This boat PB-759, is owned by Terry Harmon (USN 62-67) in Mobile Alabama. More details to follow soon.

  Foredeck prior to cleanup    
  Leak checking the hull and valves Going in the water Bottom job
Getting new screws before the lift 8V92 Series Detroit Diesels Pilot House Mess table and ladder to pilot house

Mess Deck looking aft to engine room Berthing    

09/02/03  Dan I am sending you the pictures that Terry Harmon gave me ..look on the backs for remarks. Will get them into the mail for you.She left port this morning but the center shaft packing is causing troubles, stuffing box bolt had backed out. Jim

02/28/03 Dan, I received your email. will be in Newport News Monday. Work is in progress Hope to have in water April 19th. Destination Mobile, Al. Any information you have about a service record...keep me posted. Terry Harmon USN 62-67

02/02/03  Dan:I am located in Mobile,Alabama.The PB759 was the boat in Newport News at Davis's Boat Works.We are having to replace the three engines,shafts,and propellers.We have purchased our engines,transmissions,shafts,and propellers.We are putting every thing back to its original specifications.We expect everything to be in place in Newport within the next four weeks and hope to have it in the water within the next eight to nine weeks.Our shakedown cruise will be from Newportnews,Virginia to Mobile Bay where we will finish our restoration.At that point we intend to make the great circle.Any information that you may have on that boat,we would like to know. Terry

I'm home now, and I'm afraid the information I have on the 65PB759 isn't very exciting. She was built by Peterson Builders at Sturgeon Bay WI under a contract funded in 1975 (hence the "75" in her number.) She was delivered in November 1997, probably on 16 November, which is the date she was "issued" to Naval Special Warfare Group 2. She was received there 29 November, and was assigned to SBU 20. Unfortunately I have no information on her activities.

She was reassigned to SBU 26 in 1992, removed from service in 1995, and transferred to DRMS 21 March 1998. I lost track of her there. I do remember that she was removed from the screening list twice, meaning that some agency put a hold on her, then released her. I never knew when she was actually sold, or to whom. So I guess the only information I'm really providing is that she was based out of Little Creek all her career, so information on her activities would be held by the SBU's there or by the National Archives branch holding records for that area. Good luck with your boat, and I'm sorry I can't help more. -George

01/26/03Hey Dan: We have just purchased this boat (pb759) and are interested in finding out any details on the ships history. The boat is in dry dock now but should have new motors and props and be in the water late Feb. or early march. If you would like some pictures or more information on our project let me know. We are trying to put the boat back as close to navy regs. as possible and need more information. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Terry