Now owned by Tuck Rion of North Myrtle Beach, S.C.


11-02-03     This is Terry, I have seen the pictures of our boat on the website. Update on trip, we had worked all the bugs out by Jacksonville, Florida. No problems from Jacksonville to Mobile, Alabama. Average running speed from Terra Verde, Florida to Panama City, Florida was 22.5 knots. Running time was 9 hours. We will send pictures later of the boat tied up in Mobile. Great Trip

Terry -  My e-mail address is: sharmon@datasync.com

08/05/03  Hi Jim! I have not written in some time. I have finished the 736 boat and she is in the water and we will be through with her USCG Certification in a about a week. I will be going to Newport News at the end of the week to pick up the 759 boat. She has been purchased by two gentlemen from Mobile, Ala.. I am going to bring the boat to North Myrtle Beach were it will be tied up next to my boat for a day or two. There is a reporter from the local paper doing a story about the 736 and her history. And they are planning a big photo op for this occasion. I have had about 8 guys that have contacted me that served on MK III's including three on the 736. The reporter has spoken to all of them already. I have big hopes that she will do justice in the article for the guys that served on them as well as the boats. Anyway I thought that since you lived so close by that you may be interested in such an event. I you would like more information please feel free to e-mail me or call me at 843-xxx-xxxx. Regards, Tuck Rion

Comments from George Schneider about PB736

I happen to be home now, so got your message right away. Sure glad to hear there's a future for the 736!

I only know the bare bones of her history. The contract for her construction was awarded in 1973 (hence the "73" in her number) to Peterson Builders of Sturgeon Bay, WI. She was completed in May, 1976, and was received by Special Warfare Group One in Coronado CA 11 June 1976.

I have no information on what deployments she made, and I do know that no such information resides in the Southwestern Region facility of the National Archives. She remained with SWG-1, drifting between their three units, special boat units 11, 12, and 13. She was one of the first Sea Spectre's to be removed from service, being turned in to DRMO San Diego without her engines in 1991. She was auctioned in 1992 and purchased by General Propulsion, who first moved her to their Huntington Beach facility, and then when that was closed, I believe moved her to Palm Springs CA.

As for photos, I took some good underway photos of these craft in San Diego harbor, but many of them were under conditions where I couldn't read the number. I'd be glad to print these for you. Unfortunately, the only ones I shot that I know were the 736 were of her at the DRMO yard, ashore and stripped.

I'll be interested to learn of the plans for her future. I hope this information helps some, and sorry I can't provide anything more detailed. -George Schneider.

A note from a MKIII Owner

Hi Jim! My name is Tuck Rion and I live in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.. 
I noticed somewhere in the Combatant Craft website that there is 
mention of 65 PB 736. Well it just so happens that I own that boat 
and it is in S.C.. I would like to try and find out more about my 
boat but have had a difficult time finding any information at all, 
until I found the Combatant Craft website. If you have any idea where 
I might find any info or pictures ect. on this boat please let me 
know, It will be very much appreciated.

Regards,  Tuck Rion     email: rion135673@aol.com