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The LSSC and HSSC Boats

MST-2 Boats

Photos from the 1969 photo collection of LT. Herbert M. Ruth, (deceased) SEAL Team Two DETACHMENT ALPHA, 9th PLATOON submitted by his son Kerry Ruth . Third column comments by Robert H "Bob" Stoner GMCM(SW)(Ret.)

  From Kerry Ruth From Robert Stoner

LSSC, SEAL Team Two, 9th Platoon, Detachment Alpha Operation.  Searching for Viet Cong KIA and weapons from firefight the previous night.  Photo taken by then Chief Warrant Officer Herb Ruth from an HSSC.  Republic of South Vietnam 1969. Photos, from top, #3 and 4 are of a Mk IV LCPL.  MST used four heavily modified LCPL's, none of which were exactly alike.  The yellow in both photos is primer paint that was applied before the top coat of green paint was applied.   Historical Note: GMG1 Mike E. Thornton was awarded the Medal of Honor on 31 October 1972 when he saved the lives of his three LDDN's and their senior advisor, LT Tom R. Norris, who was very badly wounded.  Previously, on 10 April 1972, the same LT Norris was awarded the Medal of Honor for the rescue of USAF Col. Iceal Hambleton, an electronic warfare officer, whose EB-66 aircraft had been shot down over VC/NVA controlled territory.  The book, and later movie, "Bat 21" tells the harrowing tale of escape, evasion, and rescue against overwhelming odds. 
LSSC, remnants of sampan on bow of LSSC from firefight the night before.  Same Op as above description.
I assume an HSSC.  GMG1 Frank Thornton, Pru Advisor, 9th Platoon, Detachment Alpha 1969.  Combined SEAL & LDNN, Lien Doc Nguoi Nhia (Vietnamese Navy Seals) Personnel with MST Personnel operating the HSSC.  Republic of South Vietnam 1969.
 HSSC Personnel along with SEAL and LDNN.  Republic of South Vietnam, 1969.
LSSC.  SEAL Team Two, 9th Platoon, Detachment Alpha Team member with LDNN aboard LSSC.  Republic of South Vietnam 1969. Photos 5 and 6 show the LSSC alongside the HSSC.  Each MST detachment arranged the interior of the assigned LSSC to suit the mission.  In this case, the Mk 58 mounts for the M60 machine guns have been repositioned to add an extra two along the sides of the personnel compartment.  The radome for the search radar is still fitted in this 1969 photo.  Many detachments removed the radar to increase interior space and to remove a potential shrapnel hazzard from a rocket hit.  [In actual use, the radar proved to be of limited use on the narrow canals.  Some units also experienced reliability problems with it.]  What looks like a black hose (below the .50 machine gun) in both photos is the pickup for the manually operated bilge pump.  In the last photo (#6), both M60 and M60D machine guns are fitted to this LSSC.  The M60D gun is the one with the dual spade grips, amidships, behind the radome.
LSSC moored alongside an HSSC. SEAL Team Two, 9th Platoon, Detachment Alpha.  Combined SEAL & LDNN Op.  Republic of South Vietnam 1969.

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