Fountain 33' HSB


GMG1 Brian Eschbuagh - Fountain 33' HSB


GMG1 Brian Eschbuagh,  OIC of a Fountain 33' HSB for SBU-12 in 1991.

"Jimmy, Here's some of the questions you asked on the Fountain 33' HSB.

Tactics: Generally patrols are conducted with two boats running in a 7/1 formation, that is at 7 o'clock and one boat length away. Seal Support, Zodiac carried on Bow of HSB.

Noise: Fountains are very loud but the news is that the new Halters have a very quiet exhaust system, but I have found that another boat can't really hear us while underway until we are right on top of them, which is then too late for them.

Weapons: The side mounts can handle any of the SBU crew served weapons, but the M-60 MG is best because its light weight and more ammo. Keep in mind that the HSB's best weapon is their speed and tactics. HSBs can carry a AT-4 stowed aft lashed down. This weapon has to be fired from the forward compartment at slow speed or stopped for easy to understand reasons.

Night Vision: NVG goggles at this time.

Crew Duties and training: OIC is the driver and throttle man, the Chang is the guy that takes care of the boat and runs the drives and trim tabs while underway. The Navigator, navigates.

OIC Training takes about 6 months, only because it takes that long for most guys to get used to the timing and hand coordination with the throttles. The throttles are separated from transmission because there is always a lot of throttle movement and in a lot of cases the throttles are brought back to the stops. This would be real hard on transmissions. Parking is real easy, just pull the throttles down to idle and work the transmissions like you would a normal set of drives.

The Navigator must do a complete PLO with the OIC and be able to operate all Nav gear in dark while getting beaten to a pulp.

Chang: Obviously the engines, but learning to work the Trim Tabs and drives is critical too.

The bow pitch is controlled by the throttle and drive angle. The higher the drive angle drive setting the higher and lighter the bow. The Chang must control these settings or the bow could porpoise through the water. Drive settings are something that changes with different sea conditions. Basically drives IN for getting the boat on step and going into a tight turn. and drives OUT some where mid range for open ocean running depending on sea state. The Drives OUT as far as possible for best speed and highest RPM.

Keeping in mind that if pulled up too far the engines over rev and the boat will slow down. The Trim Tabs work to keep the boat on step by acting as a brake and forcing the bow down. Once underway the tabs will come up and act as a extension of the water line. The tabs can also act like a aircraft ailerons where by a left turn the right tab will be brought down and left tab brought up. At the same time the throttles will be push forward through turn. In a fast tight turn at the boats Max performance, the passengers usually get thrashed good on this turn.

Maintenance: God we spent an enormous amount of hours prepping the boat and Post op. But the ride is worth it!

GMG1 Brian Eschbuagh



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