SWCCs Conduct IAD Exercise


 By Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Robyn Gerstenslager, Naval Special Warfare Group 4 Public Affairs
 STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. (NNS) -- Special warfare combatant-craft crew members (SWCC) assigned to Special Boat Team (SBT) 22 participated in immediate action drills (IAD), Feb. 19-23, in preparation for the next deployment cycle.
 IADs are basic fundamentals to prepare SWCCs for a deployment in support of the global war on terrorism. SWCCs undergoing IAD training have already received basic familiarization training on the special operations craft riverine (SOC-R) utilized by SBT-22.
 This familiarization includes a coxswain qualification, which covers starting the boat, offloading the craft into the water and prepositioning the SOC-R for a fire fight. Finally, they learn to maneuver the boat with weapons on board before the weapons go live. During IADs, blank fire adapters are used.
 The special boat operators on board must be able to automatically respond in a firefight, without thinking twice. IADs help them become familiar with the movement of the SOC-R and the positioning of the other boats in a troop.
 "IADs teaches them how to respond in a fire fight, which is often a surprise, and how they would negotiate a contact," said Chief Special Boat Operator (SWCC)Andrew Kroll, training leading chief petty officer for SBT-22. "Then they understand where to be, because it's controlled chaos once the guns start firing."
 This phase of training is essential to build team cohesiveness.
 "This training is mission-essential; it exposes them to situations they may encounter while down-range," said SBT-22 Command Master Chief (SWCC) Jimmy Ferens. "It also reiterates the importance of trust in each other, their equipment and their abilities."
 Kroll said it is important to expose SWCCs to scenarios they will encounter while in theater. He relies heavily on the skills of the combat support Sailors (CSS) assigned to the special boat team to create these training environments.
 "I try to mock what they'll see down-range, through applicable instruction," said Kroll. "To build that model, you have to have those combat support Sailors."
 The CSS working at SBT-22 allow the special boat operators to focus solely on their operational responsibilities by maintaining the boat engines and electronic systems.
 Once SWCCs have completed their first IADs they continue to hone their skills in the "crawl, walk, run" training mentality.
 Now that this troop has mastered training with blank rounds, they will train on short-range training ammunition before going to live fire rounds in preparation for deployment.
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SBT-22 SWCC small arms training on range, its important to zero in your personal weapons. SWCC doing range work with their M-4s
SWCC on the river on training exercise note red BFA on barrel of MG.
SWCC good example of their headgear and comms and location of personal weapons. Training doesn't end when  the sun goes down.
SWCC checks the chamber of his LMG 240 Note the LMG 240 with Blank 7.62 ammo.

SWCC on river scan Riverbank ready for contact with the agressor force.
CONTACT! Return fire by a SWCC on Mini Gun