MST-1 General History


Mobile Support Team - ONE

1964-1971 - Vietnam Era - Boat Support Units


(C) The Mobile Support Team (MST), Da Nang functioned as a Branch of NAD. Its parent command was (Boat Support Unit ONE, later)  Coastal River Squadron ONE, Coronado, Calif, an integral command of Naval Inshore-Warfare Command, Pacific. All MST personnel were Temporary Attached Duty (TAD) to NAD for a 180-day period. The Mobile Support Team was composed of the OIC, a Navy Line Lieutenant, and ten to fifteen enlisted men of various technical rates commensurate with PTF/PCF craft upkeep and repair.

(S) MST supported NAD/CSS operations through the supervision of training and maintenance efforts of indigenous personnel in the operation, maintenance, and repair of high speed patrol craft (PTFs and PCFs) and their associated base support facilities, and by providing logistic support for the boats through liaison with the Navy Special programs Office at Ship Repair Facility (SRP), Naval Supply Depot, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines.

(C) Through the advisory efforts of MST, MTT assumed the responsibility for maintenance and repair of boat equipment and installed shop equipment, exclusive of certain minor repair/maintenance Items which were conducted by boat crew members. By May 71, the full responsibility for planning, conducting and supervision PTF/PCP crew training and subsequent qualifications of boat commanding/executive officers was shifted to the CSS,

(C) Although MST personnel functioned mainly as advisors, technical assistance was rendered VNN counterparts in completing more complicated tasks beyond their capabilities. Some of the major tasks performed jointly by MST and MTT personnel included:

     1. Eleven engine changes on PTFs.
     2. Three engine changes on PCPs.
     3. Screw changes on PTF/PCFs.
     4. Re-reaving cabling on the 30-ton crane.
     5. Overhaul of engines on the LCM-3 (Pusher Boat) and crane barge.
     6. Installation of AN/PRC-46 radios on all craft.
     7. Installation of AN/PRC-41 radios on four craft.
     8. Improvements to the ventilation system in the radio and converter rooms on all craft.
     9. Installation of AN/ACR-94 radios with MG sets on two craft.
    10. Installation of AN/TUS-1 Starlight Scope mounts on the bridge of PTFs.
    11. Installation of 122mm rocket launchers on PTFs.
    12. Major underwater repairs to the hulls of two PCFs.
    13. Complete re-wiring of the LCM-3 (Pusher Boats).

(C) With the cooperation of SRF, Subic Bay, twenty-three VNN personnel were sent to Subic Bay to attend the Naval Ship Repair Facility School on PTF engineering, electrical, and electronic systems.

The above information extracted from the book:
  MAC-V-SOG Command History Annex B: 
(1971-1972) Volume II, 
The Last Secret of the Vietnam War
by Charles F. Reske
[Webmaster note: this web page includes four sections which are excerpts from the third book in a series of three.]

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