Coastal River Division - 24


Coastal River Division - 24

1971-1978 - Coastal River Squadrons

Coastal River Squadron -1


Coastal River Squadron - 2

Coastal River Division  - 11

Coastal River Division  - 12


Coastal River Division  - 20

Coastal River Division - 21

Coastal River Division  - 13

Mobile Support Team - 3


Coastal River Division - 22

Coastal River Division - 24

Coastal River Division is located at Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia. It is similar to Special Boat Unit 22, it is also a Naval Reserve Unit with a small cadre of active duty personnel. Special Boat mission is the support of special warfare forces as well as patrol boat tactics. Special Boat Unit 24's craft include two MKIll's and ten SWCL's (SEAFOX).

Operational command under CRS-2 located at Little Creek Va. was a NRF unit tasked with training Selected reserves in Coastal Riverine warfare In its first year it was comprized of PTfs 2 PBMKIs 1 PBMKIII and PBRS and MATCs. Both CRD 20 and 24 served together and called them selves the COS.


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