www.warboats.org Enjoy this comprehensive collection of information on the combatant craft or "Warboats" serving from before WW1 to the present day around the world. Sponsored by Combatant Craft of America, This project started in late 2000 in a conversation about how to capture the history of the boats and the men that served aboard them around the world.  more...
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Visit our first boat. She is the ex Coast Guard Cutter 83527. She is a 1944, 83' Wheeler with a colorful history. Visit our progress @www.cg83527.org
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Your service as Combatant Craft Crewman in Naval Special Warfare was indeed special. Do you miss the comradeship and sense of belonging? 
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The Boats of Warboats.org. This site is dedicated to displaying warboats new and old on Facebook.

On Dec 8 2012 at Coronado NAB a small group of Boatguys and three advisors gathered to form the long talked about Combatant Craft Crewman Association or CCCA.  The NEW website is hosted HERE


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Added with the purpose to reveal the
history of small military boats in actions around the world. We discuss their past use and future selection.
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Added Bob Taylor as alumni list coordinator
● Warboats Editor, Bob Stoner passed away March 1, 2017.
Tribute Here.
●Witmeyer discovers he was awarded the BSU-1 Meritorious Unit Citation.
 Joe Witmeyer trip back to DaNang 50 years later. More DaNang Here
● Added Leon Mansi Memorial and History
● Added history of the Graymarine 6-71 engine
● Read Pacific NW Warboat history in the Puget Sound Maritime SEACHEST.
● EN2 Ed Mann -The Detachment that did two Conflicts in one Deployment. or SBU-24
● Added Jim Thomas - The First 3 Swiftboats in Vietnam.
● Added Bill Hansen SBU-13 Kuwait Memories.
● Added huge Dennis Brown MST-2 photo collection.
● Added The Boats of Warboats.org Facebook page link.
● Added
Link to
new CCCA  Website

Added a STABRON20 History Video
Added the History of STABRON20.
Photos from EN3 Ray Golden MST-2 Det Delta
EN1 William S. Redmond - History and photos.
Special Announcement from James Born.
On Dec 8 2012  the long discussed Combatant Craft Crewman Association was formed     More Details Here
SUDDEN IMPACT INJURIES - documents on the effects of impact injuries from High Speed Boats.
● Added Elcie Luckett - 1970 STAB photos
● Added Mac Barrow - Early Junk Patrols
● Added Facebook link
Tim Sammons CRD-21/PTF-17 link added HERE
  Added the Mal Fisk copper coated SEAFOX story.
● HUGE SBU-26/HPU photo collection from Ray Ashcraf
● Capt. Pete Wikul SEAL Ret. speaks out about 1987 operations during Operation Ernest Will and the attack on the Barge Hercules by Iran.
Video clips of PTF-24 in San Diego.
Declassified history of the PTF in Vietnam added to MST-1.
Added new SBU-12 story from Steve Chance.
Added new photos of PTF-22 on the rocks
● Added
50 new SBU-12 photo from Tim Sanchez.
SBU-XI Reunion info added HERE
Added a huge list of VA related contact and website information.
Added new Vietnam Page and 4 new Stoner Brown Water Navy articles

    more of this list moved to updates....


Robert D. "Bob" Taylor Jr  is now our alumni list coordinator. Forward any name and address updates to Bob for update to the website. bm2bob@yahoo.com email is best for this.

GMCM James "Jim" Gray (SWCC) Ret. for CRD, SBU & SWCC: jamesgray@warboats.org

Lee Wahler, Retired LCDR SWO and former PBR Patrol Officer for the NEW VESSELS section. (Shown here on a new Mini-ATC bound for Columbia)

Dan Withers, former ETN-3, USS Stoddard, DD-566 and warboats.org webmaster.

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