Ray "mad dog" Evanouski



OS2 Ray "Mad Dog" Evanouski PB757

San Clemente GunShoot on Weekend drill

12-28-06 - OS2 Ray "Mad Dog" Evanouski PB757  Do we all remember those tough and grueling "training evolutions" at beautiful San Clemente Island? Ah yes, loading up the old PBs; 20mm, .50 cal., 7.62mm, and my favorite: 81 mike mike mortar rounds.

All for an early Sat. morning underway. What? somebody has to stay aboard and guard the ammo while everybody else grabs a burger and a couple of brews at the bowling alley/snack bar? ok, gimme the .38 and I'll stand guard....wake me up when somebody stumbles in....

Mad Dog Evanouski finishes a sardine breakfast while OIC up chucks breakfast.

Whatdoyoumean get underway!!! Hell, the SUN is barely UP! The nice leisurely, balls to the wall trip to the gun range...How many times has EVERYBODY besides me, a misnamed OS, did a tour as duty engineer: tightening or loosening the shaft packings, checking the fuel tanks and filters, recording the pyrometer readings. Damn, those old 871s sure did get hot!

Then FINALLY getting to the range. Range is Hot!! Lock and load! High speed run to the beach, boats in line, 81's dropping into the draws up from the beach... oh lookie there! Goats running for their lives!! cool, moving targets!!!! 20's, M-60's, 50's all blasting away....Oh God, I think I'm getting a woody!! Sniff, " I LOVE the smell of cordite in the morning".

Well, it's been a long morning, what say we grab some chow at the base chow hall, and do it again this afternoon? Yessir skipper, sounds like a plan to us! Duty Engineer lay to the fantail and fire up the BBQ! And somebody remember to take down the Jolly Roger before we pull into the base and tie up for the night! "yessir Mister Herring, will do! AARRGGG!!!"

Yep, I sure do miss the good old days when men were men, and WE were disgusting degenerates... but more about going up the hill to the club some other time. By the way anybody seen my .50 cal. head spacing and timing gage??   -  Ray "Mad Dog" Evanouski

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