell
EN1 Love
BM2 Juarez
EN2 Docksteder
SN Brewer
BMC Rhoades

Training Dept
GMG2 Rusty Carr
GMC Gibson
EN2 Calley
QM1 Wylie
LT Masi
QM2 Kraft 

Lt Snell
GMG2 Weatherford
GMG3  Mulkey
GMG2 Stubelick
GMG2 Adams
GMG2 Daniels
GMG2 Maiden
GMG2 Mimms
GMC Gibson
GMC Basillo 

Medical Dept:
Lt Langmeiier (Female)
HM1 Cole
HM2 Bergendal
HM3 Anderson
HM3 Sosa
HM3 Spencer

PO Schoen
PO Fox
PO Downs
PO Helveston
PO Marisquerra SEAL
HTFn  Delrosiers

EN2 Hoag
BM2 Smith
HT1 Knuffman
QM2 Tausch
GMG3 Prins
ET1 Ziemon
PO Gaidonowitz
GMG2 Swanson
BM3 Wuddel
EN3 Erozsky
PO Tiro
GMG2 Moegenburg
PO Curtis
PO2 Carr 

GMG3 Cox
GMG2 Schinppel
PO Frenchy


94-1 PB Det (Guam) Oct Det 
Lt Oakes
CPO Wilson
ET2 Williams
EM2 Sanchez
GMG3 Whalen
GMGSN Blaubaugh
HTC Harper?
PO Ackerman
PO2 Gilgrease
GMG2 Brantley
PO Miller ( left in Guam for dental work)

94-2 PB Guam Jan. Det. (The Last Real 6month Det)
Lt McClelan
EN1 Scott
BM2 Haddox
ET2 Mendoza
GMG2 Godwin
EN2 Jackson
EM3 Johnson
EM3 Livengood
GMG3 Moore
GMG2 Heuer
HM3 Spencer
SKSN Masch 

94-3 Final PB Det (Guam) April Det ?
BMCS Shanchez
BMC Christianham
GMG2 Carrol
HTSN (DV) Desrosiers
QM2 Robinson
PO2 Roman
PO Garrett

My SWCC schoolhouse Instructors
My Class started up July 19 and ended Aug 27 1993


My Det doing a water to Land mission. This brought out some of the Best and worst of SBU/SBD This was supposed to be a E&E  with live fire exercise, but it sorta turned into a "Charlie Fox". In Photo Lt Oakes  CPO Wilson Tony Sanchez Williams, Livengood,Prins and Matt Hoag and me Bottom right

Me prepping gear for Op Note gear  UDT Life vest ,blue lens flash light ,90 rds ammo, 2 quart canteen, plus UDT Swim Fins on back


I was 23 years old at this time


Oct 8 93 I just returned from a Op ...it was cold!


MKIII PB at NAB Coronado
SWCC work on 30' Ribs at SBU-12

From the watch tower The PB is 755 my PB

La Posta  PO Miguel Mendoz and McMullen. Rusty car in Background and  870 shotguns in foreground

Det pre-deployment Weapons Training shooting  50cal off Weapons trailer Loading the 81mm Mortar

SWCC gear: Blue and Gold t-shirt, UDT swim fins  K-bar on belt UDT life vest Coral bootees, UDT swim trunks SBU-12 Patch and SBD det patch

Another view note hell box

My Normal load for OP Boatguys will know what it is.

another view Gold side out on blue and gold T-shirt, Mask an fins K-Bar and Coral booties and UDT Vest


(added 03-26-2012) Glenn A. Marshall, Sr. QMC (SW/AW/CC), USN, Ret, SBU-12 Feb 1986 – May 1989 

Assigned duties:
    Qualified NEC 9533 and skippered Sea Spectre Class III - PB 736 / 737 / 751 / 776 and ASDV-1 NEC 0161
    Selected as SBU-12 Command Career Counselor

DET “A” LPO – Deployed to Subic then redeployed to ASU Bahrain

  • Assigned to COMEDEASTFOR onboard USS LaSalle “The Great White Ghost of the Arabian Coast”

  • Chauffeured SECDEF Casper Weinberger, Senator Ted Kennedy (MA) and ADM William Crowe, CJCS to view captured Iranian barge/crew members

  • 1st NSWU crew assigned to convert Wimbrown VII aka “Bulls Eye” / Hercules aka “Target” – converted 2 oil servicing barges to Mobile Sea Bases

  • 1st Around-the-World Detachment (SDiego-Pearl-Guam-Subic-USS ST Louis-Bahrain-Souda Bay-Naples-Rota-Philly and SDiego)

  • Received 2 extra SEAL Platoons and 2 USMC LAD “Stinger Missile” Teams from Camp Pendleton

  • Performed around-the-clock armed taxi and limo service between all Navy vessels in the area

  • Fought against several Iranian Sea Spectre Class I PB’s and armed Boghammers (Cigarette boats) to protect Sitrah Anchorage

  • Returned fire and captured “Iran Ajr” and crew members along with several unexploded mines

  • Operation Earnest Will aka “Persian Excursion”  -  DET “C” LPO – Deployed to Subic then redeployed to ASU Bahrain

  • Operation Praying Mantis – 14 April 1988  -  DET “H” LPO – Deployed to Subic

Selected as SBU-12 Chief Master-at-Arms 

Glenn Marshall - 38 years with the Navy - Remember, the Only EZ Day Was Yesterday, 

USN Sept 1974 – May 1995
USN Civil Service 1995 – Present (Served with Lee Wahler at COMSC in DC) 


(Added 03-27-2012)  SBU-12 Coffee Cup from SKSN Nick Backman 1988-1990

SBU-12 Patch made in Pattaya Beach Thailand during Cobra Gold 94 designed by CPO Harper and made up by Troy Heuer. Shows a Willard 24'Rib, 30 IRIB an HSB and a PBMKIII

(Added 05-30-2012)  Cris Robosky

Barge Hercules Persian Gulf 1989. The Herc doing helo ops with "Happy Duck". SBU-12 Det on Hercules 1989.

SBU-12 MKIII PB on Herc.

New 25mm Chainguns replace the old 40mm on bow of PB MKIIIs.
Armed Seafox and Crew at SBU-12..note watchtower. SWCL crew prepares for underway gunshoot. Great photo of a Armed Seafox getting underway.

Setton HSB of SBU-12 1990.

a MKIV PB in Panama Canal.

  Pat Shima - Added a huge assortment of photos. They are located here.

(Added 01-22-2013) Jeff Cuzzano
HSB Boyz of 12 with Jeff Cuzzano Halter HSB

Old School SBU-12 plaque

Jeff Cuzzano on 33'fountain HSB


(added 04-22-2013)    
  One of the transition RIBs  LeCompt. PBMKIII recovering SEALs and IBS    

(added 07-05-2013)  EN1 William S. Redmond (SWCC) USN Ret. 9533/5652, Served May 1980 - October 2002.

My Special Warfare career was a glimmer of light back in 1982 while on board the USS Duluth LPD 6. I saw my future; a Combatant Craft Crewmen or Navy SEAL. Forward deployed to Thailand, the ships movement was well-ordered to go straight to Lebanon under contingency. This is where I met . . .  The whole story HERE with lots of pictures.

HSB Off loaded from C5  (added 07-05-2013) Capt Tom Campbell promotes Todd Bruce (added 07-05-2013)      

(added 09-27-2013)   Jason Arringdale

(added 03-20-2014)  Stephen Coulston SBU-12
Steve Coulston and Lars Hausken RIB DET Bravo on Deployment 1999  

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