David M. McLean - BSU-1



David M. McLean - BSU-1


07-10-09 , David M. McLean, Reno NV. I served in BSU-1 from 1966-1969 and had two tours to Da-Nang one in April 66 and the second in Aug 67. I was assigned to the shipfitters shop. We were responsible for all the welding/pipefitting and metal repairs for the boats/piers and drydock. There were two of us in the shop along with two or three vn's.I remember the the time we hired a vn as a welder ( he said he was a no#1 welder). One afternoon I brought him down to the piers to weld a cleat on, I left and went back to shop and about 15 min later I looked down at the piers and he was welding away. The only trouble was he was notjim g wearing a welding helmet. The last time I saw him they were leading him out of sick-bay both eyes bandaged. So much for being a no#1 welder. - David
That's me standing alongside a junk with a PTF in the background. Not sure which boats these are. I think the first boat is PTF-3 Same with this photo, I think this is the #3 boat. Our two Swiftboats. The photo was taken from the watch trailer. Getting ready for a weekend fishing trip on one of our Swiftboats. We used small charges of TNT.
Our fishing gear on the deck of our Swiftboat. Good ole #3 Bunker at Camp Fay. That's me in front of the Dodge Rebellion truck at Camp Fay. The sides of the truck were made in our carpenter shop. That's me after a mud football game in the Camp Fay compound. Main entrance to Club Rendezvous. Had a lot of good times in there.
Main entrance to the mess hall at Camp Fay. Main entrance to the mess hall at Camp Fay. Our housekeepers at Camp Fay.    

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