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Richard Barcus, ET2
MST-2 Det Charlie and Golf at SEAFLOAT

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Richard L. Barcus ET2 BSU-1  MST-2 Det Charlie and Golf at SEAFLOAT.
     Det Golf and Charlie Guys I remember:
     Blas Mohica, En1 Neadier, GMG1 Ricj, Qm1 Easly,
     EN3 Loutzsenhiser, FN Charlie Farrell, ET3 Foster,
     SA Matheny, ET2 Terry Knott, ET2 Jeff Reed,
     ET@ William Cowles, PO3" Spider", GMG2 Robert Knowland, PO3 Ron Fox,
     EN3  Frank Hess, BM2 Rick Beard. OICs LTJG Barnes & LTJG Platt

SEAL Insertion and Deep Mud

Heavy SEAL Support Craft (HSSC)

A PO3 MST guy and SEAL Rich Mitchell, and Viet Interpreter Tanh SEAFLOAT "The Pontoon Palace UDT/SEAL Officer Dick Flanangan
On LSSC and BS talking while working  Work on 2  LSSCs. Note 2 PCF Swift Boats in background

SEAL TEAM 2 awards ceremony L-R Lt Boink, Lt Shuteman, PO1 Hook Turre, Doc Pacuric, Jim Finlry, Billy Coulson, Paul Evancoe, Jim McMahorn

SEALS Lee Pitmanand and  Joe Catone at SEAFLOAT


Doc Mac Green
MST-2 Ron Fox and GMG2  Bob Knowland. Note the  60mmm Mortar SEALs Kirk Scarbough and  Doc Green A UDT Officer and MST-2 EM1 (nickname Ahab) Piggyback 50cal/81mm Mortar

S.Viet flags fly over SEAFLOAT note whalers and PCFs in background

ET2 Dick Barcus working on LSSC Radar Demo Charges go high order UDT was tring to deepin an alternate canal from SEAFOAT to  Nam Cam Mission planing/PLO L-R GMG1 Reich, PO3 "spider", Blas Mojica, and En3 Frank Hess.. Det Golf Nha Bhe.

left PO3 I can't remember from BSU-1 and Richard Barcus Right


LSSC doing High Speed Test Run note dog on bow. ET1 Lupe Valdes at MRT Binh Thuy Repair Shop.

An RM2 who's name I can't remember, and Blas Mohica on LSSC Bihn Thuy. Blas Mohica was kind of a legend. He had more dets under his belt in Vietnam than  almost anybody from the beginning of Vietnam to the End.

EN3  Charlie Farrell MST-2 Binh Thuy Closing Engine cover while on step on LSSC
New LSSCs to be distributed to MST-2 Dets. We came down to get checked out on ours

Check ride on LSSC


Gunner strikes pose LSSC and MST Crew

News clipping


Buck Owens at Bhin Thuy  

Bin Thuy doing a feasibility study of transporting a LSSC and crew slung under Helo to Plain of Reeds, set boat down, embark crew them make run out.. (the Op Never Happened)