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"Buck" Owens - MST - 2  Detachment Delta.

Dan, Here is a bit of history, although not related to the pictures I sent you taken in Nha Be and Dong Tam (hosted below - Dan). Its from the very first MST tour in RVN called "Project Zulu". The only boats we had were two very slow, LCPL's and a Mike 6 and a catamaran with two 105 hp. merc. outboards called the STAB (SEAL Team Assault Boat ) driven by George Bosserdette, a seaman of BSU1. The Mike boat was driven by BM1 Harrison and one LCPL. was driven by me and the other one was driven by (I believe it was)  EN2 William Mount. I'm not positive about that. And let's not forget about the Boston Whaler that I believe BMSN James Born drove. Very early into the tour we were on our way to insert a squad of seals with the Mike Boat and the STAB. We ran up on a VN outpost that was being over ran by VC. We had a squad of seals, LCPL boat crew and the Mike Boat crew all opening fire. In very short order we had control of the situation. I don't recall the body count, but it was substantial. Thus saving the lives of the VN's manning the outpost.

PS: I included a couple of pictures of the boats I mentioned. There is a picture of the original STAB some where. I can't remember if I sent you or Jim the two magazines, GUNS 2001 ANNUAL and VIETNAM MAGAZINE, They have some pretty neat pictures in them.

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I will identify the men in these pictures. Me, Doug Devoss, Charles (Clutch) Smales and Billie Stewart had an agreement, that we would all deploy together as long as the war lasted. We all did three tours together. So we kept our word on that. We all made one tour in Nha Be, then the last two in Dong Tam where we closed out Det. Delta. Billie Stewart and I escorted a medium and two light boats back to the States on the USS Monticello LSD 35.

Buck Owen

Crew members firing off the bow of MSSC- Det. Delta Buck Owen and Billie Stewart camouflaged for night operation out of Dong Tam Buck Owen, Boat Captain, PO in Charge Of Det. Delta LSSC crew. Det Delta, Ed Kenney (coxwain) Clutch Smales, Sherman Olson, and engineman Braun(Brown) sp.? Buck Owen and Clutch in briefing room after night OP.
Buck Owen and Howard Rupp in local watering hole, Nah's Laundry. two sailors unknown
Buck Owen and bar owner also a source of information of local VC activity. Buck Owen "squatting" over a crocodile shot with 50 Cal. by Howard Rupp at a range of about 200 Yds. Great shot. "One shot One kill" Bob Shamburger "shooting the bird". Shamburger later was killed in action, I believe in Granada Buck Owen with girl friend Hoa on my lap. Jake Neff And gunnersmate-  (name lost) with Hos younger sister on his lap. Buck Owen and Terry Fletcher taking a monsoon shower.
Picture from GUNS 2001 ANNUAL MAGAZINE. LSSC making high speed run in Mekong Delta. Buck Owen Coxwain with Clutch Smales, Doug Devoss and I think the guy behind ammo box is either Sherman Olson or Chris Lloyd.        

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