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John Rapp photos and Command Structure recollections


I was assigned to Boat Support Unit – 1 from 1966 to 1969.

Please find below that command structure…

COMMAND: Naval Operation Support Group – Pacific (Command Name Changed To: NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE GROUP – 1)

Units Under Command of Naval Special Warfare Group – 1 were as follows:

Naval Special Warfare Group – 1

  • SEAL Team-1 (SEAL-1 Platoons were deployed throughout Vietnam) ·
  • Underwater Demolition Teams – UDT-11, UDT-12, UDT-13 (UDT were deployed throughout Vietnam)
  • Boat Support Unit-1
  • Beach Jumper Unit-1

Detachments Under Boat Support Unit-1 Command

MOBILE SUPPORT TEAMS / SEAL Support Teams - 1, 2, 3 (a.k.a. MST-1, MST-2, MST-3)

While deployed to The Republic of South Vietnam these combat units were controlled administratively under the Naval Support Activity either in Danang (MST-1) or Saigon (MST-2, MST-3).

Naval Support Activity

  • Mobile Support Team – 1
  • Mobile Support Team – 2
  • Mobile Support Team – 3

The above information applies to NSWG West coast Coronado, California.

There was a sister command on the East coast which was NSWG-2…

Naval Special Warfare Group – 2

  • SEAL Team-2 (SEAL-2 Platoons were deployed throughout Vietnam) Underwater Demolition Team – UDT-21, UDT-22
  • Boat Support Unit – 2
  • Beach Jumper Unit – 2

There were no East coast Boat Support Unit assets deployed to Vietnam…


Photos from the John Rapp collection.

John Rapp GMG-2 My Tho 1968 John Rapp, Ed Blazina, MST-2 My Tho 1968 MST-2 out of My Tho 1968 MST-2 My Tho, 1968, Out in the middle of the river Jerry Stamie SEAL-2, 1967, Bien Thuy

SEAL-2 Bien Thuy, all the guns we had except for the old BAR, .45, 9mm., and M-79! MaCarthy’s rifle went over the side on the way to an op… It got booted over the side by some sleeping crew member on the bow of the LCPL (MSSC)… Oooooops!

Michael Calli MST-2, My Tho, 1968 Captured enemy combatants being secured on the LSSC on coastal op. Sanchez SEAL-2, 1968, My Tho MST-2 crew 1967 MST-2 Bien Thuy, Dung Island op, SEAL-2 squad, John Rapp MST-2 coxswain of LCPL (MSSC) 1967 - John Rapp – MST-2, new barracks East of the old Bien Thuy villa…

1968 - Bill Moreo MST-2 came down from Nhe Be, my gunner for this coastal op in the My Tho A/O., Two SEAL platoons – SEAL-1 and SEAL-2 Gorla Lt. MST-2 Mt Tho 1968 Can’t remember… Might be op’s up in Nhe Be LDNN and John Rapp, Op off DE and Coast Guard cutter… Roger Kaufman MST-2, John Rapp MST-2, My Tho…

John Rapp MST-2 and Mike Walsh – SEAL-2 / Retired as a Commander John Rapp, MST-2, on the deck of the HSSC (LCM-6 converted), My Tho John Rapp & Rudy Boesch  Bill Moreo (Gunner on my insertion boat), John Rapp – MST-2 – My Tho, Two Platoon op. SEAL-1 Vinh Long and SEAL-2 of My Tho. 1968 – MST-2 My Tho, Photo by John Rapp…  SEAL-2 Stoner man was Curtis or Ashton… One of those fella’s was KIA later on. HSSC (LCM-6) Skip Lautsenhiser(spelling) MST-2 on right wearing the beret.

1966  -  PTF-13 Red Eye Missile firing position starboard quarter. John Rapp was one of the missile operators. Lt. Braly was the CO of PTF-13 at the time. We were off Ana Cappa Island PMTR / up the coast near Ventura. 1969 MST-2 MY Tho – That’s John Rapp on roof of villa Bin Thuy MST-2 operation – Photo by John Rapp… SEAL-1 guys Stouffer and I can’t remember the other fella’s name… I remember it was a joint operation with two platoons either on the Bassac or further North. 1968 or early 1969, My Tho… MST-2 John Rapp and SEAL-2 Pete Girard, on roof of villa… SEAL-2 Terry Sullivan, MST-2 and platoon operation either in 1967  or 1968 out of Bien Thuy or My Tho. One the few times we operated off a ship and Coast guard Cutter

MST-2 Coastal operation out of My Tho… Had to be 1968 or early 1969…  on LSSC John Rapp, Bill Moreo to left (can’t see his face!)  SEAL-2 MST-2 normal extraction / low tide… SEAL-2 Peter Irish closest to LSSC…  My Tho A/O… 1968 SEAL-2 Bill MaCarthy MST-2 Bien Thuy 1967 SEAL-2 Doc Martin, MST-2 Bien Thuy ,,, I can’t remember for sure… 1967 MST-2 My Tho 1968 or early 1969. Normal extraction, squad op, HSSC, no LSSC on this op…

SEAL-2 John Jaunzems, Bien Thuy, 1967, Stoner man!!! January 1968, Lt. Bill Bishop, looks like this may have been the old STAB, last one floating before it was dropped by a huey… Piece of junk, poor design, couldn’t take a wave over the stern without swamping. SEAL-2 Squad Bien Thuy at new barracks. Lt. Bishop (left side), John Jaunzems (right side with Stoner, Bill McCarthy (black face kneeling in front of John, Sam Fornier (back right)- 1967    
PTF-13 Crew Members
Naval Special Warfare Group - 1
Boat Support Unit - 1
CNO Project
O/S 126
Project REDEYE
Redeye Shoulder Fired Passive Infra-Red Heat Seeking Missile
J. W. Sudduth - Commanding Officer / BSU-1
Date(s) From: Sep-66  
  To: Mar-67  
The below listed names are included on my 'Letter of Appreciation' from the Commanding Officer of Boat Support Unit - 1
  Rate First Middle Last Service SN MOS Assignment
1 Lt Sam W Braly USN   1105 CO
2 LtJG John W Woody USN   1105 XO
3 ENS Thomas   Gorla USN   1105 XO
4 EN-1 Jack W Sherman USN      
5 ET-1 James T Randazzo USN      
6 QM-1 John S Kearns USN      
7 GMG-1 Raymond D Woods USN      
8 EM-2 Joe E Kizer USN      
9 EN-2 William F Moreo USN      
10 GMG-2 Thomas R Turner USN      
11 ET-3 Richard R Stenger USN      
12 BM-3 Donald R Van Horn USN      
13 GMG-3 John R Rapp USN     Redeye Missile Operator
14 FN Sammie K Gardner USN      
15 FN Bruce E McCormick USN      
16 FN Roy H Smalley USN      
17 FN Orley A Shaw USN      
18 SN George C Bosserdet USN      
19 SN Calvin J Reed USN      
20 SN Edward S Dixon USN