Boats Walker - SBU-22


SBU-22 History by Thomas R Walker (Tommy) BMCS (sw) (cc) RET.


10-06-06  My name is Thomas R Walker ( Tommy ) BMCS (sw) (cc) RET. I served in SBU 22 as (Active Duty) Combat Craft Dept Head from August '84 thru September ' 87. Our "Skipper" was Crd Fisher and CWO4 Jim Pearson was the Eng Officer. I don't remember the XO's name. We had 22 PBR's and 22MATC's, and a couple of Boston Whalers.

I have found a couple of web sites about SpecWar and SpecBoats,and was surprised to learn that the SBU's are no-longer ! It also surprised me to learn our special boats are now at Stennis Space Center! That was, of course, our "play" area when I was there, and I guess it makes sense, it was a good place to train.

If you can, please tell me when the move took place, and, how many boats they have now. Maybe there is a web site for the NEW location.

Thanks for any info,    Boats Walker

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