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George Coleman - SBU-20 & 22


(01-23-2012) George Coleman former SBU-20.  I spent 26 1/2 years as a SEAL, commissioned via NROTC in May 1981, completed BUD/S December '81, initially assigned to UDT-21/SEAL Team Four, went on to serve at SBUs 20 and 22, SEAL Team TWO (two tours- platoon commander, Training Officer and XO), SEAL Team EIGHT (CO), and staff tours at SOCACOM/SOCJFCOM (J3), BUPERS (SEAL Enlisted Community Manger), USSOCOM, and ASD SOLIC. I retired from the Navy as a Captain in November 2007.

My Boat background is as follows: Assigned as Combatant Craft Officer then Operations Officer at SBU-20 from June 1984 to July 1986, transferred to SBU-22 as XO from July 1986 to September 1988.  From December 1987 to May 1988 (deployed Jan-May '88) I was OIC of the MK III Patrol Boat Detachment on the Barge Hercules (four PBs and a maintenance detachment) in the Persian Gulf. In 1995, as the NSW Task Unit Commander with the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Battle Group, I had the only RHIB Detachment ever on a carrier as part of our task unit.

I enjoy the Warboats website and have even found myself in a couple of pictures: under the SBU-20 site there is a picture titled "MKIII PB's loaded in bay of LSD" I am the guy in camies on the left, hands on hips.  This picture is actually onboard the USS NASSUA, LHA-4 during an exercise deployment to Norway where we conducted ASW- submarine hunting! On the SBU-22 page, in one of Larry Peacock's picture I am erroneously identified as Lt Rohling with the LTjg from base admin.  We were giving a few base personnel a PBR ride (winning hearts and minds).

As you can see from the signature block, I am now a contractor working for the big Navy.

Cheers, George

George Coleman    george.w.coleman.ctr@navy.mil
Navy MOC Training Team